Senior Zimbabwe army officer in diamond heist


TWELVE suspected armed men who included members of the Zimbabwe National Army and civilians recently stormed Chinese-owned Anjin Diamond Mine reportedly walking away with 10kg of diamond ore.


Four of the suspects, including two Harare-based soldiers Lieutenant Victor Zindonda (30) and Brighton Mazo (26) from 2 Brigade, Cranborne, and their civilian accomplices Tazeni Machingura (33) and Tinashe Mwashita (27) both from Mutare, appeared before Mutare magistrate Noah Gwatidzo on Monday for initial remand.

They were remanded in custody to February 5 after the State opposed bail.
According to the State papers, one of the accomplices, Edmore Chingarande, died after he shot himself as police were closing in on them.

Charges against the four are that on January 18 this year, they connived to go and steal the diamond ore at Anjin Diamond Mine.

They drove to the mine using two vehicles, a Honda Fit registration number ACV2895 owned by Machingura and an Isuzu KB 250 registration number ABD6240 owned by Mwashita.

The State alleges that the suspects were dressed in army uniform and armed with AK-47 assault rifles.

At the mine, the suspects allegedly stormed plant number 5 where they used bolt cutters to cut the security fence and threatened to shoot the security guard on duty.

They later broke the cage where the diamond ore was stored and loaded about 10kg of the ore into bags.

The court also heard that during the process, some alert security guards intercepted the robbers and in an attempt to scare them off, the accused fired 12 rounds into the air before making off with the 10kg loot.

Bail was opposed out of fear that the suspects could abscond and Zindonda, who is a senior officer in the army, was likely to intimidate his juniors who are witnesses in the case.

The accused are also well known to the villagers in Marange area and if released on bail, the State feared, they were likely to intimidate some of the witnesses.

The accused were represented by Mutare lawyer Farai Matinhure.


  1. Is the lieutenant the senior officer? In army parlance this rank is at the bottom of officers..he has to be captain, major, lietenant colonel, colonel, brigadier general, major general, lietenant general before becoming a full general. Now given this hierachial nomenclature how does a liuetenant become a senior officer? If this were so what do you can a general, a God perhaps?

    • One wonders which SENIOR officer in the ZNA gave this lieutenant his orders . Maybe one who thought he was not getting a big enough cut ? Food for thought .

    • Kunonzi kutengesa nyaya Falcon.Newsday is very good at that.Today we had three such headlines,one to do with the so called matsanga threat,imwe yekuti Mugabe wakes to chakuti neiyi.

  2. This disorderliness in the army is caused by them not knowing the difference btween ZNA and ZANU PF. the soldiers are now just behaving like ZANU PF youths, maboarder Gezi. What a shame!

    • my brothers i salute these army guys coz they ar waking up, they realized black empowerment is not benefiting non other than ana chinotimba who never held a gun bt ar now sitting at the high table.

  3. In the army there are 4 categories of “OFFICERS” Mr Reporter/Editor. There are the Non Commissioned Officers such as Warrant Officers/Sgt Majors. Then comes Junior officers from 2nd Lt to Lt to Captain. Then comes Senior Officers from Major to Lt.Col to Full Col. Then come the General Officers from Brig.Gen to Maj.Gen to Lt Gen. After that comes the Executive Command element who are not considered Officers.

    For future reference

    • I agree, the details of seniority in ZNA may not be clear to most of us. However, by civilian standards the title of the alleged robber seems senior. The question is, now that majunta have joined in the loot, what measures is the commander-in-chief have to cut this. Vakomana vakavhiringwa nemari dzana Happison naCashbert. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


  5. They have broken their own record of being Masterminds of All Mine Invasions, they couldn’t be outdone by Hunzvi and Chinotimba who are proverbially known as Masterminds Of All Farm Invasions!! Zvatotanga so, watch this space.

  6. Ndozvandinodira maVitori. Wezhira WeZhara wabatsira pama rank structures emasoja. Thanks. But kuba kwakaipa. Saka ndiVaMugabe vakavatuma? I wonder.

  7. Hey guys, my view is that the rank is IMMATERIAL. We always claim that our army is a professional therefore our guys should uphold and not break the law. We don’t expect our soldiers to engage in armed robbery! Its unethical and unlawful whether its done by a private, major or brigadier-general!

  8. Which department has been spared of corruption? So deep rooted from the most high to the least graded. Tapera! Zimbabwe needs Divine Intervention and complete over haul.

  9. vairamba sanduko vachivimba maEmpty promises avaMugabe nhasi vave mbavha.ndokunyanya kuita sezvana zvembwa zvinozvarwa zvisingaoni zvozoona paapaya lol.heee bhora mugedhe hee taikuudzai kavirai msango muchiramba,firai mujere zvituta.

  10. Leave e guyz alone,wt ey dd z e zame w wt atha thugs r duin..f u r to luk dp into t u wl find tht e guys r wrknn 4 some zanu bosses..

  11. this kind of reporting is disgusting to say the least. Gather yo facts first n then write n nt to giv us a lie. U cud hev asked around to get the rank of this soldier. Nw it appears as if the army is composed of senior officers who are robbers n thieves. I honestly believe yo article is nt fair to the reader n the national army.

  12. Ndiwo ma sanctions! Come on guys is this the patriotism we taught you? our uniform have gone to the dogs. Food for thought. Be prepared to see more drama with this caliber of marauding soldiers.

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