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National Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said police had launched an investigation into the case where traffic cops nearly lost about $2 000 stolen money, to a 10-year-old girl Nodia Gozho.

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Charamba said she would issue a statement on the matter today. This comes amid unconfirmed reports that at least two traffic cops involved in the bribe-taking scandal have been arrested and are locked up at undisclosed locations in Harare.

The two are said to be members of the Police Traffic section based in Gutu and Masvingo.

The money, believed to have been part of a bribe loot from motorists, was found in a rubbish pit near a roadblock in Beatrice by the 10-year-old scavenging for valuables along the highway last month.

The “lucky” girl and her friends are children of labourers from the nearby Gilston Farm.

The girl handed over the money to her mother, but police later made a follow-up and forced them to hand it back.

Police sources told NewsDay yesterday that two of the police officers, one from Gutu and another from Masvingo, had been arrested over the matter.

“Two of the officers who were manning that roadblock have been arrested,” the source who requested anonymity said.

“They are currently being held in police cells somewhere here in Harare.”

Charamba could neither confirm nor deny the alleged arrests, but said investigations were still underway.

“All I can say now is that Police are investigating the matter,” she said. Contacted later in the day, Charamba said a statement would be issued today.

Meanwhile, African Parliamentarians Against Corruption Zimbabwe Charter chairperson Willias Madzimure yesterday called for thorough investigations and the arrest of the police officers involved in the highway loot drama.

“The evidence is there was the police officers responsible should be investigated for corruption,” Madzimure said.

“If nothing happens and no arrests are effected it would be clear that we are in a state of kleptocracy where there is corruption. It is the responsibility of the Minister of Home Affairs to ensure arrests of those involved.

“How can police officers hide money in a rubbish pit? It is high time a motion is moved in Parliament to call for the investigations of issues of corporate governance by the ZRP. Our national budget will mean nothing if people are allowed to just get away with this.”

Details surrounding the incident are that the cops were, on December 24, manning a roadblock along the Harare-Masvingo road near Gilston Farm, some 40 km outside Harare when they hid the $2 000 loot in a rubbish pit nearby.

The 10-year-old discovered the $2 000 loot stashed in a plastic bag with wild fruit (matufu) and gave it to her mother.

Traffic police officers are not allowed to carry personal cash while on duty and are subjected to random spot checks by their superiors and the Anti-Corruption Commission in a bid to curb cases of bribery.

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  1. good job madam charamba batai vanhu hatidi vanhu vanosvibisa zita remapurisa neuori.madam charamba can you also give us update on the case ya driver we cross boarder akarohwa nemapurisa pa roadblock pa same spot iyoyo

    • Mapurisa acho achiine zita here. They are all a rotten lot. Enda pa cid hq uchida police clearance. U pay.
      Enda and police station uchida certification of documents, u pay. Dzivarasekwa police
      To get a police detail to accompany u to slaughter a cow,yYOUI are delayed to pay. Norton police. Allpeolice details here have ex japanese cars.
      Go to any road bloke along harare to beit bridge, flimsy charges raised for u to pay e.g car radio licence. One day we counted the roadblokes we got 25 on this +/- 700 km stretch, Ask any bus driver.
      How on earth can the police general hq fail to investigate these these road blokes, ?

  2. I dont beleive they were just two only,all of them have to napped, don’t have to sacrifice the two only.Highway roadblocks during Xmas are carried by many cops at one place.Take action if you are serious of rooting out corruption.

  3. Love of money!! Those who have listened to Sean Hyman will remember him here. These blokes should have just let the 2K go and smart from the loss. Now they were pained too much becoz of love of money and ended up losing it all plus their jobs and all future earnings!!! Not to mention doing time, and loss of touch with family and friends.
    I hope other police officers will learn from this!!!

  4. There is some foul here, how can two people man a roadblock, its obvious these are jus ongxoza being used as a cover up……

  5. Endesai kuChikuru Detention barrack 21 days vapedza vozoenda kuJerry vachiriko mavadzinga basa vanotozodzoka rapera

    • They will never dig deeper because they will follow the corrupt trail right to the TOP! Thats why these two small fish have been taken to an “undisclosed” locations so they can torture them and then sweep all evidence under the carpet. As long as zpf are in charge corruption will be the order of the day.

  6. mr joseph there is nothing gud 2 thnk ths only gud nws is 4 thm 2 stop spot fines .thats th only way ths madness can b stopped on our roads

  7. Well done Charity that was a very swift response. That way we have begun to move forward. The nation is watching and would be more than happy to be posted on this issue.National development is only possible if we curb corruption first and members of the police force are no exception.

  8. Wasting time. Nothing will be done to them. Better not investigate because we already know the conclusion.

    • its a tip of the ice berg…mapurisa anyanya huori…its happening everywhere countrywide.At every roadblock huori is the tune of the day…Tibatirei vahu ava

      • If these two are positively adentified they should pay back the 2K to the young girl because they robbed her let alone the umiliation.

  9. How can gvt money be kept in a bin?kkkkkk If surely justice is to be met then kamusikana aka ngakadzorerwe ‘shura rako’ rakakanhonga.Mazimbavha aya echipurisa ngaavharirwe.And we all know what happens after that.Obviously,kuenda kumba.Hahahaha

  10. Haa huori ndohwavo mapurisa. Here just outside kadoma gold fields were discovered nezuro but zrp has mounted all over the place and ndivo vave kutochera izvozvi. Mbavha dzevanhu!!

  11. Government money??? KKKKKKi. NDasekerera. Hanzi waba mari ye hurumende. These Traffic cops tarnish the image of our ZRP. I have so much respect for the investigation section of police. Like the Anti-theft squad. They take no bribe, they brook no nonsense. Mbavha dzanzwa neku dashurwa daily exposing their rotten brains out of the skull. But all that will be forgot once you come across these thugs manning hundreds of road blocks across the country

    • Police are often deployed to areas outside of their residential towns. I think this is done to curb nepotism and corruption but clearly it isn’t working.

    • I’highway’ patrol team. I don’t know about mazuva ano, but when I worked kuCranborne Highway Patrol Base, tainosvika ku Mt Darwin, Rusape etc on patrol.

  12. Charity, thx fo now.Bt i wnt u t name ol th cops involved, giv that child her money and apologise to her fmly and to the nation at large. Many thanks to Mr Madzimure and ur organisation fo voicing ur concerns.We await to hear frm more such NGOs if they really mean business:GirlChild Network, Childline et al. Nodia z a hero!

  13. “The evidence is there was the police officers responsible should be investigated for corruption,” Madzimure said.?

  14. While it is good to curb this evil corruption in its bud, it is also necessary to understand if these takings are later-on forwarded to the treasury. The police force operate from a confined national budget and any such unbudgeted incomes should also find their way to the national coffers. If not, how are they applied and what system is there to guarantee their safety from hungry chefs in the lineage?. Police road blocks are making a lot of money which could easily be compared to what ZANARA is making on tollgates, hence their ends should be well monitored. In some places like Kwekwe (just before Golden Mile hotel) the road-block is a permanent feature even during the night, we then wonder. My thinking is that, this law which insist on prompt payment of fine on road block is a really source of this police corruption, as the receipt books are in the wrong hands hence abuses are likely even to going higher. The VED remains a near clean force on the road that works to the designed national objectives. 2009 to date have been the years for the police officer to make money on the roads and the arrests are not hindering their cause. Nearly every police officer is driving now, where are they getting the money?. Mapurisa matinyanya. Pliz Mr. minister of police do something, mbavha ndedzenyu idzi.

  15. problem z the government $20 fine z tu much reduce t to $5 n then specify those cases which accused shld not be put n custody .the whole thing z extortion at its worst!

  16. I dont see anything to Thank Charamba on. These cases of corruption have been for a long time reported and the authorities have failed to investigate and bring perpetrators to book. A lot is happening underground and thats why they turn a blind eye on such cases. Newspapers carry such stories of police corruption involving combis and everyday its happening.

  17. Kkkkkkkkkk iko kuzoita zvivindi zvekutevera. Hanzi I government money. Batai vanhu. Bt they were mo than 2. Ngavadzosere $132 yemhuri iyi chekutanga. Chepiri mwana uyu ngaadzoserwe raki rake. Kwauri vakatora kumbavha vakapa wavakasarudza. Chetatu ZRP kana kuti government ngaitobhadhara.mwana uyu. Aita kuti huori hufumuke tarisai kuti vaitoshandisa mota yebasa kuwedzera mhosva.

  18. Munotodaro zvenyu. Pa Plumtree border post, mapurisa ari kuba akabatana nembavha dzepo dzinodanwa nezita rekunzi magumaguma. Ukamangara case yacho hapana chinombobuda. In fact, you are put into trouble for reporting it.

  19. don’t fool us two cops cannot mount a road block. Arrest the whole group Mai charamba.
    Taneta nazvo izvi.
    Apa tinyareiwo apa.
    Here you have to show the nation your intergrity.

  20. Please come and investigate bribes being collected like toll gate revenues at Rugare robots along Lyton road.

    Kombis are jst leaving their $3 without being checked over for road-worthiness

  21. Batai Munhu by Sulumani Chimbetu….the idea came to him to pen that song at Skyline Motel…. a Hotel a stone throw from where the Policeman were looting from motorrist, what a coincidents!…..shame ZANU PF…..Batai Munhu vakomana.

  22. Rugare, pamarobots police from Warren Par, Rugare Police station…..are also busy looting from Kombis everyday….its now a way of life at Rugare pamaRobots…….taneta nemapurisa iwayo……todiii?

  23. The whole issue of police road blocks is a sham nothing to do with policing but just raising funds many traffic officers now own kombis that’s the reason why the chaos will not end. Shame on Chihuri and ZRP

  24. This issue is clearly emotive judging by comments. The problem is that there no one willing to solve this rot. This is how banana republics are born. Everyone has an issue so no one reports on the other lest you be exposed too. The best thing then is for us citizens to raid areas around police roadblocks, follow cops when they go to the bush & grab the loot ourselves. Chihuri is not interested in stopping this as it incentivises his cops who cannot be well paid by the state. I was in Zambia recently where cops earn minimum $800. With such salaries u can deter corruption by firing cops at the slightest misdemenour until sanity is restored.

  25. Kana kuno kuhatcliffe paturnoff domboshawa road,mapurisa ekuavondale ari kutora ma$3pacombi yega yega. Anomukira kubva na5:00am kusvika kuma8:….. am

  26. The law should ban Spot fines. Chihuri has audacity to say police officers shouldnt be involved in Kombi business , where do they get money to buy $8000 dollar kombis. Just take a visit to any police camp today, there is hardly any free parking space, whereas a few years ago you would only see one defender ya member in charge. Chihuri’s ZRP is stinking of corruption

  27. The police should stop spot fines immediately. They must introduce a system whereby if one is given a ticket and doesn’t pay they won’t be able to pay the license for that car until all tickets have been settled. So they should link their system with zinara. Everyone who gets a ticket will eventually pay when license term expires. this way government will definitely raise more money.

  28. everyone is corrupt its a two-way thing mostly the kombi drivers ,coz they know that their papers and vehicles are never in order ,at a roadblock u see them running to the officers carrying expired permits with some money enclosed ,all they do is to drop the fee then come back ,the journey proceeds,,,,they do the same for all roadblocks…so on and on it goes..

  29. Mai Charamba may u clarify to th nation th purpose of mounting a roadblock wen yo officers dnt inspect the road worthnes of th vehicles,instead they just stand meters away from th car and wait fo the driver to go there.6 roadblocks from chitungwixa to harare wch is less than 30km,isnt that 2 much.Pliz dzorerai Nodia mari yake


  31. Angadzorerwa $132 I think ndoo zviri fair. Tinozokurudzira vana looting pama scene of accident muHighway vakajaira ma windfalls akadro

  32. Can’t u see kuti spot fine ikabviswa varume zvinhu zvese zvanaka mafines ngaabadarwe kumanearest charge offices only zvese zviri kuiitika izvi zvinobva zvapera

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