Roadblock cash drama: Cop kills self


A POLICE sergeant based at Mazowe Police Station was on Monday found dead in a suspected case of suicide after he failed to account for cash recovered from his car at a roadblock along Harare-Bindura highway during a spot-check by one of his superiors.


The spot-check was conducted by a senior commissioner in
the force.

Information gathered by NewsDay indicates that Clarence Muza (31) was the leader at a roadblock in Mazowe along the Harare-Bindura highway with his colleagues on Sunday when the senior cop arrived and demanded to search Muza’s personal car parked several metres away and discovered cash that Muza could not account for.

Traffic cops are not allowed to carry personal cash while on duty and are subjected to spot-checks by their superiors and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission in a bid to curb cases of bribery.

The incident comes a little over a week after a number of traffic police officers were reportedly arrested after a Beatrice girl found $2 000 suspected to be bribe money in a rubbish pit near the site of a roadblock they were manning.

The police officers allegedly followed the girl and recovered the loot from her parents.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday confirmed Muza’s death saying: “A police officer who was stationed at Mazowe station and under investigation for possession of undeclared money as required by the Zimbabwe Republic Police was found dead on January 13, 2014 in Mazowe.

“Sgt Muza is suspected to have committed suicide a day after he was found with undeclared money at a roadblock site by a senior officer in a suspected corruption act.

“He knew the consequences and how hard the leadership is regarding all corruption cases hence the suspected suicide. We regret the loss of life, but, however, we do take all corruption cases seriously.”

But in an interview, Sledge Muza, brother to the deceased said: “I was told that a senior officer cross-checked the ticket books and the figures were well in sync with the collected fines, but then he also found Clarence’s wallet containing about $166 which was in his car.

“When asked by the senior officer why he had money in his car, Clarence is said to have indicated that it was personal money meant for his child’s uniforms that he intended to buy later that day, an explanation that seemed not to have satisfied the former.”

After a brief interrogation, the  high ranking superior allegedly confiscated the wallet and left the scene, indicating that he would charge Muza for corruption.

“The officers proceeded with their work until late in the day. On their way back to camp, Clarence’s colleagues, we are told, decided to drop off at the shops a few kilometres from the camp and my younger brother proceeded alone and when he reached the camp he is said to have taken off his uniform and driven out of the camp ‘to refresh’,” Sledge added.

“That was the last time he was seen alive and his phones were switched off.After a brief search, he was found dead in his car.
“Investigating officers and other witnesses told me that there were two pesticide bottles; one empty and the other half-full and a few beer bottles. He had vomited, probably due to the effects of the poison.”

Sledge said soon after receiving news of Clarence’s death, he received several phone calls from police officers claiming to be based in Harare who were promising to bring back Muza’s wallet.
“I have been receiving calls from some police officers who want to bring back my younger brother’s wallet, but as a family we have resolved that we will not accept the wallet from none other than the person who confiscated it.

“We have gone through so much pain that we need a full explanation from the senior policeman on what really happened on the fateful day. What also baffles me and others is that he was alone when he committed suicide and that raises a lot of questions whether it was really suicide,” he said.

The family said what also raised suspicion in the matter was why the police were determined to return the wallet if the money was corruptly acquired.

Muza had recently been transferred from Guruve to Mazowe.


  1. He was caught redhanded and he knew the rules and the consequences. Where was he going to buy the uniforms after duty? RIP

  2. Batai Mapurisa ese etraffic or reshuffle all traffic cops wese zvake munhu. Ko macombi achirikufamba wani emapurisa munongotaura but hapana action

  3. even if the relatives threaten not to take back the so-called wallet, that will not justify their late relative’s corrupt actions. after all, the senior cop acted as

  4. ‘What baffles me is he was alone when he committed suicide….” according to the he wanted him to commit suicide with someone.Whats this guy smoking

  5. @Mhishi, you might be correct to say he killed himself in shame, however, did you also consider the possibility that he might have been seduced to do it so that he won’t spill the beans about who else is involved and how long it has been going on…nekuti pamwe nyaya iyi yaigona kubata chero vakuru vemapurisa mukupedzisira. So, do not be too conclusive in your judgement, just like I shouldn’t do, given that we do not have all the facts available. All we can do is speculate and offer our opinions

  6. It is beyond doubt that this SENIOR was acting on a tip off . THUMPS UP good job . To the relatives of this young man my deepest condolence . TO corrupt trafic officials , the earth is watching

  7. The government of zimbabwe is very cruel by stealing from its own can the police comiissioner allow his fox to steal from its own brothers and sisters.Its a shame to the whole government of zimbabwe if they steal the hard earned cash from motorist.To have a car is not luxury but a means to travel..

  8. Ban the payment of cash to police on the road.Offenders should pay within seven days through a bank.Otherwise the thieving on the road will not stop.

  9. What also baffles me and others is that he was alone when he committed suicide and that raises a lot of questions whether it was really suicide,” he said…………ko nhai mkoma vacho ndimbobvunzawo, ko zvinoda pave ne ma witness here kana uchida kuzviuraya?

  10. I will be happy if such checks can be done to Zesa people ( the Mabvuku Office) working in the Damafalls area. These guys are becoming a nuscence to us. They ask for bribes for anything they came to do. Very soon we will be giving the names of those involved in the bribes. Imagine they ask for 300usd for one to have a metre. Even for them to come and do the inspection its another bribe, coming to put the cables which they ask us to buy its another bribe. We are feedup.

    • Agree with u @ Ndoronya. ZESA guys are becoming a nuisance. What they are doing is like Econet asking people to erect boosters! This is business rubbish. Please investigate ZESA and other parastatals. Takuvara!!

  11. Kufa kwemunhu kunorwadza hama , mweya womufi ngausasiyane nemunhu akonzera kuti afe.A poor soul who have surrendered his life to impress his ‘superior who is not even corrupt’.kana mafara muchiti afa anoita uori saka hwapera musataura futi nezvecorruption mafaraka.

  12. Sad that a life has been lost. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg. As country, let alone government we have let corruption and other ills go undisturbed. We are dishonest. Just check how many police officers are now driving their own cars. Why is the number significantly bigger than the soldiers with personal cars from ZNA and Airforce put together? What action is the authorities taking, that is, if they themselves are clean? Importing a small vehicle takes anything from $3 500 upwards. How long does it take a Constable or even Inspector who is single to save from salary to raise $3 500? Food for thought, because if married it means more responsibilities an the period becomes longer. And why is it the culprits are mostly male and not female police officers?

  13. whats the status with Beatrice story. where these officers arrested????? surely of late I have seen officers using their personal vehicles to go and man road blocks. this was not the nom in 1985. what is happening, is it the dog wagging tail or tail now wagging the dog?

  14. At least one parasite down, corruption kills.i wish all the corrupt civil servants in the country will die similar deaths or reform.We are groaning under the burden of these vampires.

  15. Good work by the police superior. Why was the deceased using his personal car to perform gvt duties? Who/how does he get compensation? Are these not the same guys who demand free transport from both public and private motorists as if they are shareholders inspite the fact that they are paid monthly transport allowance.

  16. This is the 1st i hear of such an issue,kuty kwaifanoita witness pa suicide. Ma witness ndewebribery and other society ills. Anotaura kuty akunozvi uraya anenge asiri serious nekufa..RIP nevertheless

  17. l will only rest when l know what happened to the $2000 rubbish loot officers yakatopera yakadaro here.

  18. BMW ZRP 00033 Is always found along Borrowdale Road ngaimbosechwawoka. the boot will be full of new ticket books ndizvo here???????

  19. ko nhai Mai Charamba nyaya yavaChibage hamuna kuzotizivisa kuti yavepapi. Kana mambo shambadzira mhosva yemunhu kokungonyarara ndokuneyi tiudzei zvese tizive nekuti tirikunzwa kuti vangangodzorerwa pabasa…….. Pliz reply.

  20. I want to congratulate the senior officer for such wonderful work. He must be promoted and take over from the corrupt Chihuri, maybe Zimbabwe will be a better place again. Kufa hakurai nokuti wakatoura mhuri dzakawanda dzaakatorera mari achipa vake vana.

  21. how can this poor police officer kill himself over $166 in a country where some seniors can not account for 3 500 herd of cattle which Mr Brown owned at his farm just before land reform

  22. Why did Judas killed himself after he sold Jesus??? It goes the same, pple we shldnt be worried about this kind of things and in our country,corruption is our theme,only God knows

  23. vanhu vekwa muza munopenga imi , u think we are happy ne corruption irikuitwa nemapurisa ? kana afa afa mhosva yake aiiiziva

  24. If he is a senior cop as said he was supposed to arrest and detain the accused as soon as possible discovered the exhibits and made the accused to write a report as soon

  25. if it was his money why did he commite sucide? He knew he was guilt and did not want to face the charges. He was just a corward so he decided to go for rogue and tonic, u remember the Willowgate Scandal Mr Nyagu…..something did the same. R.I.P officer.

  26. Kwasara Officer In charge vacho Chidhakwa who is on suspension for making accidents dockets disappear,muza and partners have killed our businesses so they also derseve it,some of us have stopped business and our dreams have gone down the drain because of such people,taste of your own medicine

  27. anyone who commits suicide has no love for anyone or anything. so good riddance coz this guy did not consider his family before killing himself. iduzvi remunhu.

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