Rapist dad jailed 50 years


CHINHOYI — A 51-year-old rapist dad has been jailed for an effective 50 years for repeatedly sexually molesting his 10-year-old daughter.

By James Muonwa
Own Correpondent

However, 10 years of the sentence were conditionally suspended for the next five years.

The accused’s identity, which cannot be revealed to protect the victim, raped the juvenile while her mother was away trading wares in Zambia.

The offence occurred at Dyke’s Farm, Karoi.

The State’s case, led by prosecutor Chipo Hungwe, was that on various occasions during the period extending from 2012 to sometime last year, the girl’s mother would leave the minor together with others in their father’s custody as she embarked on business trips to Zambia, Chirundu and Chivhu. The court heard that the accused would take advantage of the vulnerability of the girl and rape her.

Accused’s daughter-in-law later suspected there was abuse involving the minor, a Grade Five pupil at Dyke’s Primary School, and made a police report leading to assailant’s arrest. Regional magistrate Never Katiyo presided over the matter.


  1. @Tafara, your words are so @#$%%%, i cannot emaging justifying a rape act on a mother who is away, grow up.. lets introduce custration

  2. Plis vanababa let’s protect our children pliz don’t destroy the future. Kusekererwa nemwana hazvireve kuti….

  3. Baba ava vanotorwara pfungwa nyaya yecastration haina basa nokuti vanofira mujere ava nokuti makore avakapihwa akawandisa zvichienzaniswa nemakore avo ekuberekwa.

  4. he will definately not make it out of the hole alive. Monster. Should rot in jail. What a shame to have such a monster as a dad. Thank yu learned judge for sending the baboon to the right place. Doesnt deserve to be among human. He is just but arotten sh*t. Thus digusting

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