Random Friday pictures: Of Chinoz and traffic police


THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY is a 1978 disco song by the studio disco group ‘Love and Kisses’, popularized as the theme song of the film by the same name.
Some of its lyrics are:
(Thank God it’s) Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday…
Hey, Put a smile on your face,
Things are coming your way,
Out there somewhere tonight,

For many, the song characterises the relief and excitement that comes with the last day of the working week.
So for this Friday, it is time to look back at the week, before you ‘smile’ your way into the weekend!


transport blues.... Marondera bound commuters  cram themselves at the back of a truck along Robert Mugabe avenue on Tuesday
As they say, everyday is a struggle. Here we see  Marondera- bound commuters jostling for a place  at  the back of a private truck along Robert Mugabe Way.  Many people travel to work in Harare everyday from surrounding towns like Marondera, Norton, Chegutu, Shamva among others. Some say it is because of the expensive accomodation rates in Harare and they choose to travel over 100 kilometres everyday to work. Because of the transport problems, many of these travellers end up resorting to hitch-hiking.


-police stop a pirate taxi along Jason Moyo as it was commuting from Fourth street  to the  Copacabana bus terminus
Police stop a pirate taxi along Jason Moyo as it was commuting from Fourth street to the Copacabana bus terminus. Note the baton stick held by the police officer in the middle, the stick looks all ready to strike.


Owen Mutundumuri (19) sells roasted mealies along the Harare/Mvurwi Highway recently.
The picture tells the full story on its own. Rolled sleeves, browning delicious-looking mealie cobs, a bottle of salt ready to be used. Owen Mutundumuri (19) is busy doing what earns him a living, that is roasting mealies near the turn off into Mvurwi town along the  Harare- Guruve Highway. The product, which costs 50 cents, and requires quite some strong jaws to chew, becomes quite popular this rain season along the country’s main highways, market places and shopping centres, rural and urban.


Mvurwi resident, Sam Sanodiya pushes a wheel barrow of firewood to use at his house. He says that area that he stays in does not have electricity so the firewood is very useful for cooking and one wheel barrow load lasts him close to four weeks.
This is a Mvurwi resident, Sam Sanodiya pushing a wheel barrow of firewood that he uses for cooking. According to him, this load lasts him close to four weeks ,which means every four weeks he has to make the long trips to the nearest forests to look for his source of energy. The impression one gets is that Sam is the one responsible for the huge open space in the background, we do not know about that. But the serious issue is that there is an urgent need to find and use alternative and renewable energy sources. Windmills, solar panes, bio-gas quickly come into mind as we continue to rely on either electricity or firewood at the expense of our forests.
A man cuts grass along the Harare/Mvurwi Highway recently.
A man cuts grass along the Harare/Mvurwi Highway recently. This is done to maintain visibility for highway users, ensuring that road and pavement widths are not reduced by overgrown vegetation. In areas where there are no pavements, there may be a need to provide a safe refuge on the highway edges for pedestrians, particularly near busy roads.
Making ends meet .... aman pushes a bicycle laden with bread for sale a along the Harare to Masvingo road recently
This enterprising man was captured on the Harare- Masvingo Highway. He is a major supplier of bread to the farms close to the Manyame River. Note how he has put a ‘cap’ on the bread stack at the back of the bicycle to protect his merchandise from possible rain. He laughed with us when we told him after the photograph that we first thought he was delivering bread from Harare to Chivhu as is on the road signs!
Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba C) contributing during the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government,Public Works and National Housing on Wednesday
The unmistakable Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba contributing during the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government,Public Works and National Housing on Wednesday. This is one man who has been named in thousands of Zimbabwean jokes. he actually has quite a number of Facebook joke pages named after him. And he seem not bothered by it as he has climbed up the political ladder to become a legislator after a number of years. According to the Muckracker column in our sister paper, The  Zimbabwe Independent, Chinotimba ‘always raises an eyebrow or two, especially through his outbursts which leave audiences either in stitches or shaking their heads in awe.’ That is Chinotimba for us
An unidentified  man sells belts along First street yesterday.Due to the scarcity of jobs in the formal sector many people have resorted for the informal sector to make ends meet
An unidentified man sits on broken parts of the pavement as he sells belts along First street . As the country’s unemployment continues to rise amid reports of company closures,  many people are forced out of jobs into the informal sector. With the economic problems seeming to grow each day, Zimbabweans are being driven to  spend less, in other words to ‘tighten their belts’

Enjoy your weekend…

Pictures: Aaron Ufumeli/ Cynthia R Matonhodze.

Reporting: Tapiwa Zivira


  1. I think there is lack of random picking in the pics. Is it that there are no places where something good is happening but the camera can’t focus on? Are cameras within Zimbabwe designed to take shots with that depicts negative aspects of our motherland. I believe they are more good things that are happening within Zim.

    • Thanks for the demonstration of hope and goodwill. However the pictures you want do not exist. If you note the age of the individuals in the pictures you will observe that most if not all the youth of today are engaged in exactly what is depicted. As for Chinoz; he is the only active MP. Like him or hate him.

    • Picture do not lie my friend but iwe looking on svinura uone. As for me I see mota mbishi, I see lush green vegetation to show that mvura irikunaya, I see a well dressed informal trader working hard to attract customers and I see a well dressed lady going kuchikoro with her laptop. That to me is positive.

    • What reality would you prefer Eugenio? One that depicts shiny buildings? Posh houses in the leafy suburbs of Harare? These pictures are a true depiction of life in Zimbabwe for 99% of the population. At least they are not stealing, they are surviving which is what Zimbabweans do best. Zimbabweans make a plan because the zpf government hasn’t got one. The more the ruling elite mismanage the country the more Zimbabweans “make a plan”. While the ruling elite and rich well connected live in luxury and continue looting in under the guise of “indigenization”. No electricity, we make a plan, no running water, we make a plan, no formal jobs, we make a plan and so it goes on while the government gets fat and more lazy an comfortable with the fact that the povo will make a plan and life goes on.

  2. Thanks Newsday for the pictures, they are there to display Zimbabwe’s everyday life. I dont think there is anything wrong with them and unlike the everyday pics of popular or outstanding figures, these give us the true reality of life in Zimbabwe and they are not negative at all, neither are they unique, but they bring in another angle of appreciating Zimbabwean life as it comes. Thats creativity

  3. hy does random hev format they clearly specify its random dn’t xpect to get wat u xpect to get thts random

  4. Nice pics u 2guys, i really enjoy this new column, umm e browning cobs andifungisa kumba, kkkkk nyaya yetransport yakaoma veduwee mai awo vakaita kusangwejwa, no doubt hawambozvioni panguva yacho, chakakosha kuenda kumba. Cde Chinoz…

  5. hezvo unochemera zvakanaka zvipi? there are no lies in the pictures. welcome to reality and stop showing your sick zanu mentality!

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