Prophet Magaya to transform Bev’s life

STRIPPER–CUM–SINGER Beverly Sibanda’s life is set to change after a life – transforming encounter with Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries’ founder Prophet Walter Magaya on Sunday.

Tinashe Sibanda

Magaya told her that if “dirty dancing” was her source of livelihood, the church was going to open a business for her, together with other young women eking out a living through stripping and sex work.

Magaya called out Beverly’s name during the church service to give her a prophetic word but she was reportedly at home that time.

Beverly immediately came to the church opposite Zindoga shopping centre in Waterfalls and agreed to quit her line of work and commit her life to God.

“You need to stop what you are doing, it is not right. If you were doing it as a means of survival the ministry will help you find a better means by opening shops for you to sell whatever you desire be they clothes from China,” Magaya said.

Other beneficiaries included Veronica Zhuwawo (28), who has been a dancer since she was 16, Mildred Chigaba (28), a stripper for seven years, Nomalanga Baureni (24), a prostitute and stripper together with Irene Masaka and Agnes Maringai, who too were ladies of the night.

Magaya asked them if they were willing to change their lifestyles and they agreed. Bev, in particular, looked shocked and kept answering “Amen, Man of God.”

Her manager, Harpers Mapimhidze, who had come with her, sat quietly in the church.

During the service, former Vahombe Queens dancer, Yvonne Javachava, gave a testimony of how she was delivered from dirty dancing and seducing men after receiving spiritual deliverance at PHD Ministries.

Javachava said she would dance in a mini skirt to lure men as a way of survival and fending for her children since she was unemployed. She confessed that she would visit white garment apostolic churches to get love portions to lure men of which most of them would be married.

“The first time I went to PHD Ministries I felt the power of God move in the congregation and I knew I had to change my lifestyle. I then bought a DVD and received a bottle of free anointing oil to use at home and the first time I took the oil, I vomitted and knew that I was being delivered,” she said.

In an interview, Magaya said Beverley had not yet gone through the deliverance process since she was still in shock. He said deliverance was a process that Beverly and the other girls would undergo soon.

PHD Ministries has become a hub for many local celebrities with Madzibaba Nicholas Zacharia who has since become part of the praise team.

Others who have been spotted in audiences include Douglas Chimbetu, Lawrence “Bhonzo” Simbarashe, Jesesi Mungoshi and Alick Macheso’s wife, Nyaradzai.

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  1. So Bev are u really giving up on those exportable skills of yours? Will you last the way and one day meet the late Jesus Christ in the clouds? Shaa!

    1. Point of correction Mr(me too),,Lord Jesus Christ is NOT LATE,as u put it;matthew 28:1-15,acts 1:1-14

    2. I pity you. Jesus yes He died but He rose again

    3. Jesus is not late

    4. She was bought by the pastor with a shop!!

      1. if it is for the good of Bev and for our Lord Jesus that’s a right phenomenon. for Jesus bought us with his precious blood.

    5. Jesus is NOT LATE , He is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth & everything therein , he is the First born from the Dead , he died and rose Again , He lives for evermore and ertenal , he is the King Of Kings , the Lord Of Lords , He is Alpha & Olmega , The first & the last , Ohhhhh He is the Bright Morning Star , Jehovah is His Name ,,,,,,, ME TOO Never blasphem the Name of the Lord , Its SACRED , repent while you can !!!!!

  2. I am happy the woman is considering a possibly more sustainable livelihood. Noone can really dance and strip forever, ageing is always inversely proportional to the amount of moral and physical energy needed for stripping and gyrating. How nice of God….”LATE I KNOWN THEE…” (St. Augustine)

  3. Ndikokuti munhu wa God turning sinners 2 saints kwete zvana Gumbura saints 2 sinners . Dai angaari Gumbura ari pahorns aitowedzera kusakadza Bev nxaaa shit yemunhu !!! Zvo gumbura kwazvo

  4. You dim wits!!! cant you guys see a publicity stunt when its staring at you right in the face? high profile stripper turned Christian, brilliant publicity for this magaya fellow

    1. what publicity?? whats so special about a stripper…. saka unoda kuti auye ku church kwako here?

    2. Reminds me of Prophet Chiza of Bulawayo, these days ugijima labebhora, from predicting Bosso’s mbada victory to warriors of late. Funny enough he doesn’t seem to get a perfect prediction but the delivered journos don’t give a hoot, enjoying the free publicity for their pastors.


    A monkey in silk is a monkey no less.

  6. ndatenda hangu namuporofita.ko zvazvava kushatira vamwe kuponeswa kwake.iro jetasi rekuda vamwe vasawane chiuedza rakaipa.mbiri kunaani? kuna Jesu kwete late Jesus watavakuverengawo pano.

  7. Wenyu muna Jesu

    Point of correction NEWSDAY it is not Magaya who will transform Bev….Jesu ndivo voga vanozvigona izvozvo munhu hapana chaanokwanisa mufundisi chavo kuratidza munhu gwara Mwari pachavo vopinda mumunhu vomene voshanda basa through the Holy Spirit……………………

  8. Prophet mukada kuvanda neshoko ramwari muchida kuluma Bev muno fee!

    1. Another Gumbura coming out slowly. Soon madancers ese aya anenge ava mamaidens apastor vachiluma vega zvavo. Zimbabwe nemafake prophets maOne!

  9. Nhai Beverly kouyu shiga~shiga aendawo kuchurch here.

  10. Tinotenda! Mwari ngaakudzwe. Prophet muchenjere! Timhu yema-ex yamuri kuunganidza iyika? I hope you have a special calling and anointing for that particular group. Uyo ari kut “the late Jesus” uyo ndiye wekutanga wandanzwa achitaura zvakadaro since I was born 4 decades ago. I hope s/he is the last. Jesu Kristu mupenyu!!

    1. Chemberedzagumhana

      You can say that again. Ini kunowo I am still shocked nemutauro wakadai.

  11. Wenyu muna Jesu you have hit the bull’s eye. only God thru the working of the Holy Spirit can transform a person PERIOD not Magaya or any other human.

  12. Glory be to the Living God

    All I can say is both Bev and this prophet Magaya vaite zvose mukutya Mwari. Let it not be a marketing strategy for Magaya, and Bev ngaave nekurevesa pakutendeuka kwake.

  13. let’s hope the man of God is not trying to take away Bev from all the other men so he can get private dances on his own. suspicious behaviour..

    1. hauna pfungwa, why being so negative

      1. because we have seen Gumbura and the like living like that, namadzibaba Nzira nanaKutsuru. So ythis is not without basis. Munonyanya kunamata maprophet muZimbabawe muchisiya Mwari.

  14. glory to be to God lets hope that God’ power is in total control ………..mbiri kuna Jesu turn sinners to God munhu wamwari

  15. I can see this Magaya engineering his own downfall. Y would one invite such elements to a holy place? What makes him think they ll change?
    Someone need to tell this dude “kunokwana bhotoro”

    1. Chemberedzagumhana

      Just as a doctor is there for the sick and not the healthy, I am very confident that Prophet Walter Magaya is the right servant of God to deliver Bev as well as facilitate her new start (second chance) in life. In any even haven’t we been told that Jesus came to save sinners and not the “holy” ones.

    2. Wc elements must he bring to the holy place??

  16. kiiiiikii! Gumbura anogumbura !

  17. ko tingati chiyi nazvo nhayi ,zvishamiso mabhawa otendeutswa vemukereke vonangawo kumabhawa.
    Zvinhu zvino shanduka wani Dewa aka reva.

  18. Maybe its a strategy to get those ladies?????

  19. Jesu akatendeutsa vanaMagadharini naanaZakiyo moda kuti vatsvene vaende kuchurch iye Jeso achiti asingarwari haasiye anoona chiremba asi anorwara. Kuti zvirikuitika ndezvaMwari here or not its not for us to judge, regai zvikurirane zvichaonekwa pakukohwa. To the one ati the late Jesus sorry maningi stereki, Mwari akuregerere hauna chaunoziva.

  20. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but only to those things one understands. What marketing strategy. The church already has thousands which it cant accomodate. Prophet Magaya transformed a mentaly ill old men on christmas day last year. Built him a house in 3 days and furnished it. Clothed the man. The man was nt a celebrity. The prophet has a gift of giving. God bless you Prophet

  21. remember PHD advetises for one to one experience wth Magaya,,i hope its not the strategy

  22. waita zvakanaka bev

  23. Not at all boss. Services are attended by more than 20 thousand congregants. So the prophet cannot lay hands on everyone. Some people get delivered by voice annointing, some by merely using any one of the annointed items available @ church. There are some who need the physical attention of the prophet. So the adverts are for such people vakatakura vanotoda rwoko rwemuprofita live and direct.

    1. 20 000? Really! hope you are not counting like ZPF that fits 100 000 at Zimbabwe grounds.

  24. What will happen to Bev’s employees ( madancers ake0 ? Where they called also?

  25. Hope he doesn’t do a Gumbura to them during deliverance. Difficult to trust these churches these days, just saying

  26. More than 20. Just come to waterfalls on Sunday and see for yourself. Prophet believes in giving to the extent of making a 100 % transformation of an individual. We shud all try it and see what a wonderfull country we will be making. Everyone has a role to play. Lets thrive to make a difference and help someone achieve the unimaginable. God will surely bless us like he is blessing Prophet W Magaya. By the way am only a congregant, one of the 20 000 plus, who has seen the works of the living god thru My Beloved Prophet: W Magaya

  27. God bless him in jesus mighty name Amen

    1. Pastor arikungotsvaga mbiri hake!

      1. Chemberedzagumhana

        Handifungi kuti pane ari kutsvaga mbiri apa. If you do an internet search or attend one of his services you may hear Prophet Magaya achidaidzira kuti, “Mbiri kuna Jesu!”. Semaonero angu, VaMagaya muranda waMwari akapfava anozvidukupisa ane moyochena, arikushandiswa naMwari kuporesa nekuponesa vanhu neMuzita raJesu neSimba raMweya Mutsvene.

    2. Chemberedzagumhana

      Thanks to you too, Kiro. Be blessed always.

  28. When someone dies and rises and never dies again, can he be reffered to as the late?

  29. tsitsi dzeyi svimborume kubvisa mwana wemvana madzibwa

  30. Kunyangwe zvikatsvuka seropa zvinochenesewa semazaya echando. Zvanyanyodiiko zvaBev zvamunofunga kuti its too late kuti aregedze??? ko Paul aiuraya dzokono ava Apostle wani? as soon as she gets delivered, it might not be a bad idea after all kuti ajoine Praise &Worship team. She might have a calling

    1. I can imagin Bev achiita 180 degrees papraise& worship kkkkk


  32. marshal oneperson once sang ‘vatendi munotenda…… ‘ kana wafunga zvekutendeuka tendeuka zvachose usadzokere zvekumabacks’ ashinga bev uyu ……….vamwe ndivo vanoti mwari mwari nemuromo mumoyo mune zvamo.

    food fo thot.

  33. ….mmmmmmmmmmm

  34. Vachauya Vakawanda

    Advertising. Bev will be Bev. Nebhodhoro rake reViceroy.

  35. Handei kwa magaya kwamakandiwa kwakabroker,handei kwamagaya kwamakandiwa kwakabroker ,aaaa zvakaoma ,aivawo hwindi aidaro pahighfields junction.i hope he is doing well and won’t get broke as well but esh Mai na baba kuporofita mweyai,muno toziva masowe asi Mai nababa mporofita inondinetsa handina kuiona,pliz zvinamatirei pachenyu mega mutongi achauya.yabev iyi kubva isu totonohurira pazindoga pedo naye sezvo akatumwa isu vekubhawa.uyu akatumwa chaiko kwadzinotekenywa nebhotoro.but also magaya asiyane nekutuka chishanu unofa uri ruhwe ruhwe munhu waMwari .mweya wekujohanne masowe haubroke .dont discourage other churches tese tiri kutsvaga nzira kuenda kunababa kudenga.Zvepasi nembiri yose zvichaguma.

  36. Praise to the Lord Jehova!

  37. Kudakwenyu ngakuitwe Mwari wangu

  38. l wdnt agree with u more on yor analysis their alwyz going to be deminishng returns with time in her previus proffetn May God truly change her for the world to c how God accepts all and is able to change the hrt

  39. Product of grace

    When Bev was stripping all the people said she was a disgrace, a sinner. Now she has decided to turn away from sin people are criticising her. It is you who are evil. You see yourselves as the best judges hanty ka? Judge not so that you too may not be judged. Kunyangwe vakadanana munei nazvo? Kunyangwe akaita false prophet imi ma true prophets go and deliver him. Mukatadza it is you who needs deliverance. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit. Repent

  40. AMagaya kwamatambira kuno nyudzauku.Namatisai munhu waMwari

  41. John 8 v 5 – 1

  42. John 8 v 5-11

  43. uyo arikuti 20 000 ngaakwane uyo mu building ma megalink mogoita vanhu 20 000 manje imika y exergerating these numbers? rega unzi kunge ZPF inoti pa pane 100 000. At most mukawandisa paye its 8000

  44. The major point is to save her soul zve shop it’s another thing. Glory to thee!

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