President Mugabe’s sister Bridgette dies


President Robert Mugabe’s last surviving sibling, Bridgette, has died due to a heart failure.

She was 79.

Bridgette suffered a stroke three years ago when another sister to Mugabe, Sabina, died.

She has since been at Parirenyatwa Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.
More details to follow.

Update by Tapiwa Zivira


  1. Who cares? people in Zim die everyday, most of them because of Mugabe’s lame policies, so nothing special about her and the rest of the Clan.

  2. You should have waited for your brother! Go to hell! This country is for the Zimbabweans not for Mugabe’s family. Stupid.

  3. mugabe for live until GOD requested him.WE so called zimbos,we are heartless,why we like to write nonsense.I hope god will heal us from this mentality mind problem.RIP BRI.

  4. our condolonces to all affected. to those who are thinking of the president dying, please know that he has many years to leave. I believe God is putting it that way so that we the zimbabweans know who God is and also for Mugabe to face God and his mercy. God is interested in zim so much interested. far more than many countries and his judgement on this country will be so evident we wont believe it. thats why mugabe is here to stay. nothing happens without God’s concern especially that they children of God who are crying day and night somewhere.

  5. Ndezvako izvo. Which God loves a murderer like that? He is being given time to repent but he continues in his parth of murder, hatred, tribalism, thievery and the like. Soon, the maker will call him to answer! newe sammy jana uchida uzvikande muguva rake mubaye mese!

  6. yes rufu rwanhuwira. thats what i am saying. God loves murderers and wish them to repent, but if they dont, he will judge them hashly and people will see it. remember pharoah. watch my words.

  7. Cant wait for the day when the Real Mcoy himself kicks the buckect,,if I’am still alife that will be the first time I will set my clean feet at thievesand murders’dumping ground..Of coz I will just go there to make sure that, is it really gone,I will never shed a tear.kkkk

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