President Mugabe’s Office wades into parastatal salary scandals


THE Office of the President and Cabinet will investigate remunerations of parastatal bosses to try and bring sanity to the current situation where most earn unbelievably exorbitant salaries, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said.


He was responding to questions by MPs in the House of Assembly who wanted to know measures government would take to deal with corruption currently pervading the country.

MPs’ questions came in light of hefty CEO salaries recently exposed by the media at PSMAS, ZBC and other parastatals including Harare City Council.

“An exercise has started through the office of the President and Cabinet to investigate the remuneration given to all parastatals,” Chinamasa said.

“When that exercise is complete we will be able to formulate what to do with those who have been paying themselves above reasonable levels of remuneration.”

Zanu PF MP Temba Mliswa demanded to know from Health minister David Parirenyatwa why to date the whole PSMAS board had not been fired. This was after Parirenyatwa had told Parliament that his ministry was in the process of investigating the issue.

“You met the board, minister, and their role is an oversight one. The CEO was fired or retired, but you left the board which authorised those salaries.

“You cannot say you have killed the sheriff when you did not kill the deputy. What confidence do we have that the same board will not give themselves $500 000 salaries?” Mliswa queried.

Parirenyatwa admitted that there was chaos at PSMAS and hinted the board will be changed.

“It is true that the board fired the CEO, but that is their in-house step. We, as government, will come up with what direction to take and we will be taking a direction that will satisfy Zimbabweans who contributed to the medical aid. We have not yet acted, but are investigating and we will give a comprehensive report,” Parirenyatwa said.

Zanu PF MP Irene Zindi asked Parirenyatwa if he appended his signature to the salary schedule.

“In September, we looked at issues of medical aid societies including areas where there is conflict of interest within their own industry and the government is looking at salaries to come up with a position which will be revealed to the public,” Parirenyatwa said.


  1. Which government is Parirenyatwa talking about? The government is ZANU PF and ZANU PF is the government. The fat cats in parastatals are appointed ZANU PF and supervised by a ZANU PF government.Is Parirenyatwa saying his ZANU PF government is going to investigate ZANU PF appointed officials? This is impossible. Just what is the function of the ZACC? ZANU PF has elected in the past and now,to sidestep ZACC because they (ZPF) are anxious to protect their cronies. If Shamuyarira, as Minister of Information is earning 3 thousand dollars a month(a salary purpotedly earned by by all ministers) how could he authorise Muchechetere’s salary of 40 thousand? I smell a rat here. A fish rots from the head.

  2. is it true that Charamba the president’s spokesperson was also a board member at psmas.if it is the case then i wonder how the investigation will go with regards to psmas.

  3. You guys can go to hell. These salaries are justified. Why do you think I will leave govt when the president calls it quits. I have already secured my future and will not work again. icho

    • Typical Manheru Charamba response !.Manheru Charamba is always operating above the law.It is the same Manheru Charamba who brutalised his wifey with Kung fu & was shielded from being arrested &prosecuted by Boss Matibili .

  4. Mugabe thinks Zimbabweans are fools and perhaps he is right. How does he expect us to believe he was unaware when he has the best intelligent services; capable of digging up Tsvangirai’s girlfriends? The truth is that he is aware of these issues and many others that are not yet public. He is only making a move because its public. He is the leader of these people after all. Infact, these organisations run according to his policies, remember he appoints members to both the Cabinet and Politiburo. He possibly gets a “cut” from every of these thieves. So, stop taking us for a ride Mr. President, we know you are the greater of whatever traits we see in your appointees.


  5. These guys always investigate until everything once exposed by journalist has been rehidden. Somebody please help me undestand what an investigation is.

  6. help these people akomana for they were all learner pilots who knew not how to navigate in stormy weather. now the g_plane scale is broken may day ground crews vabetsereyiwo akomana zano marayiranwa. dont slam one another against the walls tiri anhu amwe adikani kutsva kwemandevu arume anodzimurana.

  7. noooooooooo don’t tell us Mr President. The sanctions are the cause for the hefty salaries being unearthed.

  8. What is Chinamasa telling us? Is it the duty of the Central Intellence Organisation to rationlaise the salaries of parastals. This is a Finance Ministry issue. This comment is not expected from a Minister of Finance. It clearly shows that that Chinamasa is part of the dead wood our Gvt should get rid of.

    • You are spot on, e.m. It is the mandate of the Finance Ministry in general and the Auditor-General, in particular, to make such investigations and make recommendations. Contracting the issue to the President’s Office is polite way to say that the matter won’t be dealt with and the thieves will go scot-free.

      • Mr. Minister of finance cant tell us that he needs an investigation. The chairperson of the board that approved USD 230,000 for Dube is the director in the ministry of finance responsible for expenditure control. One wonders what controlling expenditure the lady is doing approving insane salaries

  9. In the spirit of fairness the office of the cabinet secretary should release the schedule of these salaries to the public and then move from there to do the investitations to correct things. Muchechetere, Harare town clerk, Dube are already in the public eye..lets be fair and not try to protect some people who were probably doing worse than Dube..Let it all hang out to dry! And the perm sec who was a board member at PSMAS should also resign from the board and his government post to ensure that investigations are done transparently and fairly. If the Perm sec is clean he should be pushing for this to protect his integrity..

  10. Imbavha dzoga. Chinamasa neweo uri mbavha. Hauna simab rekureporter kumapurisa here. Hauna evidence here. Saka president univadii panyaya yakadai. You need his approval because unotsva ukapaparika. Vanhu vamudhara ava. unefa

  11. Not sanctions this time! The enemy is within the society. No IMPERIALISTS stealing this time! Our very own educated people at it!

  12. Nowonder why permsec leaked that Memo to the press. He knew what was coming. Please Charamba do the honourable thing and resign from both the board and the ministry. U knew sir and actually u appoved it.. Because of the power u wield u ar the defacto chairman sir

  13. This a grand scheme to put the name of our zanu pf and its leaders to shame look around you, the zrp is now being run like a private company how much are big guys getting as allowances you will be shocked.
    where is the money collected from the daily targets going, how much is being collected per day.
    how many operational vehicles have been purchased, uniforms, repairs of old building etc.

    can someone say something please.

  14. Gore rino tichanzwa zvakawanda, zvakambotanga zviri zvana M.K. na G.G. zvichibatabata ma office makuru, zvikati zvemapurisa emari mugomba remarara, mumwe arikunzi akaita suicide, vamwe vari mujeri vamwe pa suspension, hezvo tavemo muma parastatals nekuma stands uko. takateerera nekuvhura meso edu kuita kunge tiri kuwona Isidingo kana kuti santa Barbara here, or maybe studio 263 nemakorokoza

  15. One may say Cashbet is innocent as it seems, but did he ever have the wit to consider what constraints he put on the worker’s wallet? through the acceptance of him being awarded such a salacious salary and by merely approving a $20 monthly subscription to a low-income bracket striving to make ends meet in such a harshly polarized economy is suffice to deem him an accomplice to economic terrorism.

  16. When zimbabweans finally wake up it will be too late. This country will be beyond repair by then . Wake up zimbabwe!!!

  17. Pararenyatwa this is not to be born? You have been minister for health “forever” when did you know of these salaries, what did you do about it? This did not happen overnight u should be sacked together with your permanent secretary for gross incompetency. The public services commission should investigate all parastatals and the Ministries remuneration policies and bring these looters, immoral man and women to justice for “state robbery” . This is not isolated to Health and ZBC. The ZMDC if the truth came out there will be a story of the “mother” of all “LOOTING” and public knows it

  18. You guys wy are u being bothered by these issues?? Dont u kno that if t ws an MDC activist or member the police were going to ARREST TO INVESTIGATE, But nw becoz ts Zanu pf members the police are going to INVESTGATE TO ARREST. Komichi wakasungirwa kt wanhongerei stray ballot paper akange oorera muchitokisi bt mbavha dzakaita seidzi ana C Dube, H Muchechetere, T Mahachi kunongonzi tiri kuita ma investigations kusvika jesu adzoka. Kana muchiti ndinoreva nhema ndiudzei kti nyaya Masimirembwa yakazoenda nepi?????

    • if old people like those in higher offices are not shy of themselves and the damage they doing to our beloved country locally and internationaly then their children will be held nresponsible.after all those who fought for this country liberation died and those who preach loudly that they liberated this country are actually thieves who are stealing our president wake up to the situation and correct yourself and die a liberator

  19. The shop-floor worker at ZESA, or whatever name the organisation is called now earns US $600 per month. This person has no degree, diploma or certificate. Their qualification among others are the ability to make a full bean empty, a dirty floor clean, a spoiled toilet functional…the least goes on. In short RR – rese rese to the uninitiated! They have free electricity for as long as they live and are still employees. Mashefu acho anohora kilimanjaro we salary mhanduwe.

    • The least paid worker in ZESA is in grademployee earns a basis salary of $225 and is entitled to Transport allowance of $70 , housing allowance of $68 , Non pension allowance of $68 , Canteen allowance of $23 and a fuel allowance of $24 .This fuel allowance can be converted in to free-electricity benefit of 1596kw/h if one is an electricity consumer in his or her own right.If you add those amountd you get $478 BEFORE TAX , AIDS LEVY, NSSA, NYARADZO FUNERAL POLICY, LOAN FROM BANK ABC, LOAN FROM CABS, ZEIP 10%, UNION FEE, STANBIC LOAN, ZESA DEATH LEVY, STAFF SP FUND!!!!!!!! THE $478 is below the poverty datum-line which means even family isingaende kubasa ndomari yainoda kuti vangorarama for just a month!! So tell me what about munhu ari kutomboenda ku ZESA kunotsvaira kana kunoita basa rese rese????????
      They is nothing fance about being a ZESA employee we live in poverty yet we LIGHT the nation , yes noone is perfect but ZESA is the only parastatal that has remained strong through all the trying time Zimbabwe has gone through. Where is NRZ , RBZ, AIRZIM, CHITUNGWIZA TOWN COUNCIL, ZBH, PSMAS,?????The least I can mension.The only reason why ZESA has managed is becoz it has managed to suppress its salary bill , it has managed to learn from all the other short sighted parastatals?Ask yourself this question if Cuthbert Dube had a degree and was pocketing $230000 a month , what could have happened to ZESA if all the cleaners and sweepers had degrees? ?????

  20. Stranglely enough did these same people not resist declarations of Parastatal bosses salaries during the life of the Unity Government?

    Had they supported the efforts then, the country would have saved a few million dollars.

    But who cares when the when the CEO of Zim Corp is fighting for his $5 million dollar luxury pad in Hong Kong. This was rented and not sure when ut was actually bought.

    Wonder if there is anyone in Parliament to ask how this money was acquired and externalised.

    All we hear is of people selling 100 cattle a week to the CSC, enabling them to buy banks for $38m. Are these not the same cattle that were owned by tge Poloffs, Rosenfels, Stephens of yesteryear commercial farming.

    How do you move from trial for theft if a cold room door to $38m and 100 cattle a week in just 20 odd years on a miserly minister salary. Far from Cuthbert Dube’s $230,000 a month.

    Cuthbert Dube, you the Zim Corp CEO. What audit firm were you using. What kind of morons sat on the ZBC board.

    Mind you, we all sit on the board of Zim Corp, returning the same directors every 5 years. Morons all of us.

  21. PSMAS oversight is the responsibility of the Ministries of Health, Labour and Finance. These salaries were approved during the tenure of GNU and the responsible Ministers were Madzorere, Mupariwa and Biti. Can they be asked to give some insights?

    What reports do line Ministers submit to the Presidents Office on parastatals if Financial Statements are not one of them? What detail do these include if a salary schedule and board resolutions are not part of the information? I would be very worried if the President’s Office is not advised periodically and in detail about the performance and status of each arm of government and quasi-government entity. That would constitute a threat to national security. What is a perm-sec doing in a board of a parastatal? As the chief executive of a Ministry with a head count of thousands, does this guy have time to do anything else? The President urgently needs a broom, a duster, a disinfectant and a detergent.

  22. The president’s office does not need to investigate now. If they have been working all along they already have accurate information. That is their job – to find out secret issues. Isn’t that what CIO is about? Unless Chinamasa is saying CIO were not doing their job. I doubt that. So let no one try to hoodwink Zimbabweans. The facts are already in their hands and most likely they are the ones releasing it to the nation via media. If they didn’t know…. mmmm… then how safe is the nation and its leaders?

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