Police summon roadblock cash discovery girl, family


INVESTIGATIONS into the roadblock loot saga where a Beatrice girl allegedly picked up $2 000 believed to be police bribe money from a rubbish pit deepened this week amid reports that senior officers from the traffic police department summoned the girl and her parents to their Harare office for questioning.


Ten-year-old Nodia Gozho, who was in the company of her mother Tendai Nkonde (31), allegedly picked a plastic bag with wild fruits and bank notes amounting to $2 000 from a rubbish pit a few metres from a police check point near Manyame Bridge along Harare-Masvingo Road and the two vanished with “the loot” to their Gilston Farm homestead about three kilometres away. The cops followed and allegedly harassed the family members before taking all the money, including $132 that belonged to Nkonde and her husband James Gozho.

After Beatrice Police Station member-in-charge, who had apparently got wind of the incident, took it upon himself to investigate the matter, Nkonde said four cops came to Gilston last Saturday and informed him they were making further investigations into the matter.

“The officers said they had come from the National Traffic Headquarters in Kopje, Harare, and they took statements from me, my husband and Nodia before they went with us to the roadblock scene where they collected measurements of the distance between the roadblock site, rubbish pit and the point where we discovered the money in the plastic bag,” she said.

Nkonde said the officers summoned them to their Kopje offices on Monday.

“We spent most of our day there in what was said to be the ‘district clerk’s office’ and later in the day, we were told the investigations were not yet complete so they asked us to come back on January 21,” Nkonde said.

Efforts to get a comment from the National Traffic spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome were fruitless as his number was not reachable.

A visit to the Kopje offices by NewsDay did not yield results as Assistant Inspector Luckmore Chakanza refused to comment on the matter and referred all questions to National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba and Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi Nyathi was said to be locked up in a meeting.

Last week, Charamba promised to investigate the matter thoroughly. When called for comment, Charamba confirmed investigations were going on as she had promised.

Although she did not shed more light on the progress of the probe, she said: “Like I said, police act on every case of corruption and whenever an incident takes place, we leave no stone unturned to investigate the matter.”

An officer at the traffic headquarters who declined to be named confirmed there was such a case under “intense investigation” and that the accused officers had requested for more time to prepare their defence.


  1. ko vari kunetserei mhuri iyi…problem mapurisa awo…akanhonga mari…ko aba here…in fact the police should be arrested for taking the family’s 132….

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  3. I think this is grossly unfair on the Gozho/Nkonde family. When they are summoned to Harare like this, who pays for their fares to commute from Beatrice to Harare and back again. Are they going to be refunded all the money they use to get to the police for these investigations? Zvakangooma hazvo, mombe yemurombo haibereki, ikaenda kumafuro inonorumwa nebere!!!

  4. vanhu vezimbabwe kupusa.sei muchivharwa?munozviziva here kuti mari yese inobhadhariswa pamaroadblocks hapana kana cent rinoenda kunyika.yese ndeya chihuri nevamwe vake.kuba kwakaipa bt mupurisa akaba paroadblock abira chihuri nt nyika kikiki ngwarai

  5. Wow you should checkout Second Street extenstion pavano parka motor yakanzi for sale ivo vaine roadblock pamberi so they put the money mumotor yakanzi 4sale. aya atova motsotsi chaiwo

    • I think what you noticed in Harare Nhari is the same like here in Bulawayo.Along Luveve road at a roadblock after the Nguboyenja flyover there is a car parked next to the vapositoti will be worshiping and one would think that it is for the worshipers but nix.As you go to Cowdray Park just after the railway crossing,there is a permanent roadblock and to the western side of the road along Luveve High School road,there is a car parked within bushes as if it had a breakdown but nix.Check along the road to the eastern side of the same roadblock,towards Moyo’s residence(plot) there is again a car parked under the tree as if it is there because of some shade but nix.Honestly we are dealing with thieves in this country of ours.How can people sleep dreaming some strategies of stealing from your mankind? I think these police officers are taking advantage of this family being farm labourers who are considered illiterate other wise a well knowledgeable person was going to put them in a frying pan.If police claim that the money was theirs,why was it staffed in a plastic bag and placed in a rubbish pit.Again its said there were some wild fruits in the plastic bag what for? Food for thought.Did this child steal or she picked up a bag containing money.If I can recall,the initial report was saying this child had gone with some fellow children to scavenge for some items near the police check point and eventually picked up this bag which she took to her mother at home but now the reporter is saying the child was being accompanied by the mother which is which?
      Do you see and understand by observation?

      Mapurisa akaona kuti the day’sloot had gone and they thought of summoning these people.I urge would Charity Charamba not trouble these people but look at her men. If the summoning is only to further investigations the better and not prosecuting somebody who picked up something from a disused rubbish pit.

  6. Ndakambosvikawo paroadblock yaiva kwaMadamombe kwaiva nekombi yakanzi ndeye mapurisa yakavigwa chinhambwe kubva paiva neroad block. nhasi ndazoziva kuti sei zvaiva zvakadaro! Ho nhai!

  7. my prayer is for those cops to face the consequences of their act .we are following this closely.BATAI VANHU

  8. saka vanaMayaya ava vekumaoko vakapenga. give Nodia her miracle money, Chinamasa was saying kumele sisebenze for the dvlpment of our country but these mayayas are getting a lot wthout any sweat. Jeremiah 17vs18 says Let them be confounded that persecute me,bt let not me be confounded:let them be dismayed, but let not me be dismayed:BRING upon them the day of evil,and destroy them with double destruction.

  9. THIS ISSUE OF CORRUPTION HAS BEEN GOING ON AND ON AND NO ACTION IS BEING TAKEN. IT IS QUITE DISTURBING TO NOTE THAT IT IS COMING FROM POLICE, THEN THE NEXT QUESTION IS ‘WHO WILL GUARD THE GUARD’. YES THE POLICE ARE TRYING TO COVER IT UP BUT IT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE, BRIBES ARE BEING TAKEN IN FULL VIEW OF THE PUBLIC. Just try one day using a public transport, you will be shocked by the actions of police. The issue of multiple road blocks, spot fines needs to be looked into but anyone none does that. Go to any police station now and see varieties of cars parked there. Most combies are owned by police officers. This will never end. VID worse, as a country wee are in deep mess.

  10. This is not fair mari ndeye mwana, the police should provide proof kuti mari ndeyavo actually the robbed the family their cash, mari kumwana please akanhonga zvake hake mari yake ngavamupe abhadhare school fees.

  11. Big up to you Peter. The cash belongs to the young girl unless the police provides substantial proof that the money was theirs. If the money was from corrupt activities, it still belongs to the young fortunate girl because even at law, we know that the loss from an illegal activity lies where it falls.

  12. Big mess indeed we are in.
    I happened to visit Central Police in Harare just at knock off time. I could not believe what I saw.The type of cars a great number of even police constables had.
    Just pay a visit there at Kennek Kaunda and your eyes will be opened and be able to see how our once beautiful country has been manured with corruption.
    We are up to our neck in corruption waters.

  13. I hope the police must not be investigated by police. Baboons are the same. Give us this case so that we can find the truth. Where are the accused right now. Its a criminal allegation mind you and not disciplinary alone. I pray that God may lead Zimbabwe to His will that the will of prosperity!

  14. The police are , as usual , skirting the issue . Very simply , all that needs to be done is to run ninhydrin tests on the notes / plastic bag recovered . If the fingerprints revealed after these tests match the prints of any of the officers on the roadblock that particular day – case closed . Why are the police not carrying out these very basic forensic tests , which would provide the answers immediately ?

  15. @ DeboraRGarrett. My brother, learn to be relevant by placing comments which relate to the topic under discussion. Don’t you have your own blog where you can advertise your business. Otherwise you are disturbing significant public comments aimed at discrediting the corruption deeply rooted in our law enforcement agencies.

  16. Vakoma they know that very well and proving a case against the police who are very conversant with the Evidence Act can be near impossible. Vose vanga varipo ngavarangwe severely. Problem is corruption has also tentacled into the justice delivery system. TOITA SEI NENYIKA YE ZIMBABWE…

  17. I used to notice a private car blocking the pedestrian crossing(at the bus stop) just before the traffic lights near Rugare suburb. This is to ensure that all Kombis plying the Mufakose – Kambuzuma route go through this, now commonly known as THE RUGARE TOLL GATE.
    Of recent this is now manned by a constable, the same applies to Conventry road extension which is under construction you will find a constable in place enjoying the muddy environs. Come rain! come thunder! this is the modus operandi. IS THIS GENUINE PATRIOTISM TO DUTY? MONDAY TO FRIDAY mornings only. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

  18. keep on dreaming you day dreamers.thoz cops wil go nowhere becoz they committed no offence.there is no criminal case against them and above all there is no evidence that link them to any crime.the 2k bucks where is it? Munongoti hee mapurisa huori nemiwo ruzhinji rwezimbabwe mune huori nekuti ndimi munouya nemari muchida kuti mapurisa tirege kukusungai. Ini handina munhu vandakamboti ndipe mari ndisakusunge asi kutoti munhu anouya ega nemari yake pasina kumanikidzwa.imi munoti vakuru vedu havamowo here muhuori hwacho?shame

  19. zvanyanya pliz. @ vid eastlea porisi ikutenga mota kunge matomatoes kunyanya ane noah anokusungira mota oti huya ne290 kuti ibude onyora ticket re10, batai vanhu

  20. Legit money is not hidden in bins. If everyone refused to pay fines there is actually nothing the police can do. The system needs a review as this nonsense don’t make sense. If the roadblock money is for individual purposes then our economy will never lift off. The money could be used to improve the roads and public services rather than this nonsense.

  21. I witnessed at one roadblock a policeman instructing a motorist who was bribing them to give the money to a girl was hanging around the roadblock.

  22. just look the cars they drive,please mapurisa mawuraya nyika,innocent poor people are in jail mbavha huru dziripanze.Chihuru your tenure as Commissioner have witnessed a lot of corruption.Uchapinda myulegacy yemost corruot force ever happened in Zim

  23. The girl must be awarde the communicater of the with a prize of a free shlolarship until she completes University level. But Plumtree police must be awarded the national worst corupt award for the last 5 years.

  24. The girl must be awarded the best communicator of the year and a scholarship prize as from this year until she completes University education. But the dubious award of being the most corupt police station must go to Plumtree, followed by Figtree and Chiredzi.

  25. Sport fines must be abolished and people must be given seven days to pay their fines at the police station. Almost half the commutor buses belong to police force. What they earn is not enough to purchase those vehicles.

  26. Police followed their loot which was picked by a girl from the rubbish pit. That means the policemen had hidden the money they had acqiured through corruption to avoid being noticed by their seniors. The issue of corruption is not new, but has become a common practice among the police force especially those under the traffic section. Whats only left is for the Ministry of Education to introduce a new subject called Curruption in schools. So many police officers are driving cars today and some even own a fleet of cars which were bought by money earned from corruption. Kuti vaChihuri vachazvigona izvi, corruption yacho yanyanya vanhu wee. Siyai mhuri yakanonga mari yakadaro. Iyi ndiyo inonzi miracle money chaiyo.

  27. The problem is with the spot fines. Motorists are expected to carry cash to pay fines at road blocks everytime they travel .Failure to pay results in the police impounding your car or confisticating your licence. This results in a lot of delays and inconviniences to motorists. Why cant they issue tickets and allow people to pay later. Its really unfair. This is oppresion at its worst. At times you realy feel we were better off under Ian Smith.

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