Peter Moyo is a gem — Nkomo


HIGHLANDERS midfielder Peter “Rio” Moyo has impressed top Zimbabwe football agent Ralph Nkomo.


Nkomo, who represents a number of Zimbabwean players, is closely following proceedings at the ongoing African Nations Championships. He said the Warriors started on a low note, but as the tournament progressed they have been fantastic.
“I have been impressed mostly by Zimbabwean players. There are lots of good players. They are fantastic. I think they stand a good chance of reaching the final. Players like Kuda Mahachi, Partson Jaure, Hardlife Zvirekwi and the goalkeeper George Chigova. But there is one player I didn’t know — Peter Moyo. His application is unbelievable. He is technically gifted, but I didn’t see the recognition. He is one of the best players in Zimbabwe,” Nkomo said.
Nkomo represents the likes of former Warriors captain Benjani Mwaruwari, KV Oostende of Belgium striker Nyasha Mushekwi and Bidvest Wits leftback Onisimor Bhasera. Player agents representing several South African teams are reportedly searching for talent in the Warriors camp.
Zimbabwean players have won the admiration of neutrals with their performance at the continental tournament where they have defied odds stacked against them to qualify for the quarter finals of the tournament after beating Burkina Faso and Mali to reach the semi-finals of the tournament designed exclusively for home-based players since its inauguration in 2009.
The Warriors will now face Libya tomorrow in a battle for the right to reach the final of the tournament.
Already, Mahachi has agreed terms with Mamelodi Sundowns.


  1. UMoyo uyadhla njenge iMvumba sibili leyi inkunzi emadhodheni bhinya ramabinya . He is one of the hardworking player in the midfield park and I hope today is going to continue shining for our beloved warriors . Moyo have similarity with former French International when it comes to scoring goals , he is superp in the midfield bt he rarely scores . Moyo akagowesa chete Zimbabwe tatotora mukombe .

  2. Cannot agree with you more, its high time journalism in Zimbabwe became professional, you would think one would have read about him in the press?? or is it because I do not read the Chronicle? but with such talent he, Milton Ncube and that hard tackler Danny Phiri should have been the talk of Zimbabwe, but then hey thats what you get with this reigionalistic and partisan reporting…… By the way I support Dynamos.

    • @Ini zvangu Handibvumiraani newe mwana mdhara even isu tinosapata Dembare yacho asi chakanaka chakanaka Moyo aigwa semvumba pamidfield apo dambudziko rake haamwisi cheye Ndinoti rega kupinza chimweya chako chekuVietnam nekuti ndeweBossolona . Moyo mwana wevhu arikushandira nyika not chimweya chako mwana mdhara , Isu hatisapoti kuti nekuti ndeweDembare kana Bosso . I am behind Moyo 100% percent iro iGandanga

    • @Ini zvangu Handibvumiraani newe mwana mdhara even isu tinosapata Dembare yacho asi chakanaka chakanaka Moyo aigwa semvumba pamidfield apo dambudziko rake haamwisi chete Ndinoti rega kupinza chimweya chako chekuVietnam nekuti ndeweBossolona . Moyo mwana wevhu arikushandira nyika not chimweya chako mwana mdhara , Isu hatisapoti kuti nekuti ndeweDembare kana Bosso . I am behind Moyo 100% percent iro iGandanga

  3. Real stars always shine as witnessed in then case of Rio, Jaure, Mahachi and Denmark bound Songani. Scouters look for genuine talent, they don’t fall for a politicised soccer star of the year tag. I wonder if the selection panel for soccer star of the ever visited our local stadiums to watch these boys play. Lets stop this regionalism, favouritism, tribalism and nepotism….. nonsense. It kills the game.

  4. real stars take the grand stage to shine. its true to the saying that ungangizonda kodwa ngeke usithathe isiphiwo sami

  5. I am truly disappointed so much by these misplaced emotions. To even think of regionalism and tribalism in this instance is uncalled for. the simple fact is that a person, journalist included,in Harare only gets to see Highlanders 4-5 times a year and makes them unqualified to give fair evaluation of the said players, mahachi and danny phiri included. Similarly the soccer star accolade is a non-event for the very same reason. Until the day we have a national broadcaster capable of showing us all the matches like in the EPL, we will continue to have true talent going unnoticed. I have seen many go that way since the time i started going to BF in 1979 as a grade 1.

  6. True dat. Rio is a star. Unfortunately our soccer is being led by a bunch of aged, anti-soccer toddies, chief among them “Cashbet Dupe”, the ZIFA CEO.

  7. Peter Moyo is very good. If only he can improve on his shooting. If he had been composed enough, by now he could be having 2 to 3 goals to his credit in this tournament.

    • Peter Moyo is a rare player..he is not afraid to go into tackles and his ball distribution reminds me of one Archford Chimutanda. I dont know about his age but I am sure I am not alone in saying he can make the grade anywhere in the world. He is a gifted and hardworking player, no doubts more like former Arsenal’s and Cameroon’s song..he is that good.

  8. @Mpolastic.So true. We need a national broadcaster that publicise all the matches. It’s also a call for scouts in this country to unearth gems wherever they are-schools, lower-tier leagues etc. We know there is abundant talent languishing there until the day someone takes notice. The same goes for our so-called journalists. Please stop being lazy and do some work. I don’t care if a player plays for Dynamos, Highlanders, Caps or whatever. This is a national cause and should be treated as such with the cold, hard facts on the ground. Any other action is high treason for us good citizens.
    Ndatenda, nyabonga..

  9. I am also very happy to find this platform so that I can also air my earnest observation when I watched the game between Zimbabwe and Mali. I have always said to my colleagues that I am an ardent Dynamos fan but I was just impressed by the industrious Peter Moyo. The guy was just fit and hardworking such that he did not believe in losing the ball to the opponent. To me Peter was the player of the day. We need guys like him. Guys Peter did not believe in losing the ball. Let the game be played again on TV for people to re-watch. Moyo, I salute you – although I am DeMbare but I really respect you and God bless you in your carrier.

  10. It had to take a lot of noise from fans so that Gorowa would put Moyo in the starting lineup. In the first games he was a bench warmer whilst Gorowa kept trying ana Sadiki. Besides lack of accuracy that boy is a marvel to watch.

    Ralph Nkomo unotaura bhora manje. Milton Ncube has been doing a splendid job as a leftback but when comments are made its as if 2 people (your guess is as good as mine) are responsible for the good job at the back!

  11. It is good we have true soccee followers like Mangwende we Zimbabwe who despite being Dembare suporters they comment as it is…Moyo was a marvel to watch against Mali and he was my man of the match ahead of Mahachi who made a lot of blunders…when Moyo was substituted our mid was affected a lot and we almost paid for it when Mali was putting pressure towards the end…we consided a silly goal when the man who substituted him stood behind the striker

  12. Its nice to hear Dembare fans complementing P. Rio Moyo, save for few pple who are not patriotic. If a player is playing well, let us complement him so that he can improve his game standard irregardless of the team/region he comes from. Chigova is one of the players that are playing well even though he played a number of games than Rio. On Mali’s game Chigova saved us. Bossolona nge nkani. Ongafuniyo kayekele.

  13. Ralph Nkomo and fellow agents you are responsible for the demise of our football. All these years you have been exporting our star players to the SA PSL and this league is not developing them at all but they simply fade away. It pains the likes of Evans Gwekwerere, Tafadzwa Rusike, Oscar Machapa, Beki Ndlovu, Ralph Matema, Ramson Zhuwawo, The Mubaiwa twins and many others who had promising talents have seen their careers nosediving in SA. Why then do you continue to take them there??????? You just you lake innovation and dynamism. Take our players to small clubs in Europe in the weaker leagues at least, Greece, France, Portugal, Denmark, Turkey, Holland, et al or to small teams in the big leagues like the Osasunas, Cardiffs, Chievos, Elches, et al so that our players can learn and adapt before moving to the bigger teams. This is what the West Africans are doing, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal and they are churning out stars. You must be ashamed that today there is no simple Zimbabwean player in the top leagues in Europe. U agent hwenyu saka haubatsiri. Help out these players. They are talented but you guys are morons, you only focus on the PSL yet it produces a bunch of losers!!! Please wake up and smell the coffee. You are selling our players to SA for a song and destroy their careers. I am disappointed.

    • Shocking isn’t it, Ralph Nkomo is a player agent yet he knows nothing about Rio. Its not surprising why we dont have as many players abroad as the east African countries. We have useless player agents who cant market our players, simple because they dont follow local football.

  14. I do not think Rio, Mambare, Mahachi and Chigova are returning with the rest..vatotengwa ku SA because of their peformance

  15. Why cant we all just support the team. Tombosiyana nezve Dembare ne Bosso!!! This Club-ism is bad for our team. Team means the coaches and the players together. They have done well and deserve our support, all of them.

    Go worriors Go.

    Down with club-ism!!!

  16. Ndiani akasarudza vashuti vemapena?Dai makasiyana naP.Moyo zvamunongozivawo wani kuti murume uyu anosimudza mabhora ake nguva nenguva,Kwete kuti position yake ahagoni,Aiwa i m talking about the pernalty shooters according with his perfomance.You was surppose to put Mahachi or someone than Moyo.Pamidd aiwa chitofu problem ahamwise.

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