Performance-based contracts for town clerks


LOCAL Government minister Ignatius Chombo has threatened not to pass the budgets for three major cities, Harare, Bulawayo and Chitungwiza until the local authorities submitted their executives’ salary schedules.


This comes amid concerns that senior managers at the local authorities were getting obscene salaries while workers were languishing in poverty and service delivery was at an all-time low.

In an interview, Chombo said he would start issuing year-long performance-based contracts to town clerks and those who failed to perform would not have their contracts renewed renewed.

“I am yet to get a report (on salaries), but I sent a team to work on that. By Monday, I will have reports for Harare, Bulawayo and Chitungwiza. If we don’t get that then we will not approve the (councils’) budget because we want to link it to that,” Chombo said.

“We want them well paid, but we don’t want obscene salaries for them. They should also sign 12-month long contracts to perform certain functions. They will be performance-based and if they fail, there won’t be any reason to renew their contracts and keep them. You can’t give them big contracts to sit on their laurels for long.”

According to government requirement, local authorities should at least use 70% of their collected revenue for service delivery and 30% on salaries.
At the moment salaries are gobbling 70% of revenue collections.

Speculation has been rife that town clerks, who are chief executive officers of local authorities, were getting close to $20 000 monthly in salaries and more than $15 000 in allowances.

The matter has raised anxiety among residents and stakeholders who were getting a raw deal as service delivery across the country has plummeted.

For close to five years now, Harare city councillors have been trying without success to get the salary schedule of senior managers at Town House.


  1. chombo says if these salary schedules are not submitted he will not approve budgets-that’s shit.he should fire people not that.I smell a rat.period

  2. I think these people should earn less than $5 000(allowances included). They’re a burden on us. On the other hand I urge the president to make Chombo sign 12 month performance based contracts as well before he(Chombo) is “shocked” by the mushrooming of “illegal” structures.

  3. You are right Reza. Actually in Zimbabwe $5000 should be earned by CEOs whose companies are making profit. The rest should be scaled down. We have many graduates waiting to be town clerks and CEOs of parastatals.

  4. Chombo is a hypocrite coz he has religiously approved the budgets which include the obscene salaries of these local authorities for the past donkey years

  5. Cde Minister Chombo pliz don’t approve the fees of $450 tow away fees of cars its not sensible the $110 they are charging is even high. That will invite corruption. Some people will see it better to pay $50 to the wrecker than to pay $450 fine. makes sense.

  6. I tend to think the President gave Chombo that portfolio to bring back joy that had disappeared in cities for a long time. As it is we need to planning for more water, power (telecoms -private sector is trying) but Chombo’s focus in the name of politics is just to bring other people down (fixing MDC). Why not pick a leaf from South Africa. Structures that are illegal can be regularised and those that cannot must be removed, agreed. Surely 40 years after the so called independence we still struggle for water, electricity and lately even a private borehole is paying a heavy registration fee and quarterly premiums! There is an abundance of underground water in Zimbabwe and tapping it has all of a sudden become a crime! Check how white were managing this!So who is better!
    Prof Moyo, Charamba with the blessing of the PRESIDENT thanks for the removal of the listners licences, zvaive a money spinner for the Chechetere. Ko van Gersham Pasi what do they earn?

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