Parliament elevator traps MPs, govt officials

Zimbabwe parliament building

THREE MPs, three government officials, a NewsDay reporter and a staffer at Parliament yesterday had a nightmarish experience after they remained stuck in an elevator at Parliament Building for almost an hour before they were rescued.


The eight were enroute to post-budget meetings held in different committee rooms located in the Fifth Floor of the august House.

The faulty elevator ceased to work on approaching the third floor, sending the occupants into a panic mode.
One of the MPs affected in yesterday’s incident Metrine Mudau (Zanu PF MP for Beitbridge West) said she had a similar experience with the same elevator last year.

“I was once stuck some time last year in this elevator and I had to shout and bang the door calling for help,” Mudau said.

The government officials, who were billed to give oral evidence before the Finance and Economic Development Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, said it was unbefitting for Parliament to operate a defective elevator.

The victims had to use cellphones to ask other Members of Parliament staff to bring in technicians to open the elevator doors.


  1. That’s a practical experience of the mean national budget and meagreness of national resources at play, live for Parliamentarians, government officials from the resource distributing Ministry and the critical media.

  2. @ truth stop undermining the state be pan zimbo pliiiiiiz

  3. Please educate me, am i missing something, is there any fifth floor in the parliament I the only one vexed or something

    1. Yes silly there a fifth floor on parliament complex.What you know is the front in Nelson Mandela ave but if you go to the back in Kwame Street you see the other multi storey building not sure how many floors.

  4. brilliant. i like that and pray for some more drama

  5. This is not news as we as the general public meet more problems that these MPs and journalist in our daily life. We do not have working toilets in the city and other impending issues that needs to be raised. I urgue the journalist to raise fundamental issues greater that what befell the MPS. This is only a taste of what we face everyday when MPs are enjoying the best of Zims cake.

  6. tendai chaminuka

    Umwe blaz akaziva kukosha kwemvura asungwa hope the MP’s rediscover themselves and start working for the benefit of the nation

  7. such is normal wen a country is led by a ruler not a leader, breakdowns r standard if not best practice.
    wen a nation is made of just-minded citizens, however its proving it does not pay to be just. Just behavior works to the advantage of other people, not to the person who behaves justly.
    there is a symbiotic & synergistic relationship btwn a broken down elevator and the country’s leadership
    mati madii kkkkk

  8. Yes how many floors are they in our august house?

  9. this is just to tarnish other people s reputation, the elevator can be stuck at anytime and to anyone so i don’t see any reason for its publication and besides WATS so special about about being stuck in lift that it requires our attention.. there are other fundamental issues u can publish.

  10. @hate me,truth is right cant u c the back tracking our country is doing & u want us 2 keep quet,look at they were pot now dishholes in the roads,companies closing, MPs traped in elevator,and u say pan zimbo pan zimbo,even the MPs can tell u its not the first time being traped ‘its u who is underminig the state for not telling the truth

  11. Haiwawo……. I personally witnessed patients lying on stretchers others on floors in one of the government hospitals because the elevators to transport them to upper wards for treatment were not working. They should just shut down the elevators and let the parliamentarians go upstairs by using the staircase – that is the true reflection of how our country is operating.

  12. So did they finally give their oral evidence on mines and mining activities? Shame if they did not! Becoz that would raise eyebrows on the typeof evidence they were to give!

  13. Mabasa eELECO neZANU PF vasingachagoni basa

  14. hapana kana zvenyaya apaa, editor tipei maserious

  15. … you should concentrate on nightmared being experienced by normal zimbos everyday not zve one hour whilst going to feast discussing marara!

  16. kkkkkkkkkkkk. Thats life

  17. this was sabotage by MDC-T which ddnt want the meetings to go ahead and also because of sanctions

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