Newsflash: Warriors lose


The Zimbabwe Warriors crashed out of the African Nations Championship (Chan) tournament on Wednesday after succumbing to a 5-4 penalty shoot-out defeat in the hands of Libya.

The semi-final square-off went to penalty shootouts after an eventful but goalless 90 minutes play time and an extra 30 minutes that saw Warriors failing to utilise several scoring chances.

More details to follow


  1. Its a loss I wasn’t expecting, but then with soccer you never know..I think we need to Gorowa some credits and give him time. Above all, his team has been thus far the most successful one to reach the semis IN zimbabwean football history , though the tournament is not on the FIFA calendar. More so, credit should be given to the boys for such a perfomance, though I wasn’t satisfied with Ngoma coming in and some of Gorowa substituions leaves with a lot of questions. All in all, I also thank you Zimbos for your support.

    • Well done Warriors – I will always support you. However, you should get a better 90th gift for Mr President!

  2. Its soccer guyz lets give them credit of being able to sharpen their eyes and mind especialy when shooting balls even on penalty espeecialy Sadiki was gud fo entire 137 mins of play at last diliever a poor pernalty

  3. Well done to Gorowa and the boyz , we lost but we can lift our heads up high. We fought hard, haven’t seen that kind of fighting spirit in a long time. Keep it up!!!

  4. Well we myt say all we want but let the truth be said the boys kept us up on our feet through the entire match well played guys didn’t expect you to go dat far. N let credit be given to all the zim supporters dat we saw in dat ground thanks guys u rilly made us happy

    • that’s very unfair Ndombo u are judging them harshly yet they did very well. Please don’t do that; that’s being unfair.

  5. well done ma warriors, nw just win the play offs. U made me proud. Nxt tym we’ll go ku world cup ne afcon. I jus rily hop kuti no stupid asiagates will be opened coz u played rily well frm the start, even zvinhu zvanga zviri ma1; mamwe mateam achipiwa 100 000 imi muchipiwa 10 000

  6. Mhandu who said the tornament is not on FIFA calender, it evin affects the rankings. For a Zimbabwean point of view zvirinani..Nigimbi, Ndazu, Moroco dzakabuda wani, ndimi mega munofa kuhwina….nxaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Mhandu who said the tornament is not on FIFA calender, it evin affects the rankings. For a Zimbabwean point of view zvirinani..Nigimbi, Ndazu, Moroco dzakabuda wani, ndimi mega munoda kuhwina….nxaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Well played but mr Gorowa took a couple of wrong players to Chan.our entire strikeforcew did not deserve places in the team.As of our defence,im excited abt their showing and thats where we will build our nucleus from.

  9. Welldone Zimbabwe you made us proud ,its better than previous years,keep working hard we made our name in CHAN and teams will take us seriously now…Im happy for they get this far and top 4 in Africa is an achievement…God bless Zimbabwe,beat Nigeria for bronze medal now take home something,u have nothing to lose

  10. Now where in hell is your pedigree when you miss 2 consecutive penalties? You landlords of a squirming economy.

  11. Ko Prophet Chiza, Ndeipi iyi? I wish these ‘Men of God’ would leave soccer predictions to bookies and concentrate on the Word of God.

    • he was offside on both occasions. firstly when the ball was flighted into the box he was in an offside position tho some will argue that he did not interfere with play. some will say when he scored the goal he was no longer in an offside position but he benefited from being in that position. read the FIFA rebound rule

    • Maporofita enhema ndiwo akatidyisa. Prophets should stay out of soccer please. Now, the respected man of God, what are you going to say now?

      Players should trail and not listen to these so called prophets.

  12. Libyan goalkeeper was faking injuries for 120mns and the referee was not taking action why?maybe
    match fixing.

  13. Gorowa and his team are the best thing ever happened in Zimbabwe over a long time. I dint know Zimbabweans were going to be ever proud to be Zimbabweans. We are proudly Zimbabweans. Keep it up Gorowa and the boys. You have left a mark that no one has ever left before. My best man though is Chigova; that young man has got talent I hope God will reward him even more.

  14. SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE GOROWA!Look, it has costed you the biggest glory which you were just about to embrace. Shame; lost blessing. We repeated time and again your miscalculated fielding of incompetent Dynamos strikers but you did not take hid. You remained adamant and this has costed you dearly. Truth being told, we are moaning for the lost cup which was yawning in our favour. There is a lot of work to be done in you reshuffling your strike force and taking new strikers who are plenty in both the league and division one. Your defense is excellent and should be left like that for the world cup and afcon games. Patson Jaure, Erick Chipeta and Hardlife Zvirekwi; these men are just super way above all the foreign based players. @ Mandi, the referee was very fair. Look at your shortcomings before pointing fingers to others. Our coach was pompous for nothing by not paying hid to the vital advice which would catapult him to the apex of Africa. I rest my case.

  15. @zvakaoma–“fielding incompetent Dynamos stikers” Very interesting nee. Donald Ngoma, Nelson Mazivisa & Simba Sithole (how mine) are all DEMBARE stikers. you exactly know much about Zimsoccer. Pliz may you do yourself a great favour nekubvisa godo neruvengo kuDynamos .

  16. Well done guys. Now I know we can do better without most of these foreign based players judging from the performance by the boys at home. Thanks to the ministry for injecting a little bit of cash but honestly you can go farther than that. At least we have an achievement to talk about as Zimbabweans for the rest of the year meanwhile idzi dzaana Air Zimbabwe dzichigadziriswa.Batai munhu!

  17. Thanks Warriors for your brave effort. For a brief period you made us proud to be called Zimbabweans in the region but we urgently need at least two proper strikers – 3 goals in 5 games is not good enough!

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