NewsDay apologises to Tino Katsande


Our article Tinopona Katsande reveals infertility (NewsDay, January 15,
2014) referred to the subject as “Battered television and radio personality”.

Our readers strongly feel the use of the word “battered” to describe Ms
Katsande was judgemental and demeaned her personality.

With the benefit of hindsight, we agree and we have spoken to Tino to unreservedly apologise to her.

By this note, we apologise to Tino and all our readers who were justifiably offended by our story.

We would like to thank our readers for pointing to us our error.


  1. I am confused..Her image has certainly taken a battering. Anyway why make an angel out of someone who makes a sex tape promopting unprotected sex in this day and age??? I benzi and until she comes out gunz blazing to speak against unprotected sex hazvina basa kuti anoendesa zvana zvingani kumaoperation ku south africa vaakaurayisa nekuita sex tape vakawandisa.

  2. sex tape yaakaitira mubedroom make ndoopachena here, iwe unoti ….zvana zvingani…..wat have u done to make a difference in yo society? Tino’s not an angel she is human like all we r with our gross’n dark secrets which if they were to be exposed it would be a shochwave! Thanks ND for ethical journalism!

    • All the same even if i have skeletons in my wardrobe, why should i hang that in public. Zve sex tape yake was her undoing. Her image is battered finish. ND’s apology is welcome gesture, but which ever way she is battered not because of the ND report but her on indiscretions

  3. thank you newsday,shez human after all her troubles n the English was kinda harsh.
    I see a lot of hypocrisy pano,pple rush to accuse tinopona coz of her mistakes which wer made public asi vachiita masmallhouse kuside,nevakadzi vevanhu vachinyengesa fut kuside.
    the lady has learnt a lesson,moved on n is doin great work asi isu tongoti shishita in judging her.
    “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  4. This woman is battered cos she was battered by her boyfriend, she pretends to have changed but she did a sex tape ine unprotected sex cos she wanted to b as famous as pokelo shame on u!

  5. If all media houses are like you, apologizing because of your news readers concern not the offended surely the so called polarization of our media can stop by a click of the baton.

  6. the damage has already been done and frankly it really doesnt matter whether you issue a retraction or not she really messed up anyway kwaaaaaaaa

  7. my point exactly,we majoring on the minor.
    zvikuru zvinoitwa nemunhu zvakanaka we don notice.very few ain’t doin sex outa marriage,even majudge chaiwo,point is piks haven’t leaked chete.
    Newsday did right there.

  8. Hazvibetseri kugeza mhungu neOmo uchiti ichachinja ruvara kuita chena zviito zvemunhu ndizvo zvinochenesa munhu asi munhu akaita hwemadonkey eMukaranga Jacob naMheri anongoitira zvivi zvawo nepaChibhora pazere maSabhuku , anaMbuyawasha naMadzishe unoti ungakudziwa nani . Tino ngaachinje maitiro ake apinde muJerusarema idzva anoona zvichiita nyangwe mwana Musiki anomupa

  9. Are you a tabloid..?What is News worthy about someone’s infertility?How does that story add value to the life of anyone reading it?

  10. we all do sex tapes at some point in time but we are lucky they haven’t been published. if yours was to be published unonzwawo seyi. Lets not judge her over a sex tape which was leaked ne munhu aidawo kumukawurisa.

  11. Sum people so? Nanga nanga naTino, are you not having unprotected sex yourselves? Who said in this day and age hakuitwe unprotected sex? Wat if they’ve been tested and they know their statuses? And who told u that she hasn’t learned from her mistakes? Who amongst us is perfect, asati amboita mistake. Imi pamunenge makavharirana nevamunodanana navo munenge muchitiitirei? Saka umwe wako akasvinuka coz wamuramba ofumura zvamaiita imhosva? So should 1 stay in an abusive relationship kusvika afa achitya negative publicity? To Tino i say i’m sorry abt yo condition, keep the faith, God is faithful. I knw u’ve given hope to someone. Don’t mind these haters, they are also doing the unimaginable, kungoti vanhuwo saka pasina ari intrested nekuzvipublisha.

  12. there’s no reason of giving an apology, this woman is a wreck. terrible image kunge munhu asina kuberekwa an outlaw in the society publishing her sex tape what an idy this woman is, a bad character..

  13. saka ma fans ake aida kuti musati battered instead muti PORN-STAR here
    those who sympathise with her image are mentally less fortunate

  14. thank you very much we all have skeletons n our wardrobe and we dont want them to be exposed and being labeled against our past

  15. most readers are not good in English language to the extent that your use of the term “Battered or Buttered or Bated television and radio personality” would not make any difference to them or anyone else for that matter,inindava uchikumbira ruregerero netunyaya twakadhakwa uchitadza kukumbira ruregerero kuvagari vekuChitungwiza vaunoti ma illegal structures

  16. There was no need to apologise hanti akazorwa butter tichiona tese saka she is “Buttered” akaitwa zora butter

  17. from a journalistic perspective, i say well done NewsDay for admitting that you made a mistake as well as making amends by publicly apologizing to the victim. indeed it takes great courage and humility to admit a mistake, let alone apologize publicly. hope other media houses in Zimbabwe take a cue from this and emulate this excellent ethic of jouralism…

  18. No apology required here,hapana chakanaka chekurumbidza apa,what the hell was that,u call that sex, no wonder she got fired.

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