NCA members ditch Madhuku


THE Lovemore Madhuku-led National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), which transformed into a political party four months ago suffered a major knock yesterday after two key members resigned citing irreconcilable policy differences with the party’s senior management.

Senior Parliamentary Reporter

Announcing their departure yesterday, information director Blessing Vava and Takura Zhangazha accused the party’s top leadership of subverting the interests of its members and operating without clear structures and policies.

Zhangazha, the former executive director of the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe was still an ordinary member of the party.

Vava said the decision by the party’s top leadership to participate in the just-ended council by-elections before adoption of a clear strategy was the last straw that broke their ties with the party.

“I can confirm that I have resigned from the NCA because we failed to agree concerning a number of issues to do with the by-elections,” said Vava.

“I was of the view that before participating in elections we have to go to congress and map out good policies and structures and engage in debate around the party’s name before participating in the by-elections as opposed to participating without an agenda of what exactly we wanted to do for the people,” he said.

The NCA participated in some of the by-elections that took place over the weekend whose results are yet to be announced.

Zhangazha, who at the time was still an ordinary party member, also said his departure had to do with issues about participation in the by-elections.

“I was also opposed to participation in elections without going to congress and without alternative policies and frameworks to be considered,” said Zhangazha who recently quit the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe amid reports that he was eyeing a top post at the NCA.

“That is basically impolitic of the NCA and it is a result of failure to understand the importance of different projects in politics. We needed a people-centred approach and less of electioneering. We needed alternatives for the public to consider when measuring potential leaders.

“The NCA’s current leadership has also fallen into the trap of seeking power for its own sake and as a result has failed to demonstrate and to bring in a different culture in our politics. Just like the people in the MDCs and Zanu PF they (NCA) just want to be councillors and MPs without clear strategies. That is just shallow politics,” Zhangazha said.

The two said they were now going to concentrate on working with the Committee of the People’s Charter which is a movement formed to articulate issues of national economic, political and social welfare, looking at issues like constitutional reform, gender reform, and the political environment.

However, NCA spokesperson Madock Chivasa yesterday professed ignorance of the pair’s resignations saying they had not formally communicated their decision to the party.

“We (party) are not aware of their resignations because they did not communicate that formally to us. However, as a party we believe we will always get people joining us and others leaving us,” said Chivasa.


    • @general -Good comment indeed… but then you have to come to terms with the fact that this outfit has become famous through out the land for getting it spectacularly wrong all over the land. Its almost like they have some WARRANTY or exclusive rights to ‘getting it’ wrong. They should make it their slogan. I have read elsewhere one writer who feels so strongly that this is the best move young Vava has made..and his star can only rise. He deserves to be right at the front line spear heading change to the way we do our politics..he has all the ingredients all he needs is a proper home! As for Takura, I have little to say, he appears to be falling all over the place..we will comment when we see where he is headed. Does he even know? Anyway this looks like some step in some direction..question is where?

    • Cry the beloved country. Our politicians are a hopeless lot. They just want to line their pockets. This is a clear legacy bequethed to us by none other than the commander in chief, RGM.

  1. with tsvangirai as president mdc will never die.zimbabwe hs never had such an orderly n well managed opposition party like th mdc.tsvangirai is a big man with a loud bark.ana zhangazha nanaVava nanamangoma musafunga kuti opposition politics dzemuzimbabwe inyore.u will never survive madhuku in ths our condition.there is only one person who hs n is still managing it, mr SAVE

  2. How old is MDC and what was Zanu saying over the years,to be part of unity government means MDC is a step in the right direction ,come 2018 we shall see.NCA is just like any political party let them do their things and if people want them it is fine. its formation is also health for Zimbabwe’s politics which was dominated by a decaying Zanu PF.How can a normal organization be led by one old madala for 34 years it shows that there are cowards in that party like the Jonatis…..

  3. surely,how can a party go fo elections without a manifesto?? Vava n Zhangazha mayb opportunists in their political careers bt on ths one they mayb right. Therez need fo clear cut policies on war u r prepared to do fo the people and nt to ride on luck. It doesnt work,ask Biti. He knows the folly of using pple’s anger as a launch pad to politics. Wth time pple wil stop n think n discover yo treachery n u r history. Chivasa u must learn to accept when u r wrong. Going fo elections was a bad move from the start.

  4. hakuna president ve party vanemusoro wakadaro.madhuku ngaaende kunoitwa PANEL BEATING YE MUSORO wake uite correct ozogona kufunga kwazvo.opposition in Zimbabwe is not CHEAP can ask my black president SAVE.

  5. Its evrey citizen right to form or join parties of their choosing.hapana bato rakauyaakatakura humambo.Viva NCA!!!!!

  6. Vava, a highly over ambitious young man. With the way Zimbos love power, just watch this space, it’s just a matter of time before we hear that the young man has formed a party. That’s our biggest weakness us Zimbos, instead of dealing with challenges and resolving them from within, we would rather pull out and start something new where we are at the top, in control. It’s like that’s what all matters.

  7. Hongu manifesto yaifanira kutanga yavepo asika things are not always done the same popular way. What if NCA party wins, will there be such quiris? A:a:a Zhangazha, kwauri kuenda uri kukuona here kana kuti uri kungoita chibhondera? As for Vava, I have no comment.

  8. madhuku haana kukwana anofunga anoenda kupi ipapa hona welshman ncube na kisnote mukwezhe vangoti zii kuita sevasiko hatidi vanhu vanozo dududza ka

  9. Some people form parties with the hope that people will just blindly follow them.Zimbos want a fair chance they were denied on 31 July and thier leader is there to lead them without forming another party.

  10. @Gulaz wandipedza. Kwakakakakaka!! Tiri vana vadiki vanhu vakaita saMadhuku taiti vane misoro inenge kotapeya (avocado pear)! Lol

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