Mugabe ‘old goat’ charges thrown out


A BULAWAYO MDC-T provincial executive member was on Friday acquitted of charges of insulting President Robert Mugabe at a burial in November last year.


Tsepiso Mpofu, MDC-T Bulawayo provincial organising secretary, was nabbed for allegedly saying “Mugabe is an old goat who has destroyed the economy.”

Zanu PF supporters attending a separate burial ceremony nearby allegedly overhead Mpofu insulting Mugabe and reported her to the police leading to her arrest and detention at Mzilikazi Police Station.

Mpofu, who was out of custody on free bail, faced charges of violating Section 33 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act for publicly undermining Mugabe.

Lawyer Kossam Ncube of Ncube and Partners said the State on Friday withdrew the Mugabe insult charges against Mpofu due to lack of evidence.

Mpofu told Southern Eye yesterday that she was elated with the withdrawal of the charges saying she had no case to answer in the first place.

“The case against me was always going to collapse because it was cooked up.

“It was just a waste of my time. I am, however, happy about this development,” Mpofu said.

Mpofu is one of the many Zimbabweans who have been arrested and dragged to the Courts for either “insulting” Mugabe or undermining his authority.

Last year Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) said it was worried by the rate at which State security agents were arresting citizens on charges of insulting Mugabe.

The Constitutional Court late last year made a landmark ruling saying some sections of the Criminal, Law (Codification and Reform) Act were unconstitutional.


  1. This law is unconstitutional as it gives Mugabe the licence to rubbish other people, and he does that at any given opportunity. All people are equal so lets not deify presidents because they are fallible.

  2. No matter how zanu pf might have wanted their old goat to grow young the veteran ruler is weak now thats y kachibva karara hako mumaspecial meeting.Zimbabweans this is our only hope to be loosened from the old goat’s kane nharo aka kari kucloka 100 aka.mark my words zimbabweans

  3. hazvisungise izvo.saka iye paanotuka vamwe achiti zvitoto akasungwa nani…musanyepere vanhu…. nhunzi haidhote huchi. it’s fact.

  4. Law doesn’t have a face; mugabe is a public figure and everyone is entitled to their opinions of him. He is always bad mouthing those who oppose him and those in support of opposition with strong terms that no sane individual can repeat. all he has achieved in his old age is teaching hate speech and now that he gets his own medicine you arrest the citizens. next time he bad mouths any one he must also be send to prison.

    • @ mentor are you trying to sell something,there is nothing much about the old goat on the link you mentioned.

  5. I have always thot that piece of legislation is barbaric – insulting the person of the president. You see, it’s your word against mine and the evidence is hard to come by. In any case, anything about the president can be construed as an “insult”. Just hack it off mhan1

    On a second note, vakuru vanotukirwei? Siyanai naMugabe just let your voice beheard in the ballot!

  6. ‘charges thrown out’

    The law in Zimbabwe works; seeing how all these cases have been thrown out why aren’t the victims suing?

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