Mugabe in legal bid for luxury home


HONG KONG — President Robert Mugabe has launched a lawsuit to claim ownership of a Hong Kong luxury home that was reportedly bought by a middleman for use by his daughter, Bona, while at university on the territory.

By Austin Chiu

When the deal was revealed in 2009, Mugabe denied owning the property, insisting he had only rented the home for use by Bona while she completed her undergraduate studies.

“We are paying rent. After they finish we will have nothing to do with that property at all,” Mugabe said at the time. He added: “What do I do with a house in Hong Kong, really? We just want accommodation for our daughter and her friends.”

The veteran leader insisted he did not own any other properties outside of Zimbabwe.

“This is not the first time I have been given a home. Last time they gave me a home in Scotland and another one in Malaysia,” he said.

However, according to Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, in a High Court writ, the Zimbabwe government, led by Mugabe, is now suing local businessman Hsieh Ping-sung and a company, Cross Global.

Media reports in 2009 claimed Mugabe splashed out HK$40 million in June 2008 for the three-storey home at JC Castle, an upmarket development along Shan Tong Road developed by Albert Yeung Sau-shing’s Emperor Group and named after action star Jackie Chan. It was suggested that the house was bought through Hsieh, who was acting on behalf of the Mugabes, months before their daughter began studies at the University of Hong Kong.

Hsieh was said to have used a company to buy the property with the Mugabes holding a controlling interest in the house.

Hsieh was the sole shareholder of Cross Global in 2010, Companies Registry filings show. On January 29, 2010, Cross Global sold the house to Hsieh for about $5 million – the same price at which it bought the house in 2008 – Land Registry records show.

In the writ, the Zimbabwean government says Cross Global is holding the property for it in trust.

It is asking the court to declare it has a “100% beneficial interest” in the property and to order Cross Global and Hsieh to transfer the property to it. It also wants the court to void the 2010 transfer of the property between Cross Global and Hsieh. Filings show Hsieh on June 29, 2010, transferred all his shares in Cross Global to Johan Carel Nel, a South African national.


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  2. A country with scandals left, right & centre. From the president right down to the street kid is just corruption through & through. No wonder why the country is DEAD! Jonathan Moyo for MDC-T president!

  3. HKD $40 million is equivalent to USD $ 5 million. Where did uncle Bob get that kind of money from? Please declare your source of income in the next 24 hours, Bob!

  4. The report seems confused. It talks about the Mugabes claiming ownership on one hand and the Gvt of Zimbabwe claiming owneship of the same property. I suppose the President and the Gvt he leads are separate legal personas

    • The report is not confused. If the govt indeed owned or bought the property, why would they use Hsieh as a middleman? The house was registered in Hsieh’s name at the time of purchase, why would the govt of Zim want to do that? Mugabe is trying to be clever by using the govt in court to claim the property but those who have been following the story know that it is Mugabe’s house. This is the same Mugabe who is supposed to be the principled revolutionary who will cleanse Zim of corruption before he retires. Well we know better.

  5. ‘MDC,BRITIAN,AMERICA and their allies are causing the suffering of my people because of their stance on santions’yet he new…………………….

  6. Vana Bob imbavha idzi. Unoti kurambira pachigaro kuda kuita serve the people? Kuda kuba more and more! shuwa kupikira chimbavha even at 90 years?

    • I totally agree with u CrimeScene.The Gushungo Goblin has been violently&fraudulently clinging to Power since the 1990.MURUME UYU IMBAVHA /MHONDI!.He continues to treat Zim like his fiefdom.He is the only known CEO in the world who gets away with looting&sleeping on the JOB.


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  9. then you blame sanctions for crippling our economy when you and your cronies are the cause of this. you must be very ashamed. you are a disgrace.

  10. I felt sickness coming upon me when I read this article. We are told the President earns $1,750 (£1,137) a month which translates to $21,000 (£13,815) pa. How then does this man afford to pay for a $5million for private home? Is there private enterprise the President runs? Or we are to believe that the farms he “invaded” have become so successful he became a master farmer and is making millions to be buy for CASH such luxuries. One wonders if it’s the case why does this man insist on holding office of a very demanding job with such a low salary in his advanced years if he had such wealth? This makes CASHBERT look like a saint.

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    Pasi hapana zororo.

    All these guys stealing emulate the President

  12. Ya!!!the sins of our fathers. I am glad at times my father never lived to see the rot that is playing out in our beloved country. All those years spent in the Bush, Zambia and Tanzania away from his wife and children for this? The man was to so patriotic he would have gone insane today. As for his brother who died in the war whom we never got the chance to meet. I am saddened even more your life was cut short you never had children that we know of. Your sacrifice was in vain. Never to be forgotten in this life

  13. Hongkong laws stipulate that 51% is for locals about HK$20.4 is for the Hongkongees. Pay Capital Gains Tax , V.A.T and Hsieh his commission and repatriate the difference to our sovereign fund and shutup.

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