Mugabe bares family secrets


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday disclosed that he was left to take charge of the Mugabe family at a tender age after his father abandoned the family in Zvimba communal areas and settled in Bulawayo.


Mugabe said this during the burial of his late sister Bridgette in Zvimba.

He said the death of his elder brothers, Michael and Raphael, naturally thrust him into the leadership position and forced him to take charge of all family affairs following his father’s departure.

Mugabe, who appeared fit and lively during his one-hour-plus eulogy, said his father could not stomach the death of Michael due to food poisoning and decided to go to Bulawayo where he was to stay for a decade before he passed on.

“Michael was born in 1919 and Raphael in 1922. I played together with Michael until 1934 when he died of poisoning. Raphael died when he was only six months so I could not see him. Donato also

died then Sabina, now Bridgette. That was Mbuya Bona’s family,” Mugabe said.

“Michael and Raphael passed on, so I became the first born. After the poisoning, my father was not happy and said there was something wrong at our home before going to Bulawayo in 1934.

“Bulawayo was fine, actually better than Harare in terms of social life. So most of the young men from different areas preferred to go to work in Bulawayo. I was not happy after he had taken his time to come back home and wrote a letter to him expressing my displeasure,” Mugabe said.

He said he then decided to trace him to Bulawayo in 1943 and went to Makokoba were one of his uncles was staying.

“There was a good life in Bulawayo with beautiful Ndebele girls and our father had taken one. He was a carpenter in Nyamandlovu and had married a beautiful lady,” Mugabe said.

He said his father had two other children David and Albert in Tsholotsho.

“I was well treated when I went to see him, but little did I know then that my father was unwell.”

He added that he was told of the death of his father who had returned to Zvimba, while coming from his teaching job.

“He had transported all his cattle and other things from Matabeleland by train. He came with three children, his in-laws and I said: ‘God I am only 21, but I have such a big family, including the one my father had brought. We set down with my mother and she said there was no problem in looking after her husband’s children and from then, we have remained united as a family,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe described Bridgette as a “man-woman” who would at times fight like a man, adding that his late sister was an academic, while Sabina was practically oriented.

“Sabina was practical, while she was an academic, more ideas and ideas. In the end, we had a Sabina who was self-reliant and a Bridgette who was more reliant on the brother as I was staying with her at State House.

“Out of her works, Sabina bought a house, while Bridgette would say she did not have money. That’s why I said our education should have the psychomotor element. If you get education and that education does not have skills, that education is hollow,” Mugabe said.

He said he visited Bridgette at least every week since she was hospitalised three years ago until he received a call from a Doctor Matenga announcing her death over the weekend.


  1. My deepest sympathy to you my President. I hope and pray that you will stay strong and remember that there are some of us who are sympathizing with you during this time. Hongu masara mega mu mhuri ya ambuya Mugabe asi vamwe tinemi mukuchema. I am proud of you and I salute you.

  2. “That was mbuya Bona’s family” his late mother’s name. Why can’t he mention his late father’s name?. I suspect he don’t know his father or he’s not Zimbabwean. Something fish.

  3. Baba Jukwa is full of lies and just a silly opportunist…here you see Mugabe is alive and well.We thank the Lord that he is sustaining the life of our Leader.God bless you Gushungo !

  4. My deepest sympathy to you my president my hero and my mentor. You are here on our planet for a reason especially in my beautiful country zimbabwe. You are my genuine president your loss is mine long live my president.

  5. Deepest sympathy for the loss of his sister…but.ko nyika yedu yave mamvemve,ari kuti kudii nazvo.His family is not the only family in Zimbabwe…..!!

  6. my deepest symphathy to u mr president, ruft ndimabvongonyodze bt it also becomes a learning platform for us. The role of bringing the family together which u played inspires me a lot, all this means is that wn God blesses u He does it on behalf of the other family members, so thd blessed always remember that he/she’s the Moses of that particular family thus shld play the role of leading thm out of their Egypt, i salute u fr that role mr Bigman

  7. Condolences to the President and his family on the sad loss.This also shames all those who were speculating over his death.May the Almighty bless you and give you more years to live and rule Zimbabwe.

  8. Am touched,i know how difficult it is to lead a family at a tender age,it is so painful,very sorry President Mugabe.

    I know you had to endure very difficult times,so sorry indeed.May the God of Mercy vakunyaradzei panguva ino.

  9. I believe Cde President u were indeed prepared for this role of leading this nation starting with your family at a tender age. I believe everything happens for a reason. Thanks for all that you do my great one

  10. @ Trymore the secret talked about z y not mention his Fathers name lyk wat he did to his Brothers, Sisters and his Mom, Wat was his Fathers name????? Also its radiculars to compare him with Moses. Yes, we accept he took the responsibilities of the family as a boy who was left alone in the family. Its different frm the role played by Moses. Moses was sent by God to lead the Nation. Sorry 4 that.

    • Kuti RGM ndokuti MOSES we AFRIKA….Kuti Matibili nekuti Mugabe zvakangofanana,,,,RIP Bridget,,,LONG LIFE GUSHUNGO,,,,

      • Ndokurwara uku baba sorry zvenyu, bt if you go ku Parerenyatwa or Gomo hosp I believe there is a psychiatric department there and they will surely help you Sir!

  11. Tsvangiruza and BABA JUKWA were shocked by the fact that Cde Mugabe was alive! Morgan abandoned or postponed his planned press conference for fear that any press report on the MDCT leader was going to be overshadowed by Cde Mugabe`s “resurrection“! If Morgan had tried to attend the Mugabe family funeral , journalists were most likey going to ask him why he was not accompanied by his“reconciled “ wife , RUZAPETA!

  12. Madyira, correction, there is only one Arch-angel who is Michael or Jesus’ heavenly name. It appears always in the plural in the bible with a definite article ‘the’ meaning one. See Revelation 12; Jude 9 and 1 Thessalonians 4:16. ‘Michael and ‘his’ angels batteled.’ this proves he is the chief angel or ‘arch’ angel. Just as in one Arch-bishop or Arch-duke. Only 2 angels are named in the bible, Michael and Gabriel. Where are you getting this angel Raphael? Stick to the facts and don’t twist the scriptures where convenient

  13. I have no pity for murderers. Feel it! Your loss is our happiness! Wakauraya hama dzedu dzakawanda tikabaiwa nekuchema! Iwe uri kutevera manje manje huye tichafara…make no mistake about that!

    • Saka iwe ndiwe Mwari here unoziva kuti iye arikutevera b4 yu????Tinogona kungopembera futi watanga iwe,,,,,PASI NEWE NEHAMA DZAKO NEMBWA DZENYU!!!!!NXAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    • Tongogara fyi, hapana asingafe asi kana iri nguva yekunyaradzana inguva yekunyaradzana. Kana iwe unogona kufa iye wauri kuti achatevera akasara ari mupenyu. Be human there is no one in our culture who celebrates the death of another.

  14. You were born a leader Cde R.G Mugabe.I remember the verse that says charity begins at home.Its a good thing to take care of your family first before doing some wonders to other people.

  15. condolenses to Mugabe family and nation at large following a said loss of our aunt and sister to his excellency and beloved president surely may her soul rest in eternal peace !

  16. Its so hrd to loss some 1 bt as fr u mr its gud bcz what u did in 2 008 ws not gud. U killed many people so is btr for u to safer invn u to die to. In addition to dat Mr Matibili u dnt cr abt us as a nation cn u change frm dat Mr President

  17. @happiness,its you who is a silly opportunist babajukwa said Mugabe has collapsed not dead,usaita se waka dzidza chikoro chavakuru kwaZvimba,ngwara mufana

  18. That your father abandoned his family and left in charge surely made you a bitter man. Please dont take your bitterness to all of us.

  19. tongogara remember your destiny is in God’s hands and your wicked mind is against God, proverbs 24:17,18

    • and killing our relatives are in God’s hands? we have been pained by this guy for a long time. Some of us have relatives who cant have IDs because their parents were butchered by this guy. I repeat, his sadness is my happiness. I make no apology. Ane ropa revanhu vakawandisa mumaoko ak, incl raCde Tongo. I have no pity to waste on this chikwambo!

  20. than you Mr Nyokanhete. Vers inoti ‘Charity begins at home’ inowanikwa papi mubible or Quoran or Talmud to be generous. Search for it on google. It’s a spurious scripture not found inm the holy writings. Ity’s a british proverb and you know how we feel about the british, right?

  21. The deeds of great men are remembered mostly when they are gone,never in their lifetime.Sometimes they reviled for their despotic(which by the way gets things done) nature in their lifetime,but generations that live after give praise to their vision.Very sorry for your loss your excellency.

  22. Thanks Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr/Rev/Cde Nyokanhete. Verse inoti ‘Charity begins at home’ inowanikwa papi mubible or Quoran or Talmud to be generous? Search for it on google. It’s a spurious scripture not found in the holy writings. It’s, in fact, a british proverb and you know how we feel about the British, right?

  23. My deepest sympathy to the president’s family, my family is with you during this tym of bereavement as pple utter bad words against you, my love for you keeps on growing. May god bless you and give you 100 more years GOD loves you. No questions on that this country needs you no matter what pple say, we badly need you more than in 1985

  24. My deepest sympathy to the president’s family, my family is with you during this tym of bereavement as pple utter bad words against you, my love for you keeps on growing. May god bless you and give you 100 more years GOD loves you. No questions on that this country needs you no matter what pple say, we badly need you more than in 1985.

  25. My deepest sympathy to you Mr President. I pray that The Lord may strengthen you and give you good health in these times.

  26. Your sob story Mugabe is of no consequence and is no excuse for the despicable thing that you are! WE DO NOT CARE!

  27. My condolences my President. He was 21 when his father died and he took over the burden of bringing up the family, now I don’t know ow old Tonderai Ndira’s kid is, how old Chimnya’s son or daughter is they were left to fend for themselves to preserve this poverty we have in the country. Love thy neighbour as you do yourself, if we do that we may not kill others so that their children become fatherless it is painful to take over the father’s duties at a tender age.

  28. its a pity that quite a number of Zimbabweans are quick to call Mugabe murderer without evidence. Cheap opposition politics has poisoned minds to the extent that pple do no sit down to think. To the Editor,this was a poor story since no secrets were said by Mugabe. We dont want recycled stories…

  29. Now i understand why you hate Bulawayo so much to such an extent that you have Screwed the Beautiful city big time, You father Ran away from Maswina land coz there was no life there and you still have revenge, All you r family is dead i wonder who is next,, Ogh Shit you the Only one left …. Tik Tok Tik Tik Tok….

  30. Stuff tht great leaders are made of. Kwete ana Morgan ana mai vanonyima vamwe mvura yechibhotani. Vakadzi mutorododo . Hamba teaboy

  31. I am touched by the growth of our people. we are now humans vaneUNHU . To the president chemai netariro. God will bless you more. We are touched by your committment both to the country and families. Nematambudziko.

    Long Live President

    True Hero

  32. Ndivana Matibili vafana vacho na Chihuri. Vakazopiwa mazita mamwe to confuse the rhodesian govt. but mucha mama coz makupera manje! Kwasara iwe bob , cant wait for your funeral! Ifa iwe, ifa iwe nhasi chaiko!

  33. One thing comes out clear here: the colonial environment that mr president alludes to in his speech was economically sound; his teacher’s salary could sustain such a big family, his father, with his carpenter’s earnings, brought home a herd of cattle despite enjoying a good life in Makokoba!Today a teacher under your goverment mr president, cant afford to take care of his single needs, let alone dependants!You must be ashamed of yourself Sir.

  34. Mtape go to hell. Condelences Mr President but juss a thot, Ndira’s kid is now many years after his father was horrificly killed by your Thugs? Way before 21 years. Tese takangotizwa nanaBaba vakangodzokawo vachifa vane vamwe vana but hatidzosere nekurambirira kubva paChigaro uye nekuuraya Bulawayo. if you really feel the pain ask Tongogara’s kids, Ndira’s Kids, lovemore Jongwe’s kids kuti varikudzwa sei nezvamakaita. Honestly i don feel any pity for murderers!

  35. Mugabe is Zezuru, those who that think he is Malawian are idiots of the highest order. We Zezurus will rule in every sector of Zim, Chiyangwa businessman, Mapfumo musically and vaMugabe politically.

    • how can he be muzezuru ana baba vakabva ku laweni. how ca he be a gushungo at all? ku laweni hakuna vana gushungo

  36. Now we know why you do not like matebeles it is bcoz you are revenging on behalf your mother whose husband was taken by a woman from there.But you see a real man must not involve himself with woman sguables over a man .

  37. @Parapinda, what evidence are you talking about? Your king Robert Matibili authorised the training of the 5th brigade by the North Noreans to butcher Zimbabweans.

  38. Being born in zwezuru area does not make one a zwezuru, a Malawian can be born in zvimba.To say the true from 1980 i have never heard lobati mention his father ‘s name only to say ndopika namai ba ngu every time .

    • I am white British ancestry born in Zvimba! Am I white Zezuru? Black people born in UK are British/speak British/act British/treated British/own property etc

  39. May gogo Bridgett’s soul rest in peace.And thank you Gushungo for sharing your family secret with us,but there is one more secret that you still have share with the is about when you’re going to hand over the state house keys to mai Mujuru before she is too old to run the country’s business. Gushungo, Please step down and allow Mai Mujuru to take us forward.The people of Zimbabwe really appreciate what you have done for the nation ever since you joined Zpf but honestly speaking you have overstayed your welcome.You MUST RETIRE,and now is the time.

  40. There’s nothing new that has been reported here that we don’t already know. What is being reported here are things which have been repeated over and over again over the years. Who doesn’t know Mugabe’s father abandoned the family home and went to live in Bulawayo? The real secret that hasn’t is not published is how the white settlers mothered Mugabe after his father had abandoned the family home: how the settlers had paid all the school fees for Mugabe! That is the spicey bit which is important to us.

    • Saka iye inogoti mabhunu akaipa seyi iye akabhadharirwa mari yechikoro ne mabhunu acho? Uyu munhu anorwara. Kufurira vana vevamwe kuti mabhunu akaipa iye aipinzwa chikoro ne mabhunu acho. Aidiyi kuramba mari yema bhunu kana aiziva kuti vakaipa? Hypocrite yemunhu. Kuchenjera zvisina basa rese.

  41. Baba va Mugabe vainzi Ralph Matibili. Oh ndazvitaura futi futi kana vane nharo ngavataure ve Robert Gabriel Mugabe Matibili kasekuru kekuMalawi

    • Unonyepa. Do you think if Mugabe was Malawian he would be ashamed of that. I have friends from Malawi who have become Zimbabweans by birth but still proud of their country of origin.

  42. Mugabe himself has never denied that he is of Malawian origin . He can not be proud of being Malawian becoz his father a malawian abandoned his mother and family. But all in all Mugabe ‘s father was a Malawian carpenter who was brought by missionaries to do some carpentry at the mission remember at one time malawi , zambia and zimbabwe formed one country.

  43. God give u peace Mr Mugabe…….even though you have denied others the same. God is the final judge………… Many Zimbabweans are paying for the sins of supporting you, your ideologies & your political strategies. In all this you were not wrong…..but those around you have failed you. Mawira mugomba nenyika yese……… But God is love. If you seek him with all you have……. he will forgive you………

  44. ” If you get education and that education does not have skills, that education is hollow,” Mugabe said.


  45. I believe in majority rule. I also believe any person has the right to be a politician if the person chooses to be a politician. But I strongly detest the shameless lies used by the politicians to get into power which is why I never want to be a politician. I cannot see myself standing in front of crowds, lying through my teeth and keeping a straight face. My parents taught me that telling the truth is best and this is what I have taught my children and grandchildren. To be a politician you have to lie at all the times to garner support from the poor who are in the majority. A politician or aspiring politician has to come up with plausible sound bites to work the gullible crowds into a patriotic frenzy. Crowds who attend political rallies are the same as those who attend church meetings – they readily believe anything they are told – they believe in miracles. I attended the first political rallies at Cyril Jennings Hall in Highfields in the 1960s addressed by the likes of Nkomo, George Nyandoro, Mark Nziramasanga, Silundika, Mugabe, Leopold Takawira and others. There was always violence after these rallies after people had been worked into frenzies.
    At the unveiling of Nkomo’s statue in Bulawayo recently Mugabe cited what he called “the suffering of our people caused by our enemies” during colonialism. That, I am afraid, is not true. Mugabe didn’t say what the people were suffering from. The suffering his family went through was not because of colonialism, but was caused by his father who abandoned the family and the colonialists paid his school fees instead. His parents were poor – all blacks were poor – this was not the whites‘ fault. He doesn’t mention that the white settlers paid for his schooling in his speeches because this is not what the ordinary people want to hear.

  46. The whole story above,makes a lovely reading ….Condolences,indeed!Only remember that Jesus Christ Loves and Cares about you and knows best how u feel as u go down the memory lane and recall about all that have gone to be with the Lord…

  47. Every leader is from God and God is not confused to put someone to take authority. He knows whats best for u. what man thinks is not what God thinks. I think that God has Zimbabwe @ heart so why being troubled as a nation. My prayer is Zimbabweans must unite so that God will pour out his blessings coz thats what the bible tells us to do. Psalms 133. ‘How good & pleasant it is when people dwell in unity………it is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows his blessings, even life forevermore.’

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