Mthwakazi wants out of Zimbabwe

ANOTHER secessionist party was launched in Bulawayo on Saturday, promising to push for the “independence” of the south western parts of the country within two years.


The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) joins parties such as the Matebeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) led by Paul Siwela, Patriotic Union of Matebeleland fronted by former Bulawayo councillor Wilson Bacinyane and the Matebeleland Liberation Front (MLF) led by Zimbabweans exiled in South Africa.

MRP, led by vocal activist Mqondisi Moyo — like other secessionist parties that have sprouted in the past few years — says it wants Matabeleland and Midlands provinces to come together and form a Mthwakazi Republic.

The parties claim the two provinces were made part of the Zimbabwe state by the colonial government without the consent of the inhabitants.

MRP claimed its motivation to secede comes from the fact that Zimbabwe is now “a failed State” and the other reason is the alleged segregation of the people of Matabeleland and Midlands.

“Just as it was when King Mzilikazi arrived in this land around 1821, now 33 years after independence from British rule, Zimbabwe is at a place where it has become a failed state,” Moyo told journalists at the official launch of the party at a city church.

“There is no justifiable reason for the people of Mthawakazi to be part of this State called Zimbabwe,” he added.

“When the Republic of Zimbabwe was constructed, we as the people were never approached to opt to be included in this State.

“Judging by how we were treated after the days of colonial rule in the State of Zimbabwe, it is clear that we are not welcome in the State structures of the people of Zimbabwe.”

Moyo claimed people from the region were excluded by Zimbabwe’s education, economic and agricultural policies and were also denied employment opportunities.
“The most difficult thing to find is a sector where we are included and treated as equal citizens,” he claimed.

He said the party was not tribal and would not seek to push out anyone wishing to remain the in state they want to create.

Moyo said MRP also wanted to rebury all victims of the Gukurahundi massacres in Matabeleland and Midlands and push for a national holiday to honour them.

He warned the government to take them seriously, but insisted that the party would use peaceful means to push its agenda.

Moyo said a committee of elders would be set up to “negotiate with the government of Zimbabwe” and the secession should happen within the next two years.

Sithabiso Masina was introduced as the MRP vice-president and Zakhele Ndebele as the chairman.

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  1. ignorant are still dreaming.go back to south africa where you belong.zimbabwe 4 ever.mave kudziirwa madzviti bvunzai joshua nkomo anokuudzai kuti zvine makuva izvi.

    1. Mzilikazi occupied Kalanga and Tonga people land, known today as Matebeleland. I wonder what will happen to those tribes in that new republic? Do they also get their own tiny little republics as well?

  2. The Matabele people have been oppressed for a very long time. Children are taught distorted history about the Matabele uprisings against the whites and the part played by Zipra in the liberation struggle (Few know who Lookout Masuku was). Go all the way you will do it,you have done it before against a real force(whites).

  3. a dead mind seeking attention. bloody cockroach

  4. Must be a slow news day today already you have 50 of these organizations what are they gonna do different wake me up when they actually are organized . I am from midlands and no way do I wanna be part of this thing so you need to check with some of us before you pretend to represent us

  5. l dont want to be part of this kingdom.let there be referendum. dont force us like wat u allege the colonialists did

  6. some people have found an easy way to earn extra bucks by fooling some malleable people in the diaspora that there is a separate country to be created so they must contribute to this ‘worthy cause’.surely everyone knows that there is no chance of this happening in our life time.

  7. Zimbabwe should not go back to the stone age era. If people don’t know who Lookout Masuku is they should read. I am from Mutoko and I know who Lookout is. I know who Dumiso Dabengwa is. Lets not devide our people by misleading them

  8. Bhuu kutosura kuri nani

    Ndati kana mashaya zvekutaura surai tipfire musatinyangadze

  9. Mara ziyakhipha la kkkkkkk

  10. Zviroto zviroto,ngazviperere mumachira PLIZ,hazviitike zvaurikurota izvo.Chero vaMugabe vasisiri President,ndaramba.

  11. Mqondisi is a descendant of Mzilikazi.Going by his warped logic, that makes him South African. All he has to do is cross over the Limpopo. Zimbabwe is for all the descendants of Chaminuka, Mutota, Lobengula,Mzilikazi, Starr Jameson,Rhodes,Soshangane et al who consider Zimbabwe to be their home and its territorial integrity to be inviolable. Mqondisi’s project is,however, not treasonous.It is simply a fraudulent scheme designed to milk funds from the gullible.

  12. Pliz check the mental history of some of these people b4 giving them space. All the problems Zim has faced were never confined to a certain region but national. I was turned away from school eversince grade 1, sewer problems have been with us in Chitown for over a decade, some areas dont even have running water, Harare CBD is filled with potholes, etc, dont be lazy my brother, even Mzilikazi had to work for his food!!!!

  13. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Mr Editor,
    I wish to register my concern against your suppressing my comments & views on the Mthakazi issue! Zim will not allow dissidents again! Please read our new constitution and understand what Zimbabweans crafted democratically! You should have allowed readers to make their comments on my views! Lets live together peacefully!

  14. gondobwe re gono

    not in the republic of Zimbabwe,day dreamer

  15. dead brains go hang

  16. Wa phapha kao bona
    Ho tloha hona jwale ketlo buwa sesotho, ho tla bonahala

  17. moderator plz release my comments unless you are part of the oppressors.fact is continue oppressing us you hararians but mind that u dont stretch us too far.we also have hands and a time is coming when enuff wil be enuff we will battle live not kuimternet and sizobona ukuthi ubani ozonqoba.nathi siyakwazi ukudubula futhi siyazi la izibhamu zitholakala khona.akhona amazwe azosi supporta nithanda noma ningathandi.

    1. Stupid idiot.Go and do some shift at McDonalds. Uyalamba nxaaaa!!

  18. @ samutoko and v.f. Chinhema you are right. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and foreigners go back

  19. Lest you forget the original boundary is kadoma but we are going to leave it,the boundary we will put in queque.these are the original boundaries and those that dispute this must ask their fathers before they die.ask the likes of mugabe they will tell you.the Lalapansi you are talking about you dont even know how and why it was called lalaphasnsi,it was our forefathers who were doing battle fighting the whitemen’s bullets but zanu does not tell you this.iyeza impi bafethu whether niyathanda or anithandi.fix this peacefully or kuyaliwa.why nisithatha kancane?sekwanele manje.nasijuma ngo1983 namqila umdala uNkomo nathi makabeke izikhali how do u cheat someone into disarming and then when you know he is no longer armed u attack then you claim glory from kiling unarmed defenceless citizens.kusazonyiwa la

    1. When you invaded the that land had people whom you also oppressed. The invaders cannot claim ownership and destiny of the land they own not.

    2. Your forefathers were fighting the british because they were all competing to dominate and steal from the indigenous people .If you ask your forefathers, they will tell you that they came from KwaZulu Natal running away from Tshaka. But when they crossed the Limpopo river,they found a beautiful land and decided to settle there much far away from Tshaka. But because they were lazy and by nature of their violent life style, they started raiding cattle, stealing women and food from the owner of the land they had invaded. They kidnapped some strong boys to use in their armies of thieves to come back raid and kill people of the Monomotapa. You are an ignorant fool who lacks knowledge only good at chasing the wind,but guess what, with your shallow mind,you will die very very poor and miserable.

  20. In fact Mzilikazi is the one who came and invaded our Zimbabawe,the so called Mtwakazi should go back to Azania and claim your country there. Makudo !

  21. Day dreamer!

  22. u should and must crossover down south where u belong,zimbabwe is for peace loving zimbabweans.pfungwa dzenyu hadzina impact coz u constitute less than a quarter of zim population naizvozvo u are expending your energies for nothing fighting a losing battle

  23. “Just as it was when King Mzilikazi arrived in this land around 1821, now 33 years after independence from British rule, Zimbabwe is at a place where it has become a failed state,” Moyo told journalists at the official launch of the party at a city church.

    So Moyo knows that Mzilikazi “ARRIVED” in Zimbabwe as recently as 1821? Surely, we should not be debating about who should go where they belong. And mind you, fighting whites who had also invaded a people’s land in Lalapansi does not give wanderers right to claim this land called Zimbabwe. I thought we were living peacefully in Zimbabwe before this Mthakhati business! Behold Zimbabwe is one!

  24. Why would this paper give space to this rubbish? Why give airtime to fools looking to divide a great nation? Kwanai Mr. Editor.

    1. scotv
      News is news and this paper is in the business of news. There is no such a thing as rubbish in news. Just allow democracy to play out. This is what we have all been fighting for as Africans!!

  25. Guys never say never on this one. If you push human beings too far by means done by zanu to Matabeleland ie genocide,corrupting their incorruptible history,denying them equal opportunities,trying to induce fear to the populace & many other bad things you are creating a serious and unnecessary civil war because they are sure to revolt.

    1. @matibili the 2nd liberation war that started in sinoia was started by 7 zipra cadres who had come thru kariba but zanu has twisted this.every1 knws zanu was based in moza while zapu was in zambia these guys crossedinto kariba and started fighting after confrontation in of them even though very old is in Filabusi right now he can tell you what happened.zanu is not a party it is a mafia cum terrorist organisation.time will tell lest i talk too much!

      1. Gives us their names then you will see that they were not tribalist.

        1. u want me to give u names so you may kill him? mugabe and top zanu officials know them,dabengwa knows them,inshort banengi abamaziyo.

          1. That’s just a shallow argument Lindo…

  26. it is unfair to blame us for dividing the nation.our people used to live freely and trade with people from binga,gutu,bechuanaland and even nyasaland.the animals that divided our people are zanu and mugabeblame them not us.we dont eat unity we also want live,learn and live nicely.why are you scared of separation? u guys claim to be learned and gays have diamonds right?

    1. Should not the British be your focus; they drew the map of the world?

      1. scot wait kancane till we get suport n fundin,akusensukuzatshwala.the likes of tongogara,chitepo,takawira,masuku,nkomo,msika,JZ etc wanted a united nation but the bloody thirsty mongers destroyed that vision.fact is asiyindawo chief okungapheli kuyahlola,we are now closer than ever to cannan

        1. Like you said, mongers, what about us zimbabweans of no particular tribe, what did we do to deserve your hush words, haven’t we all suffered? I can never measure your pain but also do not disregard my pain as it is all relative

  27. Why do some people, particularly the S* speaking people get worked up so much over nothing? Mara why are you people so sensitive?

    You know very, very well secession will never happen in any country, particularly here in this SADC region; why then do you get so stressed out whenever these little parties sprout here and there, disappear and sprout again?

    Grow up mani and stop stressing over nothing – its their democratic right to make all these noises, but what matters is the ballot box. So far, nothing points out to the fact that the people are interested in all this secession talk.

    You get so worked up over nothing, you end up saying ridiculous, ignorant and stupid things like demanding that a Moyo “go back to South Africa”. Which Moyo originates in South Africa. There is no language in South Africa with the word “Moyo”. Moyo is a S*ho.n.a word. Grow up, these guys are just playing games with you, because they know how you will react.

  28. There is a big problem when a whole publishing house goes to painful lengths to give space to sick people masquerading as politicians to spew nonsense and insult our intelligence. Some of us are working tirelessly for the unity of Africa and you are busy trying to divide us at such a micro level. Think before you act. Understand your history first before making stupid claims that certainly insult the highly regarded Zimbabwean intelligence.

    1. @Musha Mukuru
      The problem is with you, not this paper or the publishing house. Newspapers are in the business of news; especially negative and controversial news, simply because bad news sells. They are also businesses whose other objective is also to make a profit. Many of you people have difficulty in accepting democracy, especially when things you dont like are said. This is why you easily resort to insults. Stop being too sensitive and jittery over nothing.

      If you are a well educated man, you will understand that SADC leaders are working on integrating the SADC region into one, opening up borders to allow free movement of the region’s citizens and facilitating economic activity. How then do you think the creation of more insular states can be accepted? So whats all the noise about? In the UK, this has been going on for generations, nobody jumps up and down and out of their skins like you people do in Zimbabwe. Just leave these people to express their democratic rights – its not the end of the world. Otherwise you lead some of us to believe there is something seriously wrong with some of you people!!

      1. I beg to differ that news is news!!! Some “news” has the potential to cause untold divisions and other terrible things so people should know what to put to the public and its potential impact.

        1. @kitsi, so I guess you are happy with the Herald then? Mind control is outdated and uncivilised. Human beings are intelligent enough to tell the difference between right and wrong.

  29. a child with 11 points cannot get a place at Nust bcos he is from matebeleland whereas a child from harare studies there with 2 points and you say we must keep quiet.the editor can block my comments but this is the plain truth that people have to know.blame mugabe and zanu for dividing our people not us.

    1. I heard a kid from Masvingo got into Bindura University with just 1 point, so let’s split up the country into 3!

      1. now u are joking right?

  30. @fake mntungwa irecruitment isiqalile mfo akudlalwa kuyasetshenza.khangela ubone

  31. Under the current system and set up,the Matabeleland uprising is inevitable. Its just a matter of time.

  32. Something is not right with this paper very biased towards a certain groug of people.Our contributions are thrown away but gives people like Lundo acres and acres of space to churn out tribal garbage

    1. what sort of hate or garbage did i churn out against other people?i simply stated our cause full stop

  33. where is my contribution. i saw it in the morning and it has been removed. you newsday asi munosapota ivo vanhu vanewaya dzakadambuka. colonialists of 1821. destroyers of the rozvi at Chikomo chamambo. let them farm kana washaya zvoukuita. we want majority rue in Zim. Zim is for everyone and it will remain united for ever and ever amen.

  34. Can you all please stop using this word TRIBE with so much pride. You are all being very, very stupid. Why is this word used only in reference to Africans, and you are so proud to accept it and use it to describe yourselves. Check its dictionary meaning and you will understand why White people never use it in reference to themselves.

    I sigh with disbelief. Sometimes black people can really be stupid!!

    1. Are the Celtic tribes of Europe not white people? Not that I like the word..

      1. @scotv
        The French could be regarded as a tribe, but nobody uses this word in reference to them. The Celtic tribes you refer to are hardly spoken about or known on a global scale. Globally it is undeniable that the word “tribe” is used mainly in reference to Africa, South America and Asia, but hardly in reference to Whites or more accurately to the so-called first world!!

  35. Siyanai neMidlands yedu

  36. Siyanai neMidlands yedu.

  37. That wl never hapen in my beloved zim.utter rubbish!

  38. Since when did a MOYO originate in South Africa? Which language in South Africa uses the word “MOYO”, and what does it mean that particular language?

    Now some of you are proving your stupidity beyond measure. This is what happens when a people are too emotional over nothing – stupidity reigns!!

  39. mukora kwafamombe

    Onai kupenga kunoita madzviti aya vakomana.Who thinks they can even run the Mtwakazi state whatever it is even kuhope chaicho. Deam on guys but what I can only say is makukanganwa chezuro nehope. Ndakuyambirai.

  40. Lindo . Der was once punyukabempete who was also called mbonisi . Wakambonzwa about da ‘mutongi gava fable ‘? . Its very applicable to you as well . Even da british had to move

  41. Bazalwane, whats with people, why are these pple wasting their energy on archaic ideas, you waste resources on impractical solutions.

    We have a lot in our hands right now to think about, let alone entertain such a primitive idea. Its common knowledge that the problems that are being faced in Matebeleland are identical to those in most provinces, its not characteristic om Matebeleland alone. Matebeleland is fully represented in Zanu PF, even in MDC T, and of course way represented in MDC.

    Lets not waste our bullets on irrelevant matters. You all knw wht is at stake, akusebenzi konke lokhu.

    1. @truth
      Please allow democracy to prevail. In South Africa, there is a place called Orania in the Nothern Cape. Some staunch Afrikanners decided to use it as an experiment on self governance or self determination; because the constitution allows them to. Nobody has ever bothered or interferred with their rights. Their idea has failed to find takers from even the broader white community, who prefer to remain South Africans. At the end of the day, they have largely been defeated by democracy. So whats your problem?

      Go re-read our new constitution. It allows every citizen to participate in politics and organise in line with their beliefs; to respect each other’s views and contest for power peacefully. People raise their issues of concern differently. Within Matland itself some prefer to oppose the ZANU PF government through existing parties, MDC, MDCT, ZAPU, etc; as you pointed out. Others prefer the secession route. You cannot say, just because people in one region engage a situation in this manner; therefore everyone else elsewhere should do the same. People are different; and our constitution recognises those differences.

      In Manicaland, maybe people there prefer to keep quiet and not to be as vocal. It is also their democratic right. So far so good. Nobody is doing anything that is illegal; no body is calling for an armed struggle; nobody is beating up anyone – simply put, its democracy at play……so PLAY ON!!

      1. dont talk about constitution cos zanu does not follow or respect that.some fake war vet said the constitution is just a piece of rubbish.kahlehle ungumntungwa wangaphi wena ongenangqondo?

        1. @Lindo
          I thought we were debating; now insulting me because I express a different opinion from yours is not debating. What do you mean andinangqondo?

          You cannot say just because ZANU PF is not respecting the constitution therefore you will also do the same. You will not win this one because you are not in power; ZANU PF is in power.

          All I am saying is that you have all the democratic right to seceed, but let democracy as represented by the ballot box speak. No need to get worked up!!!

          1. uxolo mfo ngalelogama,however you know there is no respect for the ballot in that land so what option do we have?

    2. @jairos dont u ever think we will fold our hands when ppl like u talk rubbish.

      @truth senzenjani ke nduna because we have tried to talk to these people and they dont want to listen? watch the space chief and ask yourself why cio is always frequenting eastern europe?konakele mfowami akudlalwa! @jairos u r not the only ones that can fight.if i gve u an AK and i carry one myself what makes you think you can win over me?we are sorting the future of our generations here.the issues of yesteryear dont matter now people are so organised and people are tired of you people oppressing us in each every me chief i am not a tribalist at all.

      1. @Lindo
        As long as you have a right to vote in a country, there is nothing you can do to change a government or to seceed, other than follow the democratic process. Any other method will simply not work because you will not get support both locally; from your neighbours, or internationally. The international community supported the liberation struggle simply because black people were denied everything, including the right to choose a government in their own countries. This is not exactly the case in Zimbabwe, though this could be debated!

  42. tibvirei apa!

  43. My comment is awaiting moderation – which means it has been deemed “offensive” – but that is the truth.

    1. Why do you write offensive stuff. Respect others and engage them in a civilised manner, you will carry the day should you make sense to them!

      1. @mashobane – shut up you fool. You don’t even know what I have written. You should only comment after seeing the comment. What mightoffend the Editor and others might not necessarily offend everyone else.

        1. @Musona
          But is you who said your comment could have been deemed “offensive”. So I am merely advising against writing offensive commentary. What then is the problem?

    2. bhalangesintu or use shorthand msona

  44. The best way is to redo your footsteps and find yourself in South Africa, Zimbabwe will be 1 now and forever otherwise if you no longer have anything better to do tell us tokusvagirayi zvinemusoro zvekuita even kuswero tamba pada will do, stop this daydreaming before its too late.

    1. @Mwana Wevhu
      Why do you like regurgitating ZANU PF propaganda? Which part of South Africa or province do you find the MOYO surname?

  45. if only we can stop looking down on each other,stop insulting, belittling each other and respect each other then we will prosper.we are a failled state today because at indepence,one tribe became superior and took it upon itself to oppress the seems we simply get excited by insulting each other and call that freedom of speech.why cant we look at the wrongs,correct them and go is very unfortunate that we seem not take the future seriously at all.had we taken it seriously at the beginning we would surely be not where we are today.i dont understand people who take last year elections as a new phenomena.if our thinking of running a country is devided into five year segments then we are going nowhere in running this country.

  46. good points ngangezwe lakhe but unfortunately they are blocking me now

  47. ZanuPF has failed dismally to run the big country created by the colonialists maybe it is better to let go off the South West and govern the small Mashon*land part only.

    1. @msona u may give zanu a municipality believe you me they wont run it efficiently.mzorewa tried to warn people in the late 70’s against zanu but he was called names,remember they are good at insults,he was called gay,sellout,corrupt etc.the problem with people is fear,they think people of matebeleland will avenge for gukurawundi yet we know that it is not the ordinary man to blame but zanu and there are still a good number of them that are alive that will face the music.

  48. not raelly sure why my objective comment was never displayed here. mtemo wekwenyu wakarerekera divi rimwe

  49. Why should those on the South West be forced to learn the embroidered history about Kagubi (whom they call Kaguvi) and Nyanda (whom they call Nehanda) when these two had no connection with their region? The colonial records name the two as Kagubi and Nyanda. At one stage Zanu was going to rename Fort Victoria Nyanda district now it‘s called Masvingo! They are not sure themselves whether it was Nehanda or Nyanda.

  50. @msona you must consider writing a book to tell the true story and teach your fellow countrymen.

  51. Mara why do some of these ZANU PF offsprings love this “go back to South Africa” nonsense, and when challenged they can not answer; instead they simply disappear from this forum?

    I asked a question – where in South Africa do you find people with the surname MOYO; nobody is answering me – why?

    1. m not zanu but i responded,bona they must go back to the great lakes region or tanzania i suppose

    2. There are so many Moyos in many places in South Africa. Some of them were originally from Zimbabwe and have acquired citizenship;some were born of Zimbabweans based in South Africa thereby rendered South Africans by virtue of being born in South Africa and some Moyos,though living in South Africa, still consider Zimbabwe as their home.The point ,Mashobane, is: The scions of Rhodes, Starr Jameson, Mzilikazi, Soshangane et al are entitled to be considered and accepted as Zimbabweans.However, the moment they try to secede on the basis of some obscure,contested or even accepted historical fact or ethnicity,they forfeit the right to be regarded as Zimbabweans.They are encouraged to trace their roots to South Africa, England, Guruuswa or other such place where their ancestors came from.The land between the Zambezi and Limpopo is for people of diverse backgrounds and cannot be Balkanized on the whims of some dim-wits.

  52. @Mashobane. These Zanu things have a serious problem that’s why they entrusted their country to be ruled by their muzukuru, the son of Gabriel Matibili from Malawi. Which culture have you ever seen a muzukuru given so much responsibility?

  53. MRP, you should be asking for land at Nkandhla.

  54. I somehow get the notion that our history is not well known by all. We all have different perceptions of it and it is there that we clash. Diversity is normal but must not be a cause of division. When Mzilikazi arrived in 1821 via Botswana, whence he was chased off by the British, he did not come into a land that had no people in it. So MRP, is your claim justifiable if we look at all dynamics at play? I don’t agree with what you say but will defend your right to say it. However, dream on and spew your veiled tribalist diatribe out and find takers who live under the demented delusion of an immanent Matebeleland uprising. I wish you well but tell you that won’t go far. It will remain just cheap publicity seeking. By the way, confine your drivel to your Matebeleland and stay out of our Midlands. We are an enlightened people here, even our provincial name is not tribe related. If you have nothing better to do with your time may I suggest you learn our history well, travel around this beautiful Zimbabwe of ours and meets its friendly people and learn. If that wont teach you anything, then you are truly education proof and an insult to the Zimbabwean space. Get out and retrace your steps to whence you came.

  55. these are just hallucinatory, orgasmic, tribalistic utterances that only the uninitiated and the ill-informed in our midst will buy.lets focus on issues of development, not secession. Look at Mombasa, Chechnya, Tibet and South Sudan and, if u are not blind, you ‘ll see the evil repercussions of this secession gospel.

  56. munhu/umuntu/umuntumunhu


  57. munhu/umuntu/umuntumunhu

    LINDO says they will get sponsorship to liberate themselves…..sponsorship from WHO. white people so you can murder your own kinsmen. THAT IS WHY TRIBAL WARS are mainly a black phenomenon – we are so gullible we are used and funded to destroy our own race.

  58. @Lindo, i think u ah rather useless & ruthless tribalist, but anyway if u think of secession in the Democratic Republic of Zimbabwe it wl be a mere daydreaming. Try 2 study Matabele’s historical background then u wl have an answer of your background. If u ah getting frustrated by staying in Zim go back to your Zululand you poor tribalist.

  59. this in truth means the revolution which people tekere, etc is still on. zanu will pay one day. mark my work. repent or you die,

  60. the truth is the revolution which people tekere etc started is still on. zanu will pay one day. mark my words. GOD loves zimbabwwe. repent or you die.judgement day is coming.

  61. Vivaaa./ The time for our liberation is near for us to benefit from our natural resources and skills of our engineers and scientists.

  62. The kith and kin of racist murderers and thieves like rhodes the homosexual pervert,starr and jameson and other Europeans are not and will never be Zimbabweans.They are Europeans in Zimbabwe.The divide and rule agents are fostering disunity amongst Afrikan nations in Zimbabwe and globally.The word ‘tribe’ is used in a racist way by Europeans to mean that Afrikan nations in Zimbabwe and elsewhere like the Yoruba,Mandingo,Igbo,Zulu,Hausa,Asante etc are savage,backward and primitive etc.By comparison they call themselves ‘nations’ meaning that they are civilised,enlightened and progressive,thus they refer to themselves as the French,English,Italian,Belgian and Russian nations etc.

  63. I like what you guys are up to. This kind of cool work and coverage! Keep up the wonderful work friends, I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

  64. Comment…I was in Zpra during the war of liberation Zpra is as good as ZANLA both liberated Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo taught us this: Abantu beZimbabwe banye kabehlukaniswa phakathi Ilizwe me Zimbabwe linye kabehlukaniswa phakathi Nyika ye Zimbabwe imwe chete haipatsanurwe pakati vanhu vezimbabwe vamwe chete havaparadzaniswe The nation of Zimbabwe is one it is indivisible the people of Zimbabwe are one they are inseparable Bipod

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