MPs seek divine intervention to save Zimbabwe

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MPs are seeking divine intervention in their quest to solve problems bedevilling the nation, it has been learnt.


There are reports that some MPs have approached the Catholic Church requesting for a church service (Mass) to pray for Members of Parliament.

According to Monsignor Kizito, Mhembere, a senior Catholic Jesuit priest and administrator at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Harare, the motivation for the Mass to be attended by MPs, mostly of the Catholic faith, would be to ask the Holy Spirit to guide them so that they handle the affairs of the country in an “honourable manner”.

Mhembere announced the development during this weekend’s Sunday service at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

“I have been approached by one of the MPs from the National Assembly who is a parishioner and that MP has requested that there be a service to pray for legislators in the country on Wednesday (tomorrow),” said Mhembere.

“The reason for the service will be to ask the Holy Spirit to guide legislators so that they execute their duties in a manner befitting of Godly people as the country faces different challenges,” he said.

Speaker of the House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda is a members of the Catholic Church.

The Wednesday service will be held at a time when legislators this week meet to decide on whether to pass the country’s 2014 national budget announced last month by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa.

It also comes at a time when there is heated debate as to whether divine intervention can help turn around the economy. Chinamasa is on record saying Zimbabweans should not bank on miracles for the turnaround of the economy.

He said only hard work and commitment would turn around the country’s economy, urging people not to rely on miracles like those performed by United Families International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa.


  1. Divine intervention is the only way out of this quagmire Zim is facing. Zvana Chinamasa zvekut hardwek pays is rubbish! Imi us Zimbabweans are hard workers n hv bn weking hard since Independence bt only politicians are benefitting ivo anaChinamasa! Hamuone nevakadzi vavo vakabva vauyawo kupolitics cz ndokune mari yese! Check these families Chinamasa.Mutsvangwa.Mohadi etc all in politics! For wht? Kuda vanhu here? Regai tinyarare! Bt kudenga kunaMwari! The Chinamasas hate divine solutions cz they correct anomalies in society vasina vachiwanawo n thts wt politicians hate; an electorate tht is successful. They lyc poor pple to manipulate! Alas this tym mairasa in this Prophetic dispensation todya tese chete hapana iyoyo!! Vaporofita tinavo he who does nt believe stay off the train tracks or u will be crushed!! 2 Kings 7v1 n 2 Chron 20 v15 to 20.

  2. The legislators are in the right. We will always require the hand of God ,especially now. Mr.Editor, Monsignor Mhembere is not a Jesuit. He is senior priest of the Archdiocese of Harare. Thank you for the article

  3. Tich wataura idi iwe. Iye zvino kune guhwa rekuti Grace Mugabe aka invader mazoe citrus zvakare. Akatora ove 800ha of crop yaka rimwe ipapo. Zvoda Jesu izvi. Someone works hard ivo vana chinamasa votora mahara. Kudenga kuna mwari

  4. divine intervention for what?God gave us brains to think for ourselves,common sense would tell you that men and women who led us since 1980 got us into this mess. and to expect them to take us out of it by appealing to God surely is like giving him an unneccessary burden.I m sure he must have given up on us already.

  5. GOD is already doing wonders 4 us.wht more do u want him 2 do 4 us zimbos.its only us 2 blame.w need 2 speak wt one voice n say no 2 th current situation.GOD will come at hs own time may b after th majority hv gone.dai mablacks asina kuenda kuhondo vachingoti GOD GOD zimbabwe ingadai iri papi.w dont want war bt w need 2 unite including naiwo mazanu n tell mr president 2 rest .lets all make a lot of noise abt it.ndopane nyaya ipapo macdes.mungaita sei makadii asi chinobuda hapana.some r already talking abt a cabinet reshuffle so soon afta th election u thnk ths will help

  6. the WORLD is laughing. mvura,magetsi hakuna,maroads akawora, mumaIndustries unofunga kuti urikufamba manheru kunyarara kuti zii. gud example like Chinotimba is a funny clown. saka murikutongei.

  7. In the western world they once experienced economic melt down, dUbbed great depression. The worst of its kind in living memory. Zimbabwe growth forecast for 2014 is between 4.2 and 6% despite sanctions. In UK there is barely growth at all. The almighty helps those who help themselves. You reap what you sow. I do not believe in miracles when it comes to economics

  8. Yes. Munoona akomana, whether you are right or left of the mathematical angle, substitution by elimination of inadvertently acquired foreign extremist factors of soldiering era, replacing traditional cultural values is the only ticket you need to enter the theater building and help balance this national interesting questioned equation towards restoring the function literally dishonoured now.
    To carry honour is to lead first and politic last not vice versa.
    Now as always never forget the long established line theorem of muchohwe which doubly splits and prevails over your half measured sides with profound effect in spirit and in health believe me not at your peril !!

  9. Hiwa kunamata chiiko imi muri mhondi? siyai mabasa echimhondi, kubira maelections, corruption in general. Unoti Mwari vakapusa? Mungajuta Mwari moti haazivi kuti makabira pamaElections? You really think God can bless something you stole?

  10. First all the MPs must repent. They must give testamony on how they had been stealing dating back to willowvale scandal which saw Mudenda losing his job as mat north gorvenor and now he has been put back in parly despite the fact that he once stole and was not arrested and its a shame that we have the speaker of parly who has a criminal record involving that scania truck.

  11. Prayer is not enough without these guys changing their mindset and acknowledging their sins and then ask for forgiveness. These guys should do away with pride. They also need deliverence and healing from a prophet of god not a mere priest who otherwise need deliverence himself. Here the likes of Prophet Magaya comes handy. Our leaders need prophetic healing and deliverence and guidance from men of god.

  12. the only way GOD can intervene is so many our thieves up there to repent. any man of God who will not stand like John the baptist in the bible should not talk about God’s intervention in our situation. as kiro has said they are a lot of people who need to face their sins and also the music. they are a lot of christians who need to repent. christians remember 2 chronicles 7v 14 means. too many christians who are sellings their souls for gold.

  13. mere priest? obviously my brother you know nothing of prayer, let alone Christianity…I will not deign to imagine you understand religion!

    anyway…prayer is a first step and if they are serious about changing themselves, we could experience a turnaround in fortunes. Zimbabweans work hard, and that is commendable. Here I do not think the thrust is a search for miracle solutions to our problems but an appeal to the truth of humanity, that we are ISLAM and only by ISLAM do we reach the truth of our situation and understand a clear path onward. Truth is sought in God, by each individuals’ spiritual journey and they should be commended for taking steps to that effect…not in men and women who claim to know God more than the rest of mankind and ‘speak’ on his behalf with no equivocation…God speaks to and in all of us…these people have decided to start paying attention…kudos to them…

  14. firstiy does GOD recognise your appointment as an MP meaning did pple really vote for you or wakabirira.if GOD recognises your appointment you can seek his guidance.if he doesnt you are wasting your repentance

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