MPs’ fuel scandal rocks Parliament

Zimbabwe parliament building

GOVERNMENT could have been swindled of substantial amounts of money by Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators who overstated fuel allowances owed to them by Parliament.


Officially opening the post-budget seminar in Harare yesterday where senators and MPs had gathered to hear presentations by different economic and financial experts on how to interrogate budgetary issues, Speaker of the House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda said what the legislators were doing was corruption.

Mudenda said there was too much corruption happening in the country and noted with dismay that some MPs overstated fuel-allowance claims that were not in tandem with the mileage they would have covered on parliamentary business.

“There is a lot of corruption in the country and legislators play an oversight role and must be responsible and ensure such practices are stopped,” Mudenda said.

“How can MPs stop this corruption when they themselves engage in it and overstate distances they travel coming to and from Parliament resulting in amounts owed to them for fuel allowances being inflated?”

This is not the first time MPs have been caught on the wrong side of the law.

More than 20 MPs were in 2012 found to have abused the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) meant to fund projects that benefit their constituencies.
Three MPs were arrested and charged with misappropriation of the funds, but their prosecution was stopped following the intervention of the then Attorney-General’s Office headed by Johannes Thomas.

Parliamentarians, Mudenda said, should be vigilant and ensure budget allocations to line ministries were used in a responsible manner to avoid over expenditure.

“MPs must be bold enough to play their oversight role and supervise line ministries so that they use what they were allocated accordingly. Parliament should efficiently interrogate the budget and check that the Executive acts responsibly,” he said.

Parliament currently owes more than a million dollars to MPs in sitting allowances and former legislators of the Seventh Session of Parliament have still not been paid amounts owed to them.

Some former MPs were owed as much as 7 000 litres of fuel in coupons which were not remitted.

Mudenda also said he was not happy with the fact that Parliament was allocated only $23 741 000 when the institution had asked for $35 million.

“MPs must rise against party politics and should not just rubber-stamp a budget. Like any other line ministry, Parliament has expenses and our wish was to get the amount we bid for,” he said.

Parliament will resume sitting next week to debate the Finance Bills that will operationalise the $4,1 billion Budget that Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa announced last month.


  1. Trying to woodwink us by publicly admitting to your corrupt tendences so that we may think you are doing something about it.
    This time ma mama. The treasury is empty kikikikiki!!!!

  2. Not surprising that MPs would be corrupt in a country where the President lives in 3 houses, defrauds the treasury of $5 to 7 million each time he heads for the far East and boasts of a budget that exceeds that of the ministries of Industry and Commerce, Agriculture, Mines and Energy combined.

    It is unprecedented that the office of the president and cabinet of any country should be allocated 5.6% of a national budget. This is just clear theft and the MPs are simply emulating the head of state and government and commander in chief of the defence forces. That is why Tomana was ordered to stop the prosecution of the MPs who defrauded the Constituency Development fund. Its a-loota-continua under the able guidance of Mugabe.

    • Ah, waitwa seiko shamwari Raramai? Unoda kufanana naComm in chief, President and first secretary vezanu, Chancellor of all universities and President of the Republic of Zim? Inga Matavire akaimba achiti kune vakuru vanotozofa musi wavanoda wani? Wotikwanira nhaika. Ndokuti urarame.

  3. Corruption did not start with the current parliamentarians but the Speaker himself was once involved in scandalous activities by selling an allocated vehicle before the agreed life span.What made him be out of touch for some time was because of corrupt activities so its not something new to these parliamentarians.
    Some even died with their corrupt tendencies unearthed so lets just watch and see where it ends.

    • Some even died because of corruption? Oh my sweet Zim! You are being bled to death by these parasitic fungus MPs.

  4. a tip of the iceberg. we ve not seen anything yet. those who are pointing at the speck in the other people’s eyes infact have a log in theirs. just wait and see. God loves zimbabwe.

  5. Our MPs are corrupt…what an earth shattering revelation..You know you could easily have fooled me, i thought these guys were untainted paragons of virtue..I refuse to believe they are corrupt not these whistle clean, washed by blood of the lamb souls or maybe you are talking of another country perhaps!

  6. then the head of state and his cronies blame sanctions which are infact travel bans imposed on them for the economic meltdown as if they are not learned enough to know the effects of corruption on economic growth. you shout loud when one is caught on the wrong side of the law but nothing will ever be done to effect a change. everyone in govt including you mr speaker you are not excluded from the chain of corrupt moguls.

  7. Stop wasting our time. Arrest the offenders, let the courts deal with the theft/fraud. Then we will see that you are doing something about it.


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