MP finds deliverance at Scoan


MEMBER of Parliament for Midlands Province under the women’s quota Emma Shanziwe Muzondiwa (MDC-T) says her dream was fulfilled after visiting Nigeria’s Temitope Bolugun Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations (Scoan) last year.

Winston Antonio,Own Correspondent

Speaking live on Emmanuel Television yesterday, Muzondiwa confessed of having bad dreams and a “spiritual husband” while asleep.

According to Muzondiwa, this problem resulted in her being despised by people in her family and society until she decided to visit the church and received the church’s anointing water which got her healed.

In her testimony posted on TB Joshua official Facebook page, the church said: “She (Muzondiwa) came to The Scoan complaining of spiritual attacks and nightmares.

She was seeing animals in her dream and a spiritual husband. As a result, people hated her and talked ill of her all the time.

“In 2012 she decided to come to The Scoan to seek the face of God. She received the Anointing Water and she prayed with it in Jesus’ name. She was then only a member of her party.”

In her testimony Muzondiwa goes on to thank the prayers and anointing water she got from the church for helping her land the Midlands Parliamentary Seat and changing her life. According to Muzondiwa, after she was prayed for she got a job and was given a company car.

Muzondiwa is not the first from the Movement for Democratic Church to visit the church for consultation.

The party’s leader Morgan Tsvangirai also visited the church and was seen on world television being prayed for.


    • only a fool is against M. D. C. T coz when this party was in govt Zimbabwe had stabilized economicaly. So plse leave Tsvangs and his party alone and go to the bank to see if u can collect ur money.

  1. As Christians, we have a relationship with the Lord through Jesus Christ, He sees and hears all, He knows what we need before we even know it. He is all knowing, is not limited by anything and is no respecter of persons.

    Apparently, to some, God hears and answers through a flashy afro wearing Nigerian pasto or an equally flashy Zimbabwean self titled spiritual navigator who has conman written allover his over-sized grin. To others, giving a love gift (money) to some hyper American televangelist ‘unlocks’ (buys) a blessing.

    Only poor and ignorant folks used to be taken for a ride by these con artists but now heads of state, wannabe heads of state and wealthy businessmen/women appear to have caught bug of stupid!

    • I don’t usually agree with you @scotv, but on this one you are bang on. This is amazingly pathetic. I know that sometimes when people have an issue in their lives they look for possible solutions from anyway, but for someone who is aspiring to be the President of a country, to glorify and and give homage to another human being. MT has shown some courage and bravery in challenging these murderous clueless fools who have been in power for the last 34 yrs, but for him to believe that what ever the problem he has got, TB Joshua is going to solve it defies logic, wisdom and common sense. So it follows that if ever MT becomes President of Zimbabwe and is confronted with difficult and complex problems he will rush to TB Joshua for solutions! A christian prays to God through Jesus Christ, a mudlim through Mohammed and a Zimbabwean spiritualist through his/her ancestors or maswikiro. Zimbabwe has complex problems where pragmatic leadership is required, not utopian solutions

  2. After having received the blessings and being a someone,chitongai zvine humwari mukati.Apa munoshaikwa manje,corruption neaacumulation of personal wealth becomes the order of the day.

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