Mokoomba for New Zealand and Australia 2014 Womad festivals


AWARD-WINNING afro-fusion group Mokoomba is ecstatic about their anticipated maiden performance at the World of Music, Arts and Dance (Womad) festival to be held in Adelaide, Australia, in two months’ time.


Mokoomba will also perform at Womad NZ in Taranaki, New Zealand around the same time in March.

The group, which has been riding high on the international scene and gaining ground back home, will be in Australia and New Zealand from March 4 to 17.

In an interview, the group’s bass player-cum-spokesperson Abundance Mutori said Mokoomba’s journey to take their music across the world had resumed.

They had already started preparing for the upcoming shows.

“This is a great opportunity for the group as we start 2014,” Mutori said.

“Last year, we gave an impressive performance at Womad UK and this year we’re looking forward to doing better in Australia and New Zealand.”

Mokoomba is the only Zimbabwean music group that has consistently excelled on the international music arena since emerging on the musical scene in 2001.

Their music incorporates a diverse mix of music genres from the entire African continent.

Mokoomba is also the most successful and youthful Zimbabwean band to receive countless international accolades, with the most recent being the Songline’s Best Newcomer Award in the United Kingdom.

The band is the 2007 Music Crossroads winners. It hails from Victoria Falls and has performed extensively overseas, with sold-out shows in England, Spain, Holland, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Czech Republic and Belgium, just to mention a few.

Womad has developed into a series of internationally established festivals which bring together artists from all around the globe.

The central aim of these festivals is to celebrate the world’s many forms of music, arts and dance.