Mega-salaries: Probe ministers


EMERGING details on how heads of parastatals have been bleeding the institutions they have an obligation to steward through awarding themselves obscene salaries and perks have been disturbing.

NewsDay Editorial

But the fact that the government has remained tight-lipped on this worrisome turn of events at a time the country’s diligent and loyal workforce has had to contend with slave wages while continuing to serve the nation faithfully is even more worrisome.

It is indeed time for government to step in and bring a halt to this nonsense.

First it was former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) boss Happison Muchechetere taking home $40 000 a month when employees had gone for half a year without salaries. Soon after, it was Cuthbert Dube, the chief executive officer at Premier Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and top management gobbling close to
$1 million monthly at the expense of cash-strapped civil servants struggling to make ends meet.

Now it is Harare Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi and his 18-member management team at Town House who are reportedly gobbling close to $500 000 in monthly salaries. The painful thing about this particular scandal is that the municipality has failed to up its game when it comes to dispensing their mandate as the city’s infrastructure continues to dilapidate.

Service delivery in the city has deteriorated for years, with some residents having long lost track when garbage was last collected in their neighbourhoods and running water has since stopped oozing from their taps, yet the city continues to charge for services that are never offered. But against this grim backdrop, city directors find “good” reasons to pamper themselves with hefty salaries.

The goings-on at parastatals and institutions funded by the public is worrying to say the least. But the question that begs an answer is: While all this mess is piling around us, where are the ministers who are supposed to superintend these parastatals? Are the parastatal bosses not accountable to the ministers who are supposed to be their principals? Is there no collusion somewhere along the way?

Our tragedy, it would appear, is that we use a reactive governance mode instead of a proactive one. By the time corrective measures are taken, that is if they are taken at all, irreparable damage would already have been done.

When all is said and done, surely the buck should stop with the line ministers who obviously have oversight onto whatever happens in their ministries. Ministers have in the past been accused of feeding from the trough of institutions under them. The extent of the symbiotic relationships between ministers and their CEOs should be unearthed with a view to establishing their complicity in the salaries scandal.


  1. corruption corruption corruption zanupf.ths is y u cant let th old man go.u taking advantage of hs old 90 u zimbos think he will b able 2 raise a finger or make some follow-ups on all th ministries n parastatals.he tried masimirembwa but cud nt follow it up 4 reasomns no body knows.

  2. The Boss of this Mafia gang ( zanu pf ). should be held accountable for this mess we find our selves in. But we need to be realistic about the whole issue, its WE the people of Zimbabwe who allowed all this mismanagement ( corruption ) to take place under our watch for 33 years. All we have done for 33 years is shout hatred , racism , sanctions , violence from the roof tops at anything that’s white or western, whilst all along it has been our own kith and kin that have now bled us dry. Bottom line is this ” we are just too racist to be able to make the right decisions” and now we are paying the price.

  3. Clearly it is time for the people of Zimbabwe to overthrow the so-called Mugabe government. Does the Zimbabwe military have the guts to do it? Otherwise, there will be no relief to the misery of the long suffering Zimbabwean people.

    Sadly the Mugabe government long ago has transformed into a vampire, sucking the lifeblood of the people. Time for a revolution in Zimbabwe. Time for a new government of the people to clean up Mugabe’s mess. Too many excuses from Mugabe.

  4. What has happened is outrageous, It is a crime against humanity.Honestly how can someone craft a package like he owns the people of Zimbabwe.If it goes unpunished then we are all baboons just like our former masters said about us.

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