MDC-T activists finally granted bail


THREE of the seven Glen View MDC-T activists who had been in custody since May 2011 over the death of police inspector Petros Mutedza were yesterday granted bail by High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu.


Tungamirai Madzokere, Yvonne Musarurwa and Last Maengahama have been behind bars for over two-and-half years after Justice Bhunu denied them bail on several occasions saying evidence against them was overwhelming.

However, in a turn of events, the trio breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when they were granted liberty as the trial is set to continue on February 24.

The trio are still on trial charged alongside Lazarus Maengahama, Phineas Nhatarikwa, Edwin Muingiri and Paul Rukanda.

When the trial commenced last year, the MDC-T activists were altogether 29, but as the trial progressed 21 were acquitted while one died in custody.

While acquitting the other activists Justice Bhunu said investigations by the law enforcement agents, which led to the arrest of the MDC-T supporters, were shoddily carried out.

The judge said although the activists proffered different alibi defences, in some instances, the police chose to ignore the explanations and simply proceeded to detain the accused persons without verifying the facts.


  1. This wicked and notorious CIO and Zanu PF judge must cease presiding over this case. He has shown beyond any shadow of doubt that he is partisan and is allergic to MDC-T . He has no qualms and scruples when it comes to dealing with members of parties other than his own . He is incompetent to the extent that the supreme court recently gave him severe tongue lashing over the callous manner in which he handled this case . He is a wicked monster and a savage .

  2. kuipa kwezanu vakomana makakuona mega nhai vana nhingi vakafa vasina kurwara….singing.axactly wat thy wnt 2do to MDC T activists dwn wth mhondi idzi

  3. Makorokoto .Tungamirai”Masvingo” Madzokere.Ndafara sahwira.Wish you all the best.I pray that you will be found Not Guilty!!!!!!

  4. @Analyst,dont be emotional n be careful wth your labels abt the judge lest u spend more than two years in custody too. Jus rejoice that the guys hev regained their constitutional right…Freedom!

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