Matongorere fired


ZIFA technical director Nelson Matongorere has been fired.


Matongorere was suspended last September for his alleged role in the Fifa Balon d’Or voting scandal where he is alleged to have voted as then Zimbabwe captain Tapiwa Kapini for the 2012 awards.

Matongorere then appeared before a disciplinary hearing, whose ruling was seen by this paper yesterday, although he was not immediately available for comment. He denied the charges, saying world football governing body Fifa might have made a mistake. Part of the ruling read: “His conduct indeed tarnished the image of the complainant given the nationwide publication of the scandal and the people entitled to vote were fraudulently disenfranchised. Football is the de facto national sport and it is on its knees financially.

“Sponsorship is its lifeblood and sponsors only associate with organisation who exhibit good corporate governance and transparency. The effect of the respondent’s conduct on the general public must also be considered.

“The fact that the Chief Executive Officer signed the ballot papers only serves to prove that the respondent succeeded in deceiving him, nothing more. The respondent cannot be allowed to now turn around and rely upon that “success” by pleading it is a mitigating factor.

“The offence itself is of a very serious nature as it involves dishonesty. Dishonesty goes to the root of the employer-employee relationship. It must be noted that by his own submission, respondent’s continued employment with the complainant had become untenable given his relationship with his immediate superior, the chief executive officer, but that is beside the point.

“We refuse to be drawn into his personal battle with the chief executive officer.

“We are mindful of the fact that the SI 15/2006 under s.7 therefore states that in general, disciplinary action in the first place should be educational and corrective and that punitive action should only be taken when the said earlier steps have proved to be ineffective.

“However, the seriousness of the offence and the circumstances in which it was committed which were of the respondent’s own making display a high degree of moral blame worthiness and dictate that no penalty other than dismissal can meet the justice of the case.

“This employer and employee relationship is based on trust which once lost, the relationship can be terminated.

“Accordingly, it is ordered that the respondent be dismissed from complainant’s employ with immediate effect.”

The letter was signed by Andrew Msengezi, a W Mandinde and Wilfred Mukuna.

According to Fifa’s official voting list then, Matongorere voted as Zimbabwe captain Kapini and chose Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerard Pique of Barcelona and eventual winner Lionel Messi in that order.

Former Zimbabwe coach Rahman Gumbo had Andres Iniesta, Messi and Manchester United striker Robin van Persie while journalist Charles Mabika voted for Ronaldo, Messi and Real Madrid captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas.


  1. Shuwa here murume mukuru to fired for such a trivial issue. The votes cast did not change the final results

  2. Gananga the problem in Zimbabwe today is that everything is trivial. Including the disappearance of more than $30 billion worth of diamonds in Manicaland. very trivial.

  3. The guy was sacrificed for the shenanigans of the Zifa CEO. The CEO is to blame for this whole fiasco because he did not supervise the process and it is him who actually voted not Matongorere. The old man is innocent. One day is one day and the truth shall come out.

  4. Wasting time firing Matongorere though it was long overdue. Cuthbert Dube is the one supposed to be fired. Ku ZBC akabika beans zvatinoziva tose, ku PSMAS worse but achitambira $250 000.00 pamwedzi.

  5. dear soccer fans

    This is good news that at least someone is fired for corruption,I wonder though what gave him the guts to do such a stupid thing,Is it because they are no controls at Zifa,or is it because a lot of other things/corrupt things are taking place,thereby individuals do what they want.It is a pity that we are quick to fire dismiss this guy over “trivial issue” . yet true culprits in Asiagate are walking scot free,the Sharukos still pen football stories,Dube has and will do nothing for Zifa he is out of depth.Please comrade Minister Langa,what is Zifa’s strategic plan,whats the sports plan/policy you have,we surely need our sports to be revived,all this noise about parastatal bosses commanding huge perks,should also point a finger on how our sport is run,how much are sport bosses getting,is their performance monitored,I know for one soccer is, our beloved national sport.We implore thee comrade minister to stop the rot in our sport esp soccer,come election time we will vote for you when our sporting needs are met.
    Thank you tatenda,siyabonga

  6. they didnt want u since they got into office, they accused u of sitting on the technical bench with Pagels……… saw this coming and hope they wont replace you with Gibson Homela. its back to zero for the coaches. in Matongorere we trust.

  7. what has matongorere done this time, kuti akamira muground warriors achitamba kwanayi mhani vanhu vezifa. itai mushe mhani zifa.

  8. haasi kudzingirwa corruption, inyaya yekuti atadza kuwirirana navakuru (vanova vakuru vecorruption zvakare) hw cn corrupt leaders fire a corrupt person? Its not feasible

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