‘Libya will fall’


WARRIORS fans say they are putting their last dollar on the Warriors to beat Libya in the African Nations Championships (Chan) semi-finals in South Africa tomorrow.


The Warriors have stunned watchers of the African game with their fighting spirit which has seen them conceding just one goal in all the four matches they have played and reaching the last four.

Zimbabwean fans who spoke to NewsDay Sport yesterday are confident Gorowa’s men will overcome Libya and reach the final. Some even believe they will lift the trophy.

Joe Manyise said the North Africans were not really a major threat. “We are not afraid to face them. They are not a threat at all. All the Warriors need is to slow their game like what Nigeria did against Morocco. With the way the Warriors played against Mali we are already thinking of meeting Nigeria in the final. The Warriors have improved a lot. Gorowa’s team is organised. We have a bit of a problem in scoring, but we are also not conceding a lot of goals, so it’s balanced. It’s now interesting. We didn’t want to watch the Warriors preferring to watch the English Premiership, but all that has changed now,” Manyise said.

“Zimbabwe has never reached the semi-finals of a competition like this. They are playing well and can lift this cup. They should continue like this. We need not to concede another goal. The one we conceded against Mali is enough. We should meet Nigeria and avenge the defeat we suffered at the National Sports Stadium when the Super Eagles came here. We have got a very solid defence in Partson Jaure and Eric Chipeta. Kuda Mahachi should continue to pose a threat in the box,” Tinashe Seve said.

Another soccer fan Joel Chikono said: “From the start, there is a great change. They need to maintain that spirit. I like Mahachi and Peter Moyo’s play. We have high chances of winning against Libya. I watched them play against Gabon. What we need is a recognised striker. Our defence is fine; all we need are goals.

“To represent the Southern Africa region has given our players the hunger and strength. We are now a force to reckon with,” Chikono said.

International corporate legal consultant, politician and businessman Obert Gutu said Simba Sithole and Masimba Mambare must lead the Warriors
attack tomorrow: “We will definitely beat Libya, but I propose that we have a two-man attack line of Simba Sithole (How Mine) and Mambare.”

Anesu Kureva added: “We didn’t think the Warriors would go this far. They are playing well. They deserve to win the trophy. They are working as a team. They are committed. They have fighting spirit, winning spirit so I think they will win the trophy.”

Nelson Machingura also said: “With the way they are playing they will reach the final. I was anxious to know our next opponents in the semi-finals and watched the match between Libya and Gabon with keen interest. The Warriors are better than Libya. I see us winning. Our coach should continue like that. He should be consistent with his selection. It will be great if they win as we celebrate our president’s 90th birth day.”

Tonderai Mapaike had this to say: “We are happy that Zimbabwe has made history. They are the only team from Southern Africa to reach this stage. What is most pleasing is the breed of players we have. They are committed and have fighting spirit. With players like Mahachi, Peter Moyo, Jaure and others, Zimbabwe has a bright future. With the way they played against Mali it’s a walkover against Libya.”

Fredrick Gwama said: “They are playing well and we have the potential to reach the final or even bring the cup. They just need knowledge, but with what I saw Zimbabwe can win. But what I noticed is Libya are good at taking penalties.”

Bernard Makore added: “From what I saw against Mali, I see us advancing to the final especially with players like Simba Sithole from How Mine. Since Gorowa took over from Dieter Klaus Pagels the Warriors have been improving. We have got good chances of reaching the final.”

Mbada Diamonds corporate services executive George Manyaya was emphatic in his answer: “We are beating Libya. I have a feeling we might lift the cup.”


  1. The warriors have no obligation to play for the amusement of Robert Mugabe. What has he done for the millions of Zimbabweans who are struggling and have left the country. The millions who are dying for lack of drugs in hospitals, the beatings and the tortures done by the CIO and the killings all done in the name of Zanu PF. Apfanha you should know whom you respect, kudzai Mwari kwete nhunzvatunzva Mugabe inoparadza mari kune dzimwe nyika ichivaka dzimba dzaisingagare vanhu vachifa nenzara, nemari yehupfumi hwezimbabwe ichiparadzwa. Musatambire kana mari yefufuro from anyone who supports Mugabe, munenge mushamba muropa revakaurayiwa naye. Zvipei kunaMwari chete.

  2. We are already in the final,believe we have aleady overcome Libya.go Warriors go,we are behind you guys

  3. GO warriors go, but lets us not underate the lybians coz they are not in the semi by lucky. at this stage they are no underdogs. the beta team in the 90 mins wil win

  4. Your strike force substitutes are costing the team very much Gorowa. Your Muparati is not all fit to be in this team and so has proved to be Dynamos Simba Sithole. Remove the two from the team and put forceful substitutes and we will win the cup.

  5. @Muporofita Jeremiah I think u need brain washing. Why attacking President Mugabe as though he has said anything about the team. Shame on you. Any way we wish warriors success when we play Libya. And if we go for penalty Chigova should no be deceived by their body posture. Yu should dive the opposite.

  6. Go warriors go!! Even if we are to bow at this stage aiwa Gorowa zvaazvinhu. He proved his worthy. None has reached this level. Go warriors go!!!

  7. please leave MR MUGABE alone we are toking football, support the team support the dream, we support you guys all the way , go and enjoy your game thats the way to win.

  8. Go Warriors go! Only believe. Chokwadi bhora raakunakidza. I din’t know these competitions can be so interesting especially with your team in it to win it! Matidadisa.

    My advice: Looking at the way we played against Mali and the way Libya played against Gabon, we are miles ahead. We just need to beat Libya in regulation time. By all means bring them down on time. An early goal like we did paMali. Another quick one to cushion us and leave everything to the minister of defence, PJ and his lieutenants. Please just don’t let them take you to the dreaded penalty lottery. Tingarwadziwa sei! All the best – Emmanuel!

  9. Go warriors go. Paita mari apo, ZIFA musazoba mari yevana. Isu ma fans takanda ma waya-waya uye CAF is giving them good money for lifting the Cup. Cashbert tambira kure, uri mbavha.

  10. So far so good guys! But be warned! Remain focused and humble to the end. Do not underrate Lybia now. You can only do that at your peril. We have you in our prayers, just give us this one please!

  11. Go Warriors Go-
    May the Warriors give us another moment of being -Proud to be a Zimbabwean tomorrow.
    Our defence has been good, the midfield has been full of mobility.
    The strike force picked up the good balance@ the right time.
    Go Warriors Go.

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