LED in house party


LEAGUE of Extraordinary DJs (LED), a group of popular disc jockeys, is expected to host a house party of the year tonight in Cranborne.

Report by Entertainment Reporter

The group, which is popular for throwing crazy parties across the city, will hold this ever first party which is free entry, in appreciation of the support their fans have given them over the past few years.

In an interview with NewsDay, one of the DJs Anthony Umali aka DJ Shy said they have so much to celebrate.

“Tonight we celebrate not only our previous successes, but also what is to come with 2014. We look forward to a fruitful year rocking your world as always,” he said.

“The party kicks off at 8pm at number 58 Chiremba Road. Entry is free, while everyone is to bring their own beer. We are also going to have two guest DJs, DJ Trickx from Mixmasters and DJ Grayham from H20,” he said.

LED is one of the most celebrated DJ stables in Zimbabwe boasting big names like DJ Shy, DJ Ren-x, DJ Spin, DJ Patch and J-Dub.

They have hosted several parties in clubs such as H20, Wing Wa Restaurant and Circus, some of them featuring celebrated international acts such as DJ Cndo and Professor from South Africa.

Umali said they guarantee to literally set the house on fire.

“The party is guaranteed to boot 100% so don’t miss out.

“LED DJs will be rocking you like we always do,” he said.