‘Jail rapists for 30+ years’

MDC-T officials Gift Chimanikire (left) and Jessie Majome follow proceedings at Gwanzura

PARLIAMENT is set to debate a motion to set mandatory 30 year sentences for rapists after Harare West MP Jessie Majome was on Tuesday granted leave to introduce the motion.


Majome’s motion came at a time a Harare serial rapist Thomas Chirembwe (30) was sentenced to an effective 230 years in jail after violating 30 women.

The MP tried to introduce her motion during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence in December last year, but was blocked by deputy speaker of the House of Assembly Mabel Chinomona, who said she had not followed the correct Parliamentary procedure.

“Madam Speaker, I wish to give notice that I will introduce a motion in the National Assembly for the introduction of mandatory stiff sentences of 30 years and above for rape and fitting stiff sentences for gender-based violence convicts,” Majome said.

“I would also want the government to provide for adequate forensic rape investigation facilities at police stations and immediately implement the National Gender-Based Violence Strategy 2012 to 2015.”

She told the august House that the motion she would like to introduce had been motivated by the rising incidences of rape in the country whereby 2013 statistics showed between January and December about 1 050 women were raped.

“I am concerned about the low rate of apprehension, conviction or sentencing of perpetrators, as well as lack of forensic investigation kits and lenient sentences against rapists. Government should provide investigation kits at all police stations,” she said.

Meanwhile, chairperson of the Parliamentary portfolio committee on women affairs, gender and community development Biata Beatrice Nyamupinga said the 2014 national budget underfunded the Women’s Affairs ministry.

“The ministry required $602 941 for gender based violence, but was allocated only $170 000. It means this will affect information dissemination right down to the villages. On the establishment of a Gender Commission, the department was allocated $50 000 when they requested $250 000 and it means it will be a challenge for the ministry to set up the Gender Commission,” Nyamupinga said.

Nyamupinga said the allocation to the women’s affairs ministry constituted 1% of the budget.



    • True that Bla Shacks, women want to their cake and eat it. Too often i have read cases of women abusing boys getting away with 12 months and community service, while mirror cases by men, sentences are upwards of seven years

      I hope Majome will also push for changes in how the law defines rape, especially against male victims by females

      This may sound stupid, but MP Thabitha Khumalo was probably right, legalise and control prostitution. When sex becomes easily available ( say $1 for 2), you will be surprised how cases of rape will decline.

  2. I do not support mandatory sentences for rape cases.From my observation it is easy for women to tailor false rape allegations against men, and difficult for the accused to rebut such allegations. Its unfortunate some men will be given the mandatory 30 years when they are innocent. It was good as it is, leaving sentencing to the discretion of the court.

  3. Any sane man will refute that. No more advances by selfish women who are preying on men for selfish advantages and unjust enrichment.
    I urge our house to wake up and have back-bones against women like her. Many times women who move such motions are NOT married and they failed their own marriage examinations. They don’t walk by the Holy book but by mere conscience and feelings. Thats NOT GOD gentlemen!! Wake up against such calls.
    Rape issues should be raped by a ‘code of conduct’ for humanity for a human society sub-law.

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  5. The biggest worry for any sane person(man or woman-it could be your son or brother) is the issues of false rape. Jails will fill up with innocent men who have been “fixed” by unstrupulus women. I agree to give a sex worker $50 we both drink and exhaust the money I have. We go to the hotel/room/lodge/house. I cant raise the 50 then she reports me for rape. I get 30n yrs. What sh…..t? This is just one scenario. There are many!!

  6. This discussion is very good for the society at large but there shld be minimum jail time for certain cases, Man (40) rapes child (6), i wldnt care if that man was sentenced to death…but yes we all know a dozen cases in our societies were women have cooked up cases of rape against men, sme even at advice from their mothers (wen the child is now pregnant, they are told to juss say they were raped), the hospitals should be equiped with proper rape kits, police trained on how to deal with rape cases (not the form 4 officers who man tolgates evry mrng), but proper police who are trained psychologists or smethng like that. Rape is not joke pple, pple infect children with STIs even worse HIV/AIDS. This proposed law shld be discussed further to involve emotinal abuse of men by women, physical abuse of either party.

  7. WHAT KIND OF LEADERS ARE WE HAVING. HOW CAN ONE LEAD WITH EMOTIONS. STOP HER SHE IS DANGEROUS. We are all against rapist but lets mold our laws to be just. Especially on those women who abuse or rape children. Lets also look at rectifying the on children who engage in sexual intercourse consensually then have the boy being charged of an offence.

  8. Hon Majome must display her experise in legal issues. Rape is a serious offense but she must push for redefinition of the term ‘rape’. It appears as if she is saying violation of sexual rights is committed by men only. Moreover, there is need to specify years according to age gap between the victim and the circumstances. In some situations, some women made threats saying, “Ukaramba uchivhaira zvauri kuita izvozvo ndongoenda kumapurisa kuti wakandibata. Vakomana vanotamba newe usiku kumacells.” Reporting false rape might have severe effects on how some men will be courageous and confident approaching women to form marital relationships.

  9. Women are going too far!!!!

    How about murume anenge achengeteswa mwana kana mimba isiri yake……. we want death penalty for these women!!! Varume vacho vari mu parliament vanenge vakati gozwa isu varume tichitsikirirwa!!!””

    pasi navo!!

  10. imwezve fast track kwete. iyoyo yakatokwana becoz jumping to conclusions can be a bad exercise.
    shandayi nemitemo iripo zvikurusey mukomekedze law enforcement in your constituencies vashande professionally mavapawo makitsi amareva including modern examinations dze dna_woka huye vavhimi vechipurisa vashambidzike mupfungwa vapeyi motokari. majaji mungagoda kuti vajoyine ma radical movement enyu chokwadi?
    affirm and reaffirm the existing there certainly is no need to reform sentencing since 10 years muchizarira same same ne 60 years mazuwano.

  11. those pple are not normal.they are failures in their spiritual life like this days pastors.30 years is good a normal person must before even dogs and pigs are better.

  12. veduwee ini ndakambokuenda kujeri vanhu vaita framing dzavo kuti ndaka repa ka3 yr old. Apa mapurisa haana kana kit yaakauya nayo. Pakangonyorwa mastatements, no evidence yakamboonekwa. Ndakaita 1 yr muremand. If not for a powerful lawyer dai even up to now ndirimo. Saka ndapotawo kuti tangai manyatsoongorora nyaya dzacho musati mapa mutongo. Vakawanda vasina kunzwirwawo nyasha naMwari seni varimo mumajeri

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