Indiscipline, corruption have no place in ZRP: Charamba


POLICE yesterday said they will not leave any stone unturned as they seek to get to the bottom of a suspected corruption case where traffic police officers manning a roadblock in Beatrice nearly lost about $2 000 stolen money to a 10-year-old girl just before the Christmas Holidays.


In a statement, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said: “Indiscipline and corruption have no role in the organisation. The organisation would like to emphasise that where acts of corruption are reported, the organisation will swiftly descend on the culprits and sternly take appropriate disciplinary measures.”

Charamba added that police had of late introduced a raft of radical “razor edge” internal disciplinary measures, supervisory and monitoring mechanisms to counter acts of misconduct in the police force.

“The approach in terms of the new measures will be that any proven acts of misconduct involving dishonesty of whatever nature will result in instant dismissal of the errant members. This is unlike in the past where the organisation was constrained by a graduated legal and bureaucratic process,” she said.

Her statement comes amid reports that two police officers linked to the alleged racket had been arrested and locked up at undisclosed locations in Harare.

It is alleged that the girl, Nodia Gozho, picked up the money — believed to be part of a bribe loot from motorists — from a rubbish pit near the roadblock and handed it to her parents who are both labourers at Gilston Farm.

However, police allegedly later made a follow-up and recovered the money from the girl’s parents after threatening to beat them up.

While making reference to the Beatrice case, Charamba said: “Specifically the case being referred to was already under investigation. The police investigations are certainly not made in the media by playing to the public gallery. It is the organisation’s policy that all information, not only about corruption, but all criminal activities is treated with uttermost respect, transparency and urgency which they deserve.”

She accused some opposition politicians of seeking “to score cheap political points” over the matter, describing them as “highly contemptuous”.


  1. kamai ngakatinyarewo, chii chinoshamisa pakaa2grant, whilst yu re driving sofisticated carz, stayin in luxurious home @ our xpenze , mboko

  2. Seems there policy in the force that is sniff nt do not get taught.Corruption is so rampant in the police force even at the Vts in cahoots with criminals.These guys were unfortunate that the were caught

  3. 1. A lot of police officers are corrupt and the system so complicated to point that people do no not want to report.
    2. If you report a case of corruption, you immediately become the accused and the ‘arm of the law’ will visit you.
    3. Charity should learn that if politiciants find an opportunity to score, its their RIGHT. The police (plis) should just be professional and not concern themselves with comments from political parties. Remember political parties are legally constituted and draw their membership from bonafide Zimbabweans. Charity hausi Psychology.
    4. One day the ruling party will be in opposition but will be a legal party whose membership will need pprofessional police services 24/7.
    5. Thank you Zimbabweans for being peace loving and haters of corruption.

    • zvakaoma apa zesa 4 days no magetsi ku glenview 3 pane coruption inopfuura ipapo.the guys simply dont have a clue to trace and solve the fault

  4. No need to take your time on the pimple,address the root cause.Proper remuneration and improved working conditions will help reduce corruption.Matter of spider web that gets the small insects while big ones that deserve to be caught simply bulldoze through.You guys at the top are too corrupt but protect one another!$2000 nothing compared to what is being stolen per hour in the Chiadzwa diamond fields.

  5. I smell a rat. $2000 is too much to have been received as bribes. Also why were there police papers with the bribe loot. Common sense would dictate that the papers would be with the genuine money corresponding with tickets issued. This money is from FAKE ticket books issued with the knowledge of superiors and nothing will come out of this case. Anyone who has been issued with a ticket will testify the zeal with which the operatives are quick to write them out. I bet if motorists were to present these tickets at relevant stations duplicates would not be found.

  6. votes were stolen and nothing happened so why should i be happy that these police officers were arrested over their $2000 bribe money. ministers and top govt officials who stole millions in state resources are still free. so whats the big deal.

  7. If corruption is kicked out of ZRP Charity will be the first to loss the job which zimbabweans do not know how she got it . maybe she got it becoz of another Charamba who speaks for Matabili and she speaks for ZRP interesting .ZANU will be the next to go into exitction . Sorry mama ZANU will never want to remove corruption which is their number one way of making a leaving. So you can hallucinate as much as you wish corruption is here to stay.

    • I think sport fine must be stopped for it is creating a loophole for Traffic Police . If u dont remove sport fines it means u still want Police on the road to continue with corruption . Let the Police write tickets which are computerised and be paid within seven days at designated points

  8. Corruption in the Police Force is now like cancer which has affected the whole body. If you are to compare the past and today we are now more oppressed both on our roads and stock clearances that’s why accidents are on the rise and stock theft figures are going up .Watch the cell phones constables have ,cars, combis, houses to name a few. To someone supervising these juniors is a sign of well calculated fraud taking place in an organisation.

    1st scrap sport fines and rivet to the old tickets to pay system and use the CVR dept. for recoveries of your dues.
    2nd. No Police officer should handle any cash transactions outside an office because that’s not his duty and mighty not be qualified to handle cash on behalf of the GVT.
    3rd.Police should leave courts to do justice other than intimidate the Public by impounding their Vehicles because of pertinent issues
    4th. All fines should be deposited to the Ex Chequer Account to enable audits to be done smoothly.
    5th.Stern action should be taken against any one who breaks standing police rules.

  9. Madam Officer, unless if you stop your officers from smashing vehicle windscreens as is now the culture with the impunity that they do it, and other vices committed by your officers, you are just hood-winking the nation!

  10. So its this girl from zvimba , charity hofa , who is saying corruption is not tolerated in the force. No wonder why it took you so long to comment because you are a beneficiary of corruption

  11. I think if the force want to stop corruption it can be done within days. The problem is that its now an accepted trend in Zimbabwe where every Transport Operator has to budget for Police Bribes. Even the Police themselves pay Bribes even to have their Leave Forms signed so how do you control it.

    We have so many Road Blocks which are like Toll Gates. Police should take statistic of how many commuters drive past the Road Blocks and see how many tickets are issued. Why should we have 5 RoadBlocks from Luveve into Town honestly.

    Can Madam Charamba tell the Nation how many tickets were issued in the Beatrice Road $2000.00 Scandal? The Police are getting more than the Govt. Accidents are caused by Police harrasment to Motorists.

    Why do you Madam let your Watcg Dog Officers Drive Commuters and Buses and see the truth. Vamwe vavakutoenda kun’anga kuti vaendeswe kuTraffic.

  12. I think sport fine must be stopped for it is creating a loophole for Traffic Police . If u dont remove sport fines it means u still want Police on the road to continue with corruption . Let the Police write tickets which are computerised and be paid within seven days at designated points

  13. Ambuya Charity is the best example of a worst police spokes person the force ever had.What does she say police corruption is dealt with respect?Ngazvifumurwe such that it wont be swept under carpet.Readers need a follow up on this one thru public media.Zim minus your rp and pf equals britain maface.Nyika ino yakanaka musipo.

  14. every policeman is driving Gaia,ipsum,raum etc. they even bribe their boss’s to be deployed on the roadblocks.

  15. Koo pa belleviue from nketa mapurisa munyare kutoita register yemakombi achisiya chioko muhomwe ! Vachihuri batai vanhu musagara muhofisi!

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