Incestuous couple to do 630 hours community service


TWO members of the Feremenga family from Dzivarasekwa Extension in Harare, whose incestuous relationship resulted in two pregnancies, were yesterday convicted and ordered to perform 630 hours of community service at different institutions in the suburb.


Robson (21) and Ashley Feremenga (19), whose fathers are blood brothers, pleaded guilty to incest charges when they appeared before Harare regional magistrate Adonia Masawi and were slapped with a 36-month prison term each.

But Masawi later suspended 18 months of their sentence on condition of good behaviour and again suspended the remainder on condition each of them performs 630 hours of community service.

The court was nonetheless, left in stitches when the two relatives insisted they wanted to stay together as a couple despite the implications of their unlawful relationship.

According to prosecutor Liberty Gono, the sexual relationship between the two started sometime in 2010, and was brought to light early this year by concerned neighbours who informed one of the pair’s father, Jonasi Feremenga.

Gono told the court that on a date unknown to the State, the two fell in love resulting in the birth of a baby girl and the couple connived to mislead their parents into believing that the girl’s biological father had denied paternity.

Last year,  Ashley fell pregnant again raising suspicion from the neighbours who then contacted one of the couple’s parents from the rural areas.

The two then confessed to having a sexual relationship and also expressed their willingness to stay together as a couple, prompting their parents to report the matter to police.


  1. sika sika netwunyaya twusina graft, zvitori nani kuroorana wematongo vasina mkhuhlane, pane vakadzi vanobva nekuchechi kwa gumbura. garai mese zvenyu imi, paita hot love ka apa

  2. Ummmmmm? What should a person do when they notice feelings of love towards a close relative and the two are staying together? Let’s help the young ones. I know of many more who are yet to be exposed. But it’s happening!

  3. Any person who desires to have sexual intercourse with his close (bloody) relative is not normal. Kuchiva hanzvadzi kunge muramu here!

  4. This is disappointing. I know that resonable people will not fall in love in they share the same tortem or surname, even if they are not related. What more of these who are related?

  5. Dai mambobatanidza neka custodial sentence because zvimwe zvacho zvinoda kuti zviite send a message. We are Africans and nowhere in Africa is that tolerated, especially in Zimbabwe zvinotadzisa mvura kunaya. Vanhu vasiri hama vakawanda chaizvo . in some countries the sentence is death by stoning.

  6. Hanzvadzi – sikana ngadzisashaishe kugara,kufongoka-fongoka nekupfeka tuma mini pane hanzvadzi-komana,otherwise ahii!

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  8. that these two hid the paternity of their first kid shows they knew their relationship was improper.being kids themselves only a custodial sentence would do the trick to make them forget each other.

  9. Human trafficking is illegal, kuti nyika yedu ichene vanhu vemakunakuna ava gavaendeswe. Zvese nevana vacho. After community service what’s there to stop them from making more incestuous babies.

  10. Makunakuna aya anoshamisa!what stuns me is how there ws a perfect born of the pregnancy.kazhinji makuna kuna anopedzesera zvazvarwa zvacho zvakaremara.but the bible declares kuti pasave nemunhu anoswedera kuhama yake yepedyo

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