I’m just a normal teenager – Whiz kid


WHEN you look at 16-year-old Eustina Ruvimbo Munemo’s Cambridge Examination results for “O” Level, you would probably think she lived in a military-style academic environment where it was all work and no play.


But not so for this bubbly Harare teenager; her results for the 2013 examinations appear to mock the internationally reputable Cambridge Examinations. She attained a chain of A grades amounting to 10 in Computer Studies, Geography, Literature (English), English (First Language), French (Foreign Language), Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Management.

No doubt, these results define Eustina as a genius.

She, however, had moments to play and enjoy while engaged in other activities prescribed by the Eaglesvale Secondary School curriculum such as tennis and hockey, drama, quiz and the school’s Interact Magazine.

“I am good at acting, but I have never considered a career in drama,” she said. “At one time I entertained the idea of becoming a journalist until I got discouraged by some people who thought it would be weird for me to be a journalist, but I love writing.”

What many may find surprising, however, is that Eustina did not put in extraordinary hours when it came to studying, but worked just like any other “normal” student. She did not have to push herself over the edge, either.

“When you do 10 subjects you have to work at some point,” she said. “For me some, subjects like English, French and Geography, come naturally. But I had to work hard at Maths and Chemistry. I always told myself to study only when I felt like it.”

She said she hardly put in hard work during the holidays because, in her own admission, she has a serious weakness for television.

She, however, did not discount the work her teachers did in setting up this goose that eventually laid the golden egg during the November 2013 examinations.

The second child in a family of three, Eustina was born to electrical technician Edmore and laboratory scientist Ellen Munemo. Against this backdrop, she is probably a chip off the old blocks in more ways than one. And it’s a family thing, too.

As the future beckons, Eustina — who confessed she never really struggled with the school curriculum — said she wanted to do Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at A-Level and, afterwards, pursue studies either in software engineering or systems analysis.

In parting, she said: “You need to be committed and self-motivated.”


  1. Congratulations whiz kid, but just a word of advice A level is different from O Level. dont get misled by these 10As coz u can also fail your advanced studies. i know a guy who got 6Cs at O Level and was enrolled as an A Level student by mistake coz he shared the surname by a guy who got 3As and a letter was mistakenly sent to him. He got 14 points and he is now renowned lawyer thus he outperfomed those with 8 As.

      • Iwe Garwe unenge dofo. Hapana chinoshamisa kuti Cambridge. Bvunza isu tiri mueducation sector, standard yeZIMSEC in certain subjects itori pamusoro pane yecambridge.

      • I sat for Cambridge in the 80s, some were getting up to 12As without making headlines because it was not such a big deal then, so 10As in the news shows a drop in standards. Not to take anything away from the young lady, she did very well, better than what I managed anyway so makorokoto hanzvadzi. Magonesa!

    • dibango ATORIWO NEGODO HAKEWO congrats sister ndokunonzi kukwatura skuru uku now concentrate on your As wish you all the best

    • Dibango ndinewe wangu chero asati abuda paSt Faiths is were geniouses are groomed. Lastast year they had a kid with 16 A’s. I bet this year they will have a record students with 12 A’s. I don’t really understanding the point of selecting a kid with 10 A’s and label her as a whiz kid. Its mockery!

      • Iwe wakaita mangani? She is a whizz kid by any measure! I bet you also think Professor Ncube is stupid! He is a Professor …wake up!

    • Zvakafanana nekuti kuita millionaire hakuchashamisa iwe uchitengesa airtime pakona pe Road. Well done girl. You are an inspiration!

  2. dibango u should learn to give credit where its due. Here is a girl who has performed really well, way better than you even did if ever sat for your O’levels and all that you can say is bla bla bla. Zvandinoziva ndezvekuti ST FAITH sits for Zimsec and not cambridge. Never compare the two. I also wonder if the Zimsec 2013 O level results are out yet for you to compare. Wel done lil sis. Ramba wakashinga.

  3. Firstly congrats to the young lady. However the title Whiz Kid is misleading. 10 A’s is VERY VERY common. Whiz Kid ngatitaure zvevamwe vakaita sesu vakaitawo ma 12/13 A’s zvichikwira or at least ma 23+ points pa A Level. Ndokuzoita vana Actuarial Science/Medicine/Chemical Engineering…..Tozotaura zvokuti Whiz Kid.

    • Please stop comparing and just give the kid due credit for her efforts. Wati toti haana kugona nokuti iwe une 13As here? Mwana akagona hake, anodadisa. Keep it up girl

  4. dai maiziva kt zimsec is much more difficult than camb dai mataurira pasi, nevertheless we say congradulations girl!

    • taura hako justine,jus chek paper rea level maths recambridge uone,u wl find masectors and mensuration of plane shapes zvatakaita O level kuzimsec,bt sisi wakamira mira hawo

  5. Congrats young lady. However, I am not very convinced. You sound like just another lucky kid and not a whiz kid. By your own admission, you did not do anything extra and you are an excessive TV-watcher. For A Levels you may need to change your approach!

  6. I thought she scored A*s (distinctions), which is above 90%; but just As is not being smart at all. I know quite a number who have scored more than 9 A*s at IGCSE mwith an average score of more than 95% in each of the subjects!

    • You are just jealous. Did you mark for thse with 95% and above. If she was doing 10 subjects and got 10 As then she is brilliant. And I read that it is Cambridge which means the paper ws not leaked before exams were written.

      Again, even those who write ZIMSEC exams and get so many As deserve to be complimented. Its a tough examination by all standards.

  7. obviously, most zimbos will not say kind words pane zvakanaka. imagine ari mwana wako or sister, waiti chii pakadai. makorokoto mwanangu……keep the fire burning!!!!!!!!

    • Its typical MDC mentality that has trained some to see bad in even the most beautiful! Chi Group B mentality chauraya nyika

  8. Having recently wrote both zimsec and igcse…. Zimsec at olevel is a walk in the park and I doubt if jts marked to the same standards as Cambridge anyway. Plus haina international certificate ka Iyo. Congratulations to the kid tho

    • No one is ever denied studying internationally because they have ZIMSEC. Whether someone has ZIMSEC or Cambridge, foreign universities just consider them high school diploma. I have taught average kids who ended up getting As in Cambridge. 10 As akagona hake.

  9. Diabango aya ave ma Exams aya.. Cambridge Exams – Kwave kumberi uku kwete zve ZIMSEC zvine ma exam papers anongo leaker every year..plus zvinomarkirwa muma chicken buses .

  10. Newsday journos use words in the wrong context….. just like they told us of Gumbura’s ‘oppulence’ which is non existent. This girl did well and congrats to her. But she is no whiz kid. 10As is not news these days in our environment which has become so competitive. JSC was sufficient long ago. Now, even a degree is not just for the brainy ones…… anyone can get it. So, well done to her but report on those with exceptional results.

  11. congrats young sis ,,, keep up the good work . There is a Tafara Mashanda at Goldridge College in Kwekwe who got 12 As , 10 of those were A* meaning he had an average of 95% in those 10 subjects , at the same school Mufaro Chamunorwa got 25pts for her A levels , she had A* in all her subjects . Congratulations to Mr Mashanda and your team .

  12. Comments here illustrate why Zimbabwe is in such a parlous state. This girl has done exceptionally well and is naturally intelligent but all some people can say is “hazvishamisire”… You will die of jealousy bacause you are failures in life, how many of you posting here achieved even one A at “O” Level Cambridge? Basa nderekungonyomba ma achievements evamwe asi pamuri chabuda hapana!! I say WELL DONE Eustina Ruvimbo, keep up the excellent spirit and do even better at “A” level and put to shame these good-for-nothings who hate other people for their achievements.

  13. Congratulations to the young lady. why do we have to say kana munhu agona toti he-e st Faiths what what? varume nevakadzi vakuru hamunyare kuitira mwana jealous? kana akagona akagona. ndimi vanhu vanoti mukaona munhu achifara nemari yake motanga kuunza nyaya dzaana Masiiwa imi. Well done Ruvimbo

  14. whiz kid my s!! wait till she enroll for A level u will c her at the lowly ranked colleges i.e. kushinga pikhelela vocational Tc come 3yrs from now. i kow of a kid who graduated in medicine at cambridge university at 12yrs thats wizzy. i had 11A at olevel bt culdnt say i was wiz

  15. Mwana agona uyu. Some don’t think she is a genius but I do. Anyone who can get five A and above is a genius. Just need to focus on her strengths at A Level and her career is set.

  16. Amhlophe sisi, concentrate on your A level Studies unyadzise vavengi. Am not looking down upon Zimsec but l believe it does not match Cambridge as an exam council. Ngemva kweminyaka emibili we want to hear what these people will say

  17. i had 10 A’s in 1999 from st signatious college mboho achiri headmaster. noone called me a wiz kid. for our sch at the time 10 A’s (cambridge for that matter) was only considered a benchmark. to call someone a wiz kid by our (st ignatious) standards, one would need atleast 15 A’s. in order to do that you would take on subjects like further maths (a level maths for o level), phycsics and chemistry(cambridge futi) wiz kid? not by a long stretch. AKATRYA TRYA.

    • @Rufaro- Well I suppose we can say anything hiding under pseudonyms..yah? If this performance was average what do you call those who got 5As? Jealous much?

  18. Congrats to the young girl but whoever wrote the article ndiye dofo…. 10 A’s really. go to Marist Nyanga, St Faith’s, Kriste Mambo to name a few…. they talk of number of students with above 10 A’s, then vozoti ma10 A students mangani… kwete kuti 10 A’s a whizkid

  19. 10As is good but not the best,I was from Nyanga High,Marist and I have this friend of mine who was the first to get 16As,I also had 13As and a lot of students had 10A’s.Vapfana vekuSt Faith tirikungovaradzika mufaculty so I don’t really understand why they get such fantastic results.A’s don’t really define someone as a genius,they show that a person is hardworking and determined.Geniuses are above the level of getting A’s,they are just special,and few!!

  20. Congrats little sis this is very good. I am not sure about the whizkid bit… and I don’t honestly think this is news worthy… I am not hating hey… but I think there must be some sort of a relationship between with the person who wrote the article…

  21. Well done whiz kid. But I had more than 10 A’s and am from Bonda. Just curious why I didn’t make it in the newspaper. Bonda, Fisco and Marist so not regard 10Az believe me anyone can get more than that.

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