Harare Council workers besiege Town House


ANTI-RIOT police yesterday quelled a potentially riotous situation at Harare Town House after angry workers from the Department of Water stormed council offices demanding payment of their November and December salaries.


The workers were later addressed by Water Engineering director Christopher Zvobgo in the presence of anti-riot police officers. Zvobgo assured them that they would get their salaries today.

The latest job action comes amidst reports of serious infighting between councillors and management over the non-disclosure of the executive’s alleged huge salary perks.

Water Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe president Kenias Chivuzhe told NewsDay that council workers were not happy with “lies” being peddled daily at Town House over their salaries and threatened action if nothing was done.

“Since May last year, they have been telling us that all will be well soon,” Chivuzhe said.

“They have been lying to our leadership. At the moment, the situation is still normal, but we don’t want the management to cripple service delivery. Their action in dealing with this case will determine our next course of action.”

Workers in other departments said they were also owed two months’ salaries.

Meanwhile, Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni, town clerk Tendai Mahachi and human resources committee chairperson Wellington Chikombo are expected to meet today to come up with a position regarding workers’ demands for public disclosure of executives’ salaries and perks.

Chikombo confirmed the development yesterday, but declined to give further details.

“Of course, I was mandated to expeditiously deal with the matter which has been a festering sore under the flesh for a long time and we are meeting tomorrow (today). But since I am not the spokesperson, you can get in touch with the mayor,” Chikombo said.

Sources said after today’s meeting, the matter will be referred to full council before a resolution is reached.


  1. i demand to know how much of my rate payments go to pay council senior management. its not only the workers who want to know but also us the ratepayers.

  2. we are their paymasters,so if they resist to disclose their salaries and allawences….ishh..we stop paying rates with emedeate effect, ngatibataneyi vagari vemuHarare..akajaidzwa makudo aya,COUNCILLORS if you fail them youll also have failed us i bet

  3. Are we a cursed race? We never take anything serious untill something really terrible happens very close to us. Thats typical of Africans even at personal level.
    1. It will take five fatal accidents for city fathers to install traffic lights at a busy intersection.
    2. It will take strikes cozing countless deaths before workers salaries are revised upwards
    3. Accident(plenty) have to occur before potholes are attended to.
    4. It will take thousands of deaths through civil war before national disputes are settled. . The list is endless. Its not like that with our counterparts elsewhere.

    Vawethu, we need to change our attitudes towards life. Lets learn to be pro-active rather than re-active all the time.

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