Gunman, councillor in house wrangle


A ZIMBABWE National Army (ZNA) officer is reportedly working in cahoots with a Harare city councillor for Mbare ward 3 to fraudulently take over a house belonging to a late Mozambican national from her dependents.


The soldier, Solomon Chirimerime, is reportedly working with councillor Innocent Maseko and is said to have forcefully taken over the house from the deceased Linda Charlie depriving her “bona fide” dependents of their right to shelter.

The battle to take over house Number 39C, Adbernnie Road, has sucked in Town House and the Association of Mozambicans Resident in Zimbabwe (AMRZ).

According to a letter by AMRZ, Charlie, a Mozambican national, occupied the Mbare house and her dependents had the right to occupy the house since they have no relatives in Zimbabwe.

Charlie’s daughter-in-law Patricia Charlie, who is claiming ownership of the house, accused Chirimerime and Maseko of conspiring with council officials to take over their house.

In November last year, the High Court wrote to Housing and Community Services director in Mbare advising him to stop any transactions on the house until investigations were over, saying the action of changing ownership was tantamount to a criminal act.

Attached to the letter was an affidavit signed by Chirimerime before the ZNA chaplain confirmed he was not the owner and that he would vacate the place by January 1 2014.

In the affidavit, Chirimerime wrote: “I will move from the above said address where I am residing with my family to pave way to Mrs P Charlie, the lawful owner of the aforesaid house. I will promise to move before January 1, 2014 without failure (sic). Failure to adhere to my promise, disciplinary action will be taken against me.”

In an interview yesterday, Maseko said Charlie was not genuine in her case.

“Consult City of Harare and you will hear the city by-laws. It’s rented accommodation and it’s the City of Harare which has a say on such houses,” Maseko said.

“The houses are not leased and you don’t sublet. The problem is there are many cases and in that instance, it’s an in-law who is claiming that it’s her house.

“These people are of Mozambican origin and the deceased became sick and died while the soldier was taking care of him. The soldier was now staying in the main house and the deceased in the kitchen. He (the soldier) buried him, but 13 years down the line someone comes and say she is the owner.”

Responding to the High Court directive, letters from the High Court and AMRZ’s affidavit, Maseko said the letters were written based on misinformation by Charlie.

“When she came in November, she forcibly removed the soldier from the main house and that letter (from ZNA) you are referring to was signed under duress because she had manipulated the system. I am told that affidavit has since been withdrawn from the council’s files,” Maseko said.


  1. iwe maseko wakwana papi panyaya yemba ye munhu?vanhu ve zpf you are like that.we are also victims of the same issue ku mbare where by savanhu ended up supporting and acting in cahoots with kunonga over a house we were staying in for years.

  2. maZezuru dont want Mozambicans, they think Mozambicans are animals. Yet its them that helpef build Harare, while they were looking for mbeva in Murehwa and Zvimba.

  3. How many zimbos can claim don’t have foreign links,zimbabwe which people call others aliens in was a creation of whites,maseko is also found in malawi his a foreigner as well

    • The Masekos are nvr Zimbabwean by originality bt by decent.I hv a Maseko cousin sister who’s father is also 4rm Malawi.Pple shld b xenophobic. Lets live like real Zimboz.Ubuntu thts wat I pray 4

  4. Stop talking about Mozambican you thief.Who is better placed to manipulate the seystem the woman or the soldier?Who withdrew the affidavit from the council?Pfutseke mhani zigororo.Chihuri sunga mbavha idzi.

  5. Maseko wandinyadzisa. i always thought you were a gentleman and that you were level headed unlike most of the zanu pf thugs in mbare. But such reckless and careless statements from someone i regarded highly haaa no man. Wakabonyoka musoro like the whole bunch yaana Chirwa, chihambakwe, Orripah, the late Mapuranga etc. Just when i thought i voted wisely pandakaisa X pakanzi Innocent Maseko nxaa

  6. Wow !!!

    For those Zimbabwe people who don’t want non Zimbabwe people to own houses or be in business in Zimbabwe, I have a concern. By your reasoning all Zimbabwean people and descendents living in SA, America, Britain, Europe etc should not be allowed property , own business etc. That means no money coming back home to support family. It’s time to get rid of whining and be positive and move to building a wonderful country. If the rest of the world had your attitude you would not receive aid from donors and families.


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