Gumbura bail application dismissed


HIGH Court judge Justice Ester Muremba yesterday dismissed a fresh bail application filed by incarcerated RTG Independent End Time Message Church leader Robert Martin Gumbura saying there was little likelihood the man of the cloth would escape conviction on all alleged rape charges.


The judge said given Gumbura’s version that he had sexual intercourse with the complainants by consent, which they denied, chances were that he used his position to instill fear in them and eventually sexually attacked them.

Justice Muremba further said granting Gumbura bail would be tantamount to undermining bail rules since he was in custody facing several other rape charges reported by his church members.

“The applicant is a pastor and complainants are his church members and if he is released on bail their sense of peace and security will be undermined,” Justice Muremba said.

The judge further said if Gumbura was to be released on bail “public confidence in the judiciary system would also be undermined” as such it was proper to have his application dismissed.

Gumbura is in custody awaiting judgment at the Harare Magistrates Court where he was tried on eight counts of rape and one count of illegal possession of pornographic materials of some of his 11 wives.

Regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya last week deferred ruling on the matter to January 31 saying he had not been able to finalise the judgment because he was not feeling well.

Gumbura has been in custody since November last year and his trial was concluded three weeks ago after an inspection of his 25-roomed mansion by the court during an inspection in loco.

Meanwhile, three of Gumbura’s 11 wives will not be able to hear the judgment in their husband’s alleged rape case on January 31 because their own trial over allegations of illegal possession of pornographic materials will be taking place at the same time.

Choice Neganye, Amadeus Mutakwa and Pamela Kandawire are being charged together with fellow church members, Rutendo Sekai Mandiya, Runyararo Musvovi, Veronica Mbanga, Tendai Kwatara and Moreblessing Takawira.

Their trial, which had been scheduled to continue yesterday, was postponed to Friday after prosecutor Michael Reza told the presiding magistrate Vakayi Douglas Chikwekwe that the defence counsel, Rekayi Maphosa, was unwell and therefore unable to attend court.

The eight women have denied the charges of contravening the Censorship and Entertainment Act levelled against them after they were allegedly found in possession of nude pictures of themselves and some pornographic DVDs.

In an unrelated matter, the bail application for incarcerated police Assistant Commissioner Gideon Baloyi, who was slapped with an effective nine-month imprisonment term for corruptly facilitating the release of Nevermind Kufakunesu who was facing a $21 000 fraud charge, was yesterday postponed to Friday.

Baloyi was charged for contravening paragraph 35 of the Schedule to the Police Act as read with Section 29 and 29(A) (1)(b) of the same law that makes it an offence for an officer to act in any manner likely to bring discredit to the police force.

However, Baloyi has since submitted in his affidavit filed at the High Court that he was being victimised for unearthing serious corruption by top police officers.


  1. Magaya the time between the end of the trial and yo judgement is offered so that you write yo own sentence. In remand there is always an inmate who knows an uncle who is friends with a guy who knows the Pp who was at UZ with yo ‘warship’ even in yo congregation there is one who can carry the ‘bag’ to someone related to ‘yowarship’ so that a community service can be secured for you. U can appeal later.

  2. Indava nyaya dzemuno dzichitora nguva yakareba kuti dzipere.Does anyone have any mhinduro.I beleave in all Zimbabweans that we are good but what is going on with us.Its high time to start beleiving in ourselves we are good good,solve these problems my fellow country men we can do it.

  3. pastors, wait now now there will be another gumbura by the name prophet magaya of waterfalls. Recently he bought a container for beverly sibanda full of clothes for her to sell in town guys guys transform bev’s life??? Watch this space

  4. “If Gumbura is released on bail public confidence in the judiciary would be undermined”. Is this the same judiciary system that has set loose murder suspects like DJ Munya on bail,armed robbers,rape suspects with 806 other suspects skipping bail?I hope these other cases have not undermined public confidence in the same judiciary system.

  5. Bail application??…what for,.did he first apply to the high court to rape these innocent women?,akurwadziwa neremand kanguva kadiki ikaka?..manje haasati ko paachazorohwa 100yrs behind bars achadini..aiwa rot peacefully in prison munhu waMwari..ndatenda hangu

  6. A closer scrutiny of Gumbura’s cases shows that sexual intercourse was consensual. What the women are doing is to fix him. After all, sexual intercourse in our African culture is never agreed between a man and a woman. Mukadzi anenge achiramba-ramba iye achida. So there is a thin line that separates kubvuma nekuramba in our culture.

  7. Gumbura anosota gen’a, judge akarwara, judgement, haina kuitwa, ndokubva yatorwa na justice hungwe, ndokubva achaya bonde mukadzi kusvika asisina mweya wekufema, zuro uno, yatorwa na prosecutor avo, vabva varwara, nhasi ina amai judge ester, manje manje, vacha pindawo muchechi ya gumbura, haa gumbura uri dhara

  8. Gumbura nyangooenda hake kujeri asi murume uyu akambonakirwa,akaravira dzakawanda,vane mazigaro,vanemahips,mvana,mvandara,mhandara,vane varume vavo potse nevarume vacho vakakwetsurwa,he waz just making fun in the name of sex abusing his position of pastorship he deserve a hash sentence he must rot in prison

    • Taura hako washe. Ndiyo inonzi mikono inoziva kusenzesa nhengo, kwete makwara anotya leaving with one nagging and troublesome woman. Muchinda mushina wamajuzi chaiwo. I think the great grandfather was a rich polygamist. Anenge murozvi chaiye…..

  9. i fail to understand how all the purported raped women had no guts to reveal this act. there are those who think Gumbura threatened them but I beg to differ, how came all the raped ones are young women? is it not a ploy from some enemies of Gumbura to use these women in order to destroy him? the man has eleven wives to his credit all beautiful as one can see from the press photoes why then would he go on to rape? these women thought they will be part of the marriage crew adding on to the eleven, when this failed they plotted rate. i sincerely ask our judicial to look careful into such issues lest all pastors go the same way. vakadzi ava misungo kuvatendi i dont think they slept na Gumbuta chete. they were suppossed to be good Christians but ah! ndazvitadza. Vafundisi chenjerai madzimai auya kushata munofira mujeri. I dont support rapists but i also do not support unjust enrichment. justice be fair

  10. makamboona kupi mukuru wechurch anorora vakadzi vakawanda wani jesu kristu akataura kuti murume anorora mudzimai mumwe first timothy and titus chapter 2 states that the one who z presiding over the congregation must hav one wife not eleven so he z a false and hypocris the end is coming he wil be accountable to Yaweh

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