Guard rapes mentally retarded woman


A SECURITY guard who betrayed his friend and raped his mentally retarded daughter was recently slapped with a 15-year jail term when he appeared before Harare magistrate Adonia Masawi.


Clemence Galau (33) will, however, serve an effective 11 years in prison after four years of the sentence were set aside on condition he will not commit a similar offence.

Prosecutor Liberty Gono told the court during trial that Galau of St Mary’s Township in Chitungwiza, who was employed by a local security company, raped the 15-year-old special class student who suffered from brain damage.

The court also heard that the accused was a friend of the complainant’s father. On a date unknown to the prosecutor in August last year Galau dragged the girl, who was alone at home, into the shack he used as a barber shop at the house and pushed her onto the floor before raping her. After he was through he dressed himself and told her not to tell anyone because he was going to marry her.

On another day in the same month, the accused raped the complainant again and warned her not to tell anyone before giving her $1.

In September 2013, on a date unknown to the prosecutor, but around 4 o’clock in the afternoon while the complainant’s father lay drunk in the dining room, the accused dragged the teenager into a cottage at the house and raped her again. Although the complainant screamed, no one came to her rescue. The accused gave her $1.

On September 28, 2013 while the complainant’s parents were away attending a wedding, the complainant’s mother’s sister–in–law sent her to buy vegetables at the nearby market. She, however, took long to return and when she was questioned about the delay, she disclosed how the accused had escorted her to the market.

Upon further questioning, she told her mother that the accused had fondled her and subsequently disclosed the earlier rape incidents.

A police report was made leading to Galau’s arrest.


  1. ‘Retarded’ is not the right way to refer to people with disabilities Newsday. They may have learning difficulties/ disability but are certainly not retarded!

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