Ground collapses, swallows garden


KWEKWE — Globe and Phoenix Mine compound residents are living in fear after a two square metre crater appeared in the middle of a yard at the mining compound swallowing a fully grown guava tree.


The ground gave in on Saturday afternoon swallowing Alfonso Banda’s garden and guava tree into a suspected mine shaft estimated to be over 15 metres deep.
According to Banda, the crater opened in his garden just less than three metres from his doorstep while he was watering his vegetables.

“I was watering my garden when all of a sudden, the ground opened and swallowed my fruit tree, vegetables and hedge.

“I was struck with fear and am still afraid because I am not sure if my house is safe,” he said.

Neighbours called their children indoors in fear before informing Kwekwe Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM) — the owners of the compound and mine shafts that are suspected to run under the mining compound.

KCGM immediately cordoned off the area although they did not evacuate Banda from his house saying it was an isolated case that did not threaten surrounding buildings nor exposed anyone to danger.

Mine manager Ignatius Shereni said while they were still conducting investigations into what caused the ground to collapse, they suspected it was an old disused mine shaft which had become unstable because of heavy rains.

“We are confident that there is no immediate danger for all the people around the crater because it was a localised collapse,” Shereni said.

“We are, however, still investigating the cause and we are also in the process of fishing for old mine maps so that we can establish the structure and nature of this shaft which we suspect to be not more that 20m deep.”

Globe and Phoenix Mine, originally known as King Solomon’s Mine, is one of the oldest in the country with operations having started as far back as 1800, according to Shereni.

It has numerous mine shafts which run beneath Kwekwe central business district and these — supported by pillars — have been under attack from illegal gold panners, putting the town at risk of collapse.

KCGM, however, said the city was still safe as long as underground blasting is controlled and buildings erected over the main Globe and Phoenix shaft were not tall.

“We are indeed worried about the illegal mining activities which have seen panners attacking the pillars that support those shafts in search of gold ore.

“However, the town is safe because when it was built, there was due diligence from mine engineers who felt it was safe to have the buildings above the shafts,” Shereni added.


  1. If there are underground shafts why not create a Kwekwe tube similar to London underground tube. Reinforce and utilize those shafts because makorokoza achadonhedza town yose rimwe gore!!!!

    • hahahahahahaha,inga unorota Nesongano…u think pane mari yacho yekuita zvawataura izvozvo?ipo pasina mari kana yekugadzira ma potholes zvawo pozoita mari yema tube..wakaoma

  2. The funny part….

    “…..Neighbours called their children indoors in fear……..”

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