Granddaughter given away for mealie meal


AN elderly couple from Brunapeg in Plumtree allegedly married off their 15-year-old granddaughter so they could get a bag of mealie-meal and R500.


This was disclosed when Msikana Ncube (50) and Khefasi Ngwenya (60) appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove on Monday facing charges of contravening Section 94 (1) (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 (pledging of a female person). The couple pleaded not guilty to the charge and were remanded in custody to January 13.

The court heard that Ncube and Ngwenya were left in custody of the minor by her mother who works in neighbouring Botswana.

It was alleged that sometime in October last year, the couple reached an agreement with another middle-aged man to give him their granddaughter as a wife in exchange for food and money.

The man offered to pay lobola of R564 and a bag of mealie-meal to which the couple agreed.

The girl told her grandparents’ plans to her aunt who phoned her mother in Botswana telling her about the issue. The mother returned home and reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Ncube and Ngwenya.


  1. mmmmmm, hey. Ma1, no excuse for such behaviour even if the mother was not sending groceries and pulas to them. Vangadaro mwana wemwana wavo? Takarerwa nanambuya nasekuru isu, taitojaidzwa. Mr prosecutor deal with the two severely pliz pliz

  2. shows how desperate the situation in the country is,surely this old couple were forced by circumstances to trade their grandaughter.magistrate should understand that.

  3. It never rains but it pours. Child marriages must end. The new constitution surely must do its work.

  4. This is unlike so many grand-parents to their grandchildren…How can one be so heartless no amount of desperacy equates to what they did if they could no longer take care of her it was best to inform the mother!!

  5. there is no offense here.ths is wht w always say ,hunger n shame is firmly upon us.pple ths is desperation. u cant die if u hv other means 2 avert death.thy always say no 1 will die of hunge but look now.ths is a shame 2 th rulers.wher r w going zimbos.2 stone age.evry zimbo must b ashamed of ths

  6. There is no offence committed here. There was preparation to marry the minor. However, we all need to have human heart and guard against abuse of the girl child. The mother of the child hopefully there is no father shld send money for the up keep of her child and parents pane kungo hura pasina chabuda.

    • Asi nhai Gono, hauziwe mutemo wenyika here? No offence? Handiti watoshandisa izwi rinoti minor? Minor zvinorewa kuti a person under the age of full legal responsibility! Pamwe wafunga kuti miner inorewa mushandi wemumugodhi.

  7. Ko akatenga wacho ngaasungwewo futi. But vakomanaka I once went to a settlement village in Devure there, I was introduced to some small girls as vana ambuya hey they were barely 14 years old and I was not happy. Though my cousin had married in that area and I was a mukuwasha there I told them that it was an offence to have this little girls married and they told me ‘ah wati waonei hako’ I went to Slveira hospital after that and in the martenity ward i was shocked by the ages of the girls there. please Zimbabweans we need to protect these kids. Imi vana maiwo kana maenda kumabasa kuBotswana tumirai chikafu chevana ava ne ma fees dai aienda kuchikoro hazvaita izvi.

  8. there is no justice here! the mother should also be locked up for not supporting her daughter. Furthermore, the middle aged man to be locked up as well for taking advantage of the situation.the lesson to be learnt for u and me is the eminent economic demise for fatherland. the economic sanctions disguised as travel restrictions will strangle us to wonder our life president calls them ‘vile’ and ‘filthy’.such elderly people should be receiving a grant from government.unless we re-engage with the west and build bridges the majority shall continue to languish in abject poverty.

  9. ko chii nhai mukati havasi mafundisi ivava who were used to be appreciated on a monthly basis from poor followers, plus salaries, grocery allowances, school fees, redemption fee, fuel, clothing, holiday allowances, bribes, tithes, free offering zvino zvakapera saka votengesa vazukuru. imika watch out pastors same root.

  10. Ngavatsiurwe chete varegerwe. Havana kuita nemweya wekutsvaka kuda kuzvipfumisa asi kuda kuraramisa muzukuru nekumuendesa kunodyiwa sadza. The magistrate must be linient and explain to them what the law says and then let them free.

  11. the mother is to blame , 101 percent. Coz ukaona gogo nasekuru voendesa mzukuru for upfu ka. Moms vakatiza maresponsibilities

  12. thats desperation for sure we cant blame them coz ivo vanhu vanofamba kuenda kunoshanda kunze kwenyika vachisiyira an old couple like this kuti chengetai mwana without regular support in harsh livin places like plumtree where food production is a serious challenge what do they expect in the end?

  13. this action was not motivated by greed but by need (r500 and 20kgs mealie-meal)….this is plumtree and we all know how draught ravaged the place is….hopefully the maize arriving from SA will find its way to plumtree and to people in dire need of food asistance

  14. This is pathetic, vana mbuya chero dai vakaomerwa neupenyu dai vakakumbira not kuroodza muzukuru at that age neupfu neR500. Ndarwadziwa. Ini zvangu I dont want to blame the mother, vanhu vari kutambura veduwee munyika muno zvekuti chero Botswana ikoko anenge akatorwa nemashamwari kuti atsvage basa but achiri kungotambura with no job.

  15. Nyaya hainzwisisiki iyi,munyori ari kuti mzukuru akaroodzwa asi kwekupedzesera kwenyaya yake anenge ari kuti murume aida kuroora akanga a offer R564 uyezve ari kuti kasikana kaya kakaiudza aunt vako nezvemaplans aya,,meaning kuti hapana changa chati chaitwa saka maonero angu hapana nyaya,,nekuti hapana changa chati chabuda.

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