Grace Mugabe’s son in trouble


KWEKWE — FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza has been dragged to the Labour Court by his mine workers over non-payment of wages three months after he took over the gold-rich Tolrose Mine from Jameson Rushwaya.

Staff Reporter

The mine workers downed tools last Friday accusing Goreraza of vicitimising trade union leaders while he failed to pay them their wages and salaries.

National Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe (NMWUZ) president Tinashe Mugwira accused the new mine owners of illegally dismissing workers because of their involvement in trade unionism.

“Workers’ committee leaders have been targeted by both the management and hired hooligans who are from Zanu PF structures. These people at times harass workers and accuse them of being MDC-T supporters,” Mugwira said.

Following a complaint by NMWUZ, the Kadoma labour office last month appointed a Ms Musunhe of Karoi to deal with the salary dispute and other unfair labour practices levelled against Goreraza.

Part of the appointment letter dated December 20, 2013, reads: “You are hereby appointed in terms of section 98 (5) as an arbitrator in the matter of Tolrose Employees and Russell Goreraza and the following will be your terms of reference.

“To determine whether or not the employer is threatening the existence of trade union and whether the directors are victimising the current and former workers committee members or not, whether or not employer should pay employers their wages for the period of October 2013 to date.”

Mugwira claimed he was at one time physically assaulted by the First Lady’s relative Sam Marufu after he was found addressing the mine workers.

“The mine has been turned into a mafia zone and employees are being threatened by hired hooligans who are always at the mine,” said Mugwira.

But the mine’s human resources manager Nyasha Munangwa denied the allegations levelled against the mine’s new management.

“The allegations that we are not paying workers are false and are being pushed by people with an agenda,” Munangwa said.

“When we inherited the mine, it had its own financial problems and to expect those to end in a few months will be unfair. But for the past two months, we have paid workers without fail.

“Marufu is a very professional man and would not go around assaulting legitimate labour union members going about their business.”


  1. 3 months after taking over the mine the workers have already taken the new owner to court.isnt this too early, why not give him time to sort things out maybe things might turn out for the best.workers must not involve themselves in the ownership wrangles.

    • Wait for 6 months??? No wonder why Zimbabwe is in the doldrums. You clearly see that you are in a mess and you want to be patient and wait longer? For what? So that you sink further?

    • before one takes over a company/or buy shares there is what is called due diligence where one comes up with a decision,that should have included workers salaries as well

  2. I agree with you tiktak. They are trying to tarnish the name of the First Lady here. Remember Russel is now a man/father. And 3 months is not something to make noise about. Reporters should play two roles if not three – (1) investigator (2) advisor. The reporter should have told these farmers to be patient for 6 months and if there was no change he would publish the story. Right now musangonakidzwa nekuti zvaitwa na Russel mwana wa First Lady. Why not say mwana wa President Mugabe? Musade kupesanisa mhuri. President married Grace knowingly that she had Russel and accepted her so Russel is part of the President Mugabe’s family.

  3. A genuine case that will not see justice. Why? You can not touch the gods of Zimbabwe. They are beyond the reach of mere mortals.

  4. @ Joseph, thats true, noone can touch the gods of Zimbabwe. the workers should be careful otherwise the Mugabe police and army will fall on them like a tonne of bricks.

  5. 3 months is too much without pay….vanodyei,vanowanepi sipo yekubvisa svina vabvamumugodhi,imimoti mirirai 6 mwedzi hutsinye uhwo…..nomore slavery these people,take Zimbabweans as donkeys,they want free fertiliser, free seeds,free water in electricity,free tractors,free fuel,now to the extand of free LABOUR nxaa..makajaidzwa.Ukangoramba chimwe chezvanda taura unonzwa zvonzi sabotage,,,,,

  6. A minming company like any other busines needs experience and huge capital base for it to run properly. Now does Grace’s son have experience to run a mine at his age? what of the capital. where did he get the capital to rebuild the mine ? When and where did he work to raise money for the business?The other day his mother told SABC that they were a poor family who relied on farming so the question remains where did you get the money to buy a mine? We can not even think about his poor father who was dumped by Grace for very,very, very old Matibili.

  7. Kubhadhara vashandi kwakangonakawo varume. A ZBC employee anogona kuita 1 yr asina pay bcz he can do some part tym gigs to sustain himself akamirira kuti pay igadziriswe. Ko munhu aswera mumugodhi toti aite part tym futi akamirira Russell kuti agadzirise mari futi? Mama batsirai Russell nemazano so he runs his projects well otherwise he will keep dragging your name in the mud.

  8. @Mutasa and Diibulaanyika, guys wake up be business minded and not politicians.This is business guys remember the mine was in shumbles and the guy is trying to straighten things here.Kurai mhani

  9. As always and usual,thugs are out thre in full force to taint the image of mdara.This is Russel whom we all know of being an undesirable element.Dont connect him to the Bob in his doings.Can you ever imagine Chatunga/bona doing that to pple?Nada.Russie is justt bullish.Pay those miners now.

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