Govt pressed over Beam


THE MDC-T last Friday said the Zanu PF government should urgently find money to fund the one million schoolchildren who might be forced out of school due to the Basic Assistance Education Module (Beam)’s failure to pay fees for them.


Speaking during a media briefing at Harvest House on the state of education in the country, MDC-T shadow minister for Basic Education Consilia Chinanzvavana said the Zanu PF bigwigs had let down parents and children by their failure to provide quality education yet their own kids accessed quality education from overseas.

“Because of Zanu PF’s incompetence in the running of Beam, one million children might be out of school and that is totally unacceptable,” Chinanzvavana said.

“The children of Zanu PF chefs get their education elsewhere and so the MDC-T is calling for unconditional enrolment of all school kids as the Constitution says all children have a fundamental right to education and that is not negotiable.”

Chinanzvavana said the pullout by development partners from Beam was because of the realisation that the new Constitution provided for free primary education.

“We have natural resources in this country. How can a responsible government be able to fund football from diamond proceeds while schoolchildren are not funded? We compel government to find resources to support Beam and not let the programme die,” she said.

Social Welfare director Sydney Mhishi told Parliament last week that the ministry got $15 million instead of $73 million leaving close to a million students facing expulsion.


  1. Since education is a right they can just make primary education free. But with the current salaries of teachers this is not feasible because some of us want to give teachers incentives to teach our kids. But BEAM program is not benefitting the poor child but some connected individuals that is why that number is very high.

  2. Ha the bhora mugedhi crew has failed beyond doubt. Even children on the presidential scholarship in South Africa are now wallowing in poverty. It just makes me think all this fake love for the people was just to win their votes. Sorry manhingi

  3. Our Manifesto has excited everyone.An uneducated youth works best to their advantage,they become their farm labour and the militias.However,MDC-T is not the best mouthpiece as they also have children learning abroad.MDC-T neZ.A.N.U (P.F) same fanana.Child Parliament lets hear your voice

    • inoiteikowo child parly yacho. They just sit down, discuss machildren right then vopiwa zvima allowance, nothing much. Kana vaka resolver zvinhu still zvinongoenda under zanu gvt scrutiny. Hazvibatsiri

  4. saka muchaiteiko neka shadow cabinet kenyu nhai MDC? Apaaaaaana kungo complaina chete akuna zvakunoita. Nyararai kana musina plan yeway forward yevana million vacho. This story makes me really miss David Coltart, he was the man not this lunatic by the name dokora

  5. When the present leaders were children their school fees were paid for by the white settlers – I mean all of them, Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, Ndabaningi Sithole, Muzorewa and others. They were educated in peace in their time but they are making the lives of the modern generation a misery. Firms closing down has a devastating knock on effect on school children. In the old Rhodesia days any child whose parent had problems paying the nominal school fees got remission on school fees. I will always compare the present shambles to Rhodesia to see if black rule has bettered our lives or not. That is an inescapable fact. I want to destroy this myth on “liberation” and that this was a frenetic fight for personal political power.
    The present leaders’ children would not be seen dead at Chirodzo school and frankly wouldn’t give two rats what is happening at Chirodzo school. Their children attend expensive private boarding schools in foreign countries – far away from the great unwashed.
    MDCs are equally as culpable as ZanuPF. Tsvangirai’s children go to school abroad. I am sure Welshman’s children also go to school in S Africa.

  6. One sentence should read, “In the old Rhodesia days any child whose parents had problems paying the nominal school fees got remission on school fees”.

  7. @ gorofa, at least the shadow cabinet is making an effort by being a vocal critic of government failures. That is what being in opposition is all about. Ko iwe wacho urikuiteiwo kubatsira situation yacho?

  8. Afric*n politics is full of nons*nse. Some of it outright silly, childish and illogical. When the white settl*rs came our forefath*rs understandably resisted to have their way of life changed by the wh*tes including refusing to go to school, to go to hospital, and to go to work. After a while they realised the benefits of going to school and going to work after seeing the few intrepid bla*ks from Nyasal*nd, Northern Rh*desia and Mozambique doing extremely well after going to school and working. The trickle of people from the rural area to towns soon grew into a flood of people looking for schools and work, and then accusing the whit*s of not giving them jobs, accommodation and enough schools after initially resisting giving rise to nationalism THEN demanding schools, accommodation and jobs but at the same time saying colonial*sm which introduced these things they are demanding was evil for not giving the enough! Those blacks who had been mothered from childhood to adulthood by these coloniali*ts were the most outspoken against a system which paid their school fees, gave them accommodation and jobs! This is really taking the michael. The two proverbs to describe what I have seen are “Biting the hand that fed them” or “Having your cake and eating it too”.

  9. They are le*ders because of one thing and one thing only – coloni*l educati*n. Therefore why do they pontif*cate that col*nial*sm was evil when it made them what they are today and what has made all of us what we are today and what we demand as the basic need for our children and grand children? Without col*nialism there would be no educat*on to talk about.
    I don’t care what anyone says, colonial*sm was by far and away the biggest force multiplier in this land, therefore, best thing that ever happened to Afr*ca.

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