Govt introduces exams at Grade Two


GRADE Two pupils are set to be assessed at the end of their infant school to establish their development as part of new measures introduced by government in the school curriculum.

Feluna Nleya,Staff Reporter

Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora said the assessment was important to determine if the children are ready to proceed to the next level of learning.

Dokora told NewsDay in an interview last Friday that the assessment had been prompted by the poor performance by pupils in higher grades.

“This assessment we are talking about is meant to determine whether a child we have in Grade Three in terms of years, is the child also in Grade Three in terms of knowledge,” Dokora said.

“Is there evidence enough that the child is really in Grade Three? If the child is not, that is what we call performance lag.

“So the programme, which is meant to address the difference between the child’s grade and what the child knows, is called lag address programme. It is meant to close that gap.”

Dokora added: “In a district or in a school, we check whether the child is in the appropriate grade in terms of knowledge and if they are not we then use a module designed by Zimbabwe Early Learning Assessment (Zela), which will tell you what the child’s deficiency is and we will be able to address those challenges.”

He said the introduction of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) A class and B class was due to the realisation that performance was being affected at the foundation.

The ministry, Dokora said, had already trained 2 000 para-professionals to take charge of the ECD programme.

“We realised that performance at the top was being affected by the foundation. That is when we said let’s introduce ECD B in 2004, then as we moved on we realised that it was still lagging behind. We then introduced module A which means the kids should start at 4 years so as to strengthen the foundation of the children,” Dokora explained.

“So we now have two years that we have put to foundation to consolidate a child’s understanding. But in ECD A at 4 years they are not being taught to write but it is where self-perception is built. Then at six years they go to Grade One, and at seven years Grade Two. The four years constitute the infant school module.”

Continuous assessment, Dokora said, would enable the ministry to know the child from the beginning to the end of high school.

“We want to know the journey because some children are musical and we need an early detection. Some are very practical and that’s important to know. If we know that we will know how to help the child so that they are not just forced onto a narrow grid. We want to give the children an opportunity,” Dokora added.

“It’s more like a diagnostic tool to enable us to know and we know how to help the child. We make learning more efficient and more focused.”


  1. This is utter rubbish. At grade 2 rather concentrate with inculcation of concepts and values. ZIMSEC is failing to administer other exams and how will it manage an extra exam. On top of that the government is perennially broke to fund such an initiative

  2. Zvakanaka chose dai zvakaitwa pagrade rese rinoenda mwana vamwe vari kungo enda vasinga zive zvavakafunda votznga zvitsva anosvika grade 7 pasina chaanoziva

  3. I am sorry but not everyone is good at school. This is where the problem in zim education is. Instead of us looking for talents in these kids we force them the education way. There are more means of earning a living out there. We are all forced to write these exams and when we fail we are belittled. This has negative effects to a persons self esteem. Imagine now crushing a poor grade 2 pupils self esteem. At this tender age. What exactly are you planning for the poor kids future. People mature differently at different times. I remember I wasn’t bright in primary school but today I can take care of myself. I am independent. I say let kids be. Let them discover themselves at this age. Expose them to a lot of different activities. Find their talents and drive them that direction. Don’t you think it’s harsh ti a young child to tell them, “no you can’t go to grade three level because you failed grade 2”. What in the world is that? Crushing a child’s soul. This will definitely have a negayive impact psychologically on the poor child. This idea is not healthy at all, both for zimbabwe and the pure children.

  4. reintroduce zjc.children who fail grade 7 must not be allowed to proceed and children who fail zjc must not be allowed to proceed.manje problem is what to do with those failures.minister there is homework for you.before they could do something now there is nothing to do except loiter the streets.

  5. Why force evrythng down our threat.In my area the schools are far.The quality of education our kids from demotivated teachers is way below standard.every term i buy over .100 ex books now u want to add more costs to mediocrity?Think mhani mazivanhu imi.

  6. @zena,that’s very true.l started doing better at school when l was grade 5 up to the last grade 2 mwana anenge achiri kuedza kunzwisisa zvaari kudzidza saka exam ndeyeiko? angoita minister kueducation anoda kusiya a introducer zviri funny instead of working on poor areas dzakawandisa.

  7. This is a silly decision, just like the one which was made in elliminating ZJC exams as well as including non multiple choice papers on grade 7 exams, consult first before enforcing cde minister. Disappointed to the bone by mismanagement of our education system.

    • I thought someone calling themselves proffesor should be able to spell purofesa properly, as in professor; juss thinking loudly

      • Proffesor is the name on my birth certificate you know registry office errors of the 80’s, i am yet to acquire first degree that is if it turns out to be necessary, kkkkk.

  8. Minister, and we shall have many kids running away from school at that age because tavati madofo.and you may need to introduce counter plan for grade 2 pupils refusing to go to school.journo omeka maheadlines.manje so!

  9. plain nonsence. How a grown man like the minister can even suggest such a ridiculuous idea points to the dearth of educational trends. By the way how many other countries have this ‘novel’ idea? This is corruption. Ziendanetyaka

  10. dn thnk thc wl improve ur quality of 2 z too early.otherz a failing gr 7 bt dy a prog to form 1 carrying 36 units y can’t ey b denied.lf not then wt measure wld stop thm frm progressing to gr 3?

  11. Nyika iya yazoparara zvamuchese.Where is Robert?Surely this government is a disaster,confused coackroaches.

  12. sorry cde minister its not necessary to examine grade 2 your ministry has no money plus isusu hatisikuda nevana vedu kuti va’examenwe, bring back form 2 and we want our scholars to have a ZJC certifications.

  13. Minister Dokora think first before you publish your ideas are beyond the level of idiocyncrasy. Do us a favour and re-introduce ZJC that’s noble and probably your name wil be talked about.

  14. build more schools , reduce pupil to teacher ratio thats how you get better grades, why do u need to test vana vari mugrade 2 . i mean seriously who does that ??????????????

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