Gono, Kereke feud gets nasty


Munyaradzi Kereke, the former advisor to ex-Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono, claims that he “hand-held” his former boss for eight years during his tenure at the helm of the central bank.


In his voluminous answering affidavit lodged with the Constitutional Court yesterday, in a matter in which he accuses Gono of fraud involving millions of dollars, Kereke said it was a miracle how the country survived under the leadership of Gono.

The affidavit contains massive documents, attached as annexutures meant to support his claims.

The chairman of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and Gono are cited as first and second respondents respectively.

“It is pertinent to note, firstly that l am extremely mentally sound, with absolutely no history of mental instability,” wrote Kereke.

“Quite to the contrary I professionally hand-held the second respondent for at least 8 years as his advisor at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, carrying out macro and microeconomic policy research, as well as preparing virtually all speeches for the second respondent and more telling, assisting him with at least 99,9%  of his submissions for the whole of ‘his’ academic work for the doctoral studies.

“If I were to be near-lunatic as is suggested  by the second respondent, then it would be the two of us with him, given that he comfortably took advice for 8 years virtually on a daily basis from the alleged mentally retarded person in me.”

Dismissing Gono’s remarks doubting his sanity, Kereke said: “The vital point out of this startling display of very low mental amplitude is that quite literally it is the greatest miracle of our time that we survived the Second Respondent’s stewardship of the country’s financial and monetary affairs for a decade.”

He said even “near-lunatics” were fully protected by the country’s Constitution.

“Section 83 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe specifically impels the State to take all appropriate measures ‘to protect them’ (persons with disabilities) from all forms of exploitation,” he said.
Kereke accuses Gono of siphoning millions of dollars from the central bank for personal use, including the purchase of real estate properties.

“The way the second respondent defrauded  public funds is that  he siphoned hard cash that was being bought by the central bank from the parallel market  by the bank’s security division using Zimbabwe dollars on a routine basis, applying such funds to his personal use,” wrote Kereke.

Kereke, also accuses former Finance minister Tendai Biti, who is now Gono’s lawyer, of abusing the country’s funds accessed from the International Monetary Fund drawing rights with Gono’s blessings.

He said both Biti and Gono had a criminal case to answer, adding that he was processing legal applications to force Biti to recuse himself and renounce agency.


  1. From what i have gathered from news reports so far. There is a case here. Gonos choice of Biti to represent him from the begining looked suspicious. Am not judging anyone but this guy was with Gono all the way and it looks he was involved in the forex dealings. Those deals can not be audited becos of their nature. There cannot be any accountability and the case will fall due to lack of evidence. How can you account for loads and loads of the useless zim dollar carried around by faceless money changers using an unconventional ‘burning system’ only known to zimbabwe. I believe they stole but there is no evidence and the burning was sactioned from the very top.

    • Biti became FM in 2009 well after demise of zim$ so how waz it possible for the two to be involved in the forex dealings together???

      • @Ritch,read the story again before jumping to defend Biti. Kereke said Biti akanokorawo mari from IMF with the blessings of Gono. If u were awake those yrs, Zim got some Special Drawing Rights funds frm IMF in 2010. This is the fund yakanokorwawo naBiti sekutaurwa kwazvo naKereke.

        • Hey! Could you please revisit the IMF case and try to collect some facts. It is impossible for a single person to divert money that is meant for certain projects from IMF. The fact here is zanu pf succession is at play. Kereke is working for some one most likely Ngwena that’s all it is in my view.

  2. yaaah gud job kereke but the problem is hapana kwazvinoenda coz mbavha dzakawandisa muzimbabwe starting from the president so its a team of thieves up ther.zvichango nyararwa remanyararirwo akaitwa dzana masimirebwa…and another issue is uu kereke unofanira kutaura zvawakabawo coz ndiwe waitotumwa kunoba.hurumende yamakororo mbavha dzema koko nxaaaaa

    • It was being advocated that those who come across corrupt activities should report them immediately , where was Kereke from that time up to today they were together in this activity but it them went wrong on how someone used his loot as you know there are some pple recklesly use what would have come into their hands.He says he was the advisor what was he advising when things were going wrong like what he claims

  3. Biti only joined the gravy train when he became minister and he was the one then hand holding the governor after the fall out with kereke. Maone guvhunor makaba but hamusungwe henyu nokuti hapana humboo. Kereke knows it and only want to tarnish ur name ne malinar chickens enyu

  4. Gono is right mr kereke, u have lost it, u are not of sound mind, if u hand held gono for 8 years, and u wrote all the policies and speeches that gono gave to the nation, hw did u not par take to the stealing, surely gono is not as clever as he made the nation beleave, according to your submissins, then hw could he come up the sophisticated ways of looting. Let me highlight to u, that as u have submitted in your court papers, you are both liable, u as advisor, gono as the excecutor. Trade carefully kereke

  5. Mr Kereke if you handheld Mr Gono for 8 yrs
    …can you explain why you left him to siphon money from the central bank…if i handhold my child do i let him or her cross the road when there is an oncoming car? this is a tale of sour grapes…………by the way can you furnish the country on how you came to acces funds to build that hospital of yrs..

  6. kereke you are wasting your time,your script is becoming boring.why pursue this case when you know it leads nowhere.in the first instance why did you not report when all this was taking place if you are an angel.

  7. if both Gono and Biti have a case to answer then surely kereke also has a case to answer. Kereke you were Gono’s adviser for Christ sake, for 8 good years. Why raise this issue now that Gono is no-longer the RBZ Governor. surely you gonna say 4 justice sake but what justice? how is that justice going to reverse the decade of high inflation that all Zimbabweans witnessed? is that justice going to change that? my point is if u had smelled a rate u should have barked a long time ago.That could have saved us from what you now call a “miracle”

  8. we told you that Biti is a conman.thief.fraudster an economic saboteur. Tendai is a Boko Haram .that Biti guy entice people with his stupid and useless Wananchi article s to cover and divert people from his short comings. This Biti guy is full of himself, too pompous attitude a very stupid and selfish attitude of thinking that because I am educated so I am untouchable. a thief is a thief whether he is our SG in our Democratic party ( ko inyasha dzei tsvimborume kubvisa mwana we mvana madzihwa)

  9. kereke u did almost everything for Gono (hand-held) him for almost 8 years. U are finished and shooting yourself in your feet. It think legal matters needs and requires sober minds. Hasha unopedzisira wotuka maivako. I fore see Kereke being arrested.

  10. Burwa ndiwe mboko. Uri datya remunhu. Biti akwana papi pahumbavha hwaGono na Kereke he was not yet minister then.

  11. Yes Mr Kereke, one simple one where did you get the money to do all this? Can someone give us a record of Mr Kereke’s history and wealth………………l rest my case.

  12. So u a the one who advised him to print those bearer cheques! U are the one who advised him to send out those “bags” with the bearers to buy all the US$ on the streets and at the same time causing the Z$ to continue falling to an all time low and also taking inflation to world records? Manga makapenga vapfana!! I thot you were cleverer than to expose yourself to this extent!!

  13. Thank you to those who have given Kereke s0ome advice. What Kereke is telling the nation is not news at all. He is a criminal himself, first as afraudter in writing Gono’s study submissions. UZ sungai munhu. Mapurisa torai Kereke muyende naye kuGoromonzi for a week and have a ”chat” with him.

  14. So since Gono was doing your ideas then it is your ideas which made all this a mess handidi, mazano ako homy ndiwo aishandiswa na Gono if I hear you correctly. deep down in me you are not after Gono but the authority behind Gono, Gono was told to do as he did by the government of the day so in other words you are also after the Head of Government’s head ndatozviona apa. Gono was doing it with the blessing of The President and was using your ideas and speeches marvelous that makes you as much a criminal as Gono.

  15. Thank you honorable Dr Kereke for this exposure. Gono had actually stolen from all of us Zim citizens made us suffer and deprived of general needs through useless salaries, high inflation and forced some of us to cross Kruger range without transport on foot exposed to all forms of danger some even died this way. Mapfupa avo achakumukira . Dr Kereke had the case reported long back but the first respondent anti-corruption did not respont they were bribed by Gono. Dr Kereke CV even before his advisory proved efforts which can lead them that far not stealing our money. I AM SO WORRIED WITH SOME IGNORANCE OF SOME OF US to take for granted this thief which led us to this darkness

    • Kereke personally hand held Gono yavo yaiita kunge svitsa nemvura mese…..hungwaru hwekuba from Kereke’s submission hwakabva kwaari as the Advisor……Hapana nyaya apa Batai chipanga mazano before nyakupangwa…less work for the Police zvese zvakajeka


  16. If you handheld him, it therefore means everything he did was at your advice.

    It means he had no ideas of his own. it means, what transpired during that time was all coming from you.
    it therefore means, whatever that happened, for good results you carry the credit, for bad results, you bear responsibility.

    if now you are taking Gono to court over the bad that happened then, it means you are taking yourself to court.

    So gono is not guilty of anything, instead, the criminal is you kereke

    Gono’s only crime was his failure to realize that you were giving him criminal advice, but what could he have done when he was HANDHELD

  17. For 8 years you have been watching Gono stealing, and bothered not to report? It only occured to you that you can report such matters after you had been fired? Waht were you doing for those 8 years that was of any help to the bank and the country? what have you also stolen from the country? you cant tell us kuti wakadziya moto wembavha for 8 years uchidzibetsera kuba and iwe you didnt benefit a thing? Uri mbavha newe and we all know that. Sungwai mose!

  18. Apa kereke waratidza kuti uri bhambi,
    I ,you are a criminal for writting someones thesis
    2,you are an accomplice in siphoning money since Gono implemented your ideas
    3,8 years wakanyarara uchiona Gono achiba asi you covered him,accessory to crime
    4,Where did you get your wealth that made it possible to build a hospital- obviously defrauded RBZ
    5,Your rape case still not taken place,if you believe in the system so much ,why are you afraid of clearing your name.
    Urimboko makaba mese and you know that,police batai munhu.Tazviona you are mentally unstable maybe the courts may let you off coz of your mental status.

    • Eish, can’t believe this Kereke guy lami …..Kanti umuntu lo uphumaphi sibili ? Look he is committing what the Japanese call harikiri (suicide) or rather he qualifies as a sucide bomber ! Implicating himself in fraud just so he can bury his enemy….How daft is that ? Kereke ula bantwana hanti / What will they do when yo are arrested for the fraud you perpetrated ? You are mental sibili. I must concur with Gono. You must go to Ingutsheni. Only that there are currently no drugs. We would have to subdue your suicidal reflexes ngo swazi !!!!

  19. Kereke was part of the system. He also had money bags pn the parallel mkt. He even took over someone s wife nazvo and bought her a merc n house in Mt Pleasant

  20. There is no crime in writing someone’s thesis. one who submits a thesis they did not write is the criminal. Is that so difficult to understand. Having said that the threesome have a case to answer including our dear Biti. I wonder why he involved himself in this mess. Coverup maybe. Akazonanzviswawo palater

    • it is a very big crime…. we call it plagiarism. there is also an issue of impersonation involved. if you write something for someone, and the two of you connive to keep it a secret, then both of you are equally guilty of plagiarism

  21. Just sour grapes stupid kereke tichakuona pamwana wawakaisa ne kubhinya manje manje usati handina kukuyambira kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.inozi zanu iyoyo chiororo.

  22. A former Minister Of Finance defending a former Reserve Bank Governor in a court of law: And, at one time they worked in the same government at the same time? And, that is, and that should, not be suspicious? Yet, a former colleague and workmate of theirs is confessing?
    Where is the Central Intelligence Organisation and what can they be doing right now?

  23. guess all your funeral arrangement are in order Kereke.:..::::::
    in Chinese they have this statement to describe your situation


  24. the trial judge should be the psychoanalyst with a jury of other surrealists illusionists psychiatrists recommended but certainly the prosecutor can be a psychologist as well !!

  25. the only logical reason why Kereke would raise these issues is because he was not given his share – maybe they had agreed on a 51% vs 49% sharing. Ndiyo indigenization of crime

  26. Can someone ask Kereke if he paid for that big generator at his rural homestead?is it not also loot from the RBZ?They all looted.

  27. indeed Kereke is a bitter man bt he is chasing the wind here. Its apparent from his papers that he is an accomplice to the alleged fraud. How can he teach someone to steal fo eight years n not steal himself?? Talk of seeing the speck in another’s eye n nt seeing the log in yours. N how dd he get his wealth Kereke? Turning to Biti,i believe he knows something abt the shenanigans at RBZ and took advantage of it. The move by Gono to hire him as his lawyer is a smart move nw that there is attorney client priviledge. Who can touch them?? Watever they dd Biti n Gono wil never b known. No lawyer can rat on his client. Food fo thought.

  28. Kereke hauna kuchenawo iwe. Maidyiramo mwese. Chagozoipa chii nhasi. Dai mbavha dzaisungwa muZim mabatwa mwese. Zvino haa mabasa kuwanda.

  29. I love zanu pf…quite clever indeed…Gono is not much impontant to zanu pf but Biti is…he is the next likely successor to Tsvangison and poses a bigger threat to our party..so what do we do..let Gono be caged for corruption exposed by Kereke and then Gono drages self with Biti..already implicated…at the end of the day we have destroyed MDC t a good way deal with opposition and get credit for dealing with corruption….trust me next election u will all vote for Mugabe

      • @Rolloh- I meant where did you get the info that Biti is Tsvangison’s successor? Really? It does look like the moon will be sitting in the children’s playground were this to happen..Biti is absolutely nothing without Tsvangirayi. Nothing.

  30. Kereke, I think your first advice to Gono (whom u said u tell everything) was to steal. This is evidenced by the speech u give Gono for 8 yrs which had no element of theft. Uri mboko, u want to divert attention of pple from your RAPING issues.

  31. Eish, can’t believe this Kereke guy lami …..Kanti umuntu lo uphumaphi sibili ? Look he is committing what the Japanese call harikiri (suicide) or rather he qualifies as a sucide bomber ! Implicating himself in fraud just so he can bury his enemy….How daft is that ? Kereke ula bantwana hanti / What will they do when yo are arrested for the fraud you perpetrated ? You are mental sibili. I must concur with Gono. You must go to Ingutsheni. Only that there are currently no drugs. We would have to subdue your suicidal reflexes ngo swazi !!!!

  32. U r equally to blame kereke.if u knew at th time that gono aiba,why ddnt u say so then?wat has changed now?asi wakanyimwawo stolen money yacho?

  33. im starting to believe tht kerek is lozing his senses nw,he at one point says he waz actually on the driving seat at RBZ,then he sayz it is a miracle tht the nation survived the leadership of gono at rbz,wat are u syng,so are u the one who cooked the “madness” tht u allege occurred at the institution,urikuporonga kereke,nyarara hako

  34. Kereke has lost the plot.from his submission,he was the advisor for 8 years,so why raise the red flag nw?also,kereke comitted academic fraud by writing Gono a thesis.pane zvikukutu zvakaitika.

  35. ^_^矢田はや日ならやらた

    Can someone interpret

  36. its two matching colours hard to seperate. kereke says he advised Gono in 99.9% and then goes own to wonder how the country survive during his tenure of office? He didn’t trust what he was preparing for Gono, he was preparing poison? if not why then does he call it a miracle that the country sailed through these years in which he was also administering. food for thought. As much as i do not support any of them but rational is put to task here or maybe Gono looted because he noticed Kereke inyumwa-nyumwa.

  37. Ko iye Kereke where did he get the wealth he has? Check on the boulder in your eye before you point to the splinter in Gono’s. The truth all Zimbabwe burnt this country, ma level chete are different. Level dzaKereke naGono and other government and business people were astronomic. If these people were living on their salaries and borrowing, they would not be this rich! Look at Obert Mpofu, Ngwena, Chombo, Gono, Kereke the great thieving advisor? LOoters Looters, looters!

  38. Kereke should be charged as an accessory to national looting. It’s a pity people of Bikita, because of of poverty, they had the confidence to make a thief their MP!

  39. Whoever chooses these RBZ advisors needs his brains exmined. I hope they are chosen on marit not on political affiliation. I have no grudge in Gono using Biti to defend him in this case because it is his democractic right to choose a lawyer of his choice and lets not forget that its business therefore so many factors are at play. Gud day

  40. @kiro :kereke is a nuisance just seeking attention,on Gono and Biti`s workmanship ,it only started at the birth of the inclusive government and the harm has already been done way way before.Gono is an intellectual who tried at all costs to save the messy that was caused by the fast track land reform programme.choosing Biti as his lawyer only speaks of Biti`s ability as a lawyer,abilities way way above those of the likes of Chinamasa and counterparts.

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