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Girl (9) survives grisly ritual murder attempt


A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl from Mugari village in Mhondoro survived death by a whisker last September when a suspected ritual murderer, Ronnie Takaedza, slit her throat twice, but failed to accomplish his mission after the girl’s schoolmates rushed to the scene and rescued her.


The incident occurred on September 27 as the victim, Sharon Chimatira, was walking home alone from school at around 1:30pm using a narrow footpath which passes through her parents’ crop fields.

In her statement to the police, the minor claimed that after her throat was cut with a knife, she overheard Takaedza calling on his mobile phone saying: “I have done the job, you can come now”.

On the day in question, Takaedza (31) is alleged to have stalked the minor from Marowa Primary School and waylaid her at a point where he knew she would pass by.

After her lessons, Chimatira started her journey back home and just after passing Marowa bus stop, she then decided to use a footpath oblivious of the dangers lying ahead.

Takaedza allegedly emerged from the bush where he was hiding and ran towards her and caught up with her after about 40 metres.

At that juncture, Takaedza allegedly grabbed the girl’s hands with his left hand and inflicted two deep cuts on the girl’s neck with a knife.

The minor allegedly screamed for help and fell down.

Her teenage schoolmates who were close by rushed to the scene screaming, forcing the alleged assailant to flee, leaving the girl unconscious.

Chimatira later regained consciousness and managed to stagger to a nearby road with the help of her schoolmates, but she collapsed again, forcing her teenage colleagues to rush home and inform her mother.

The girl was rushed to hospital while the matter was reported to police, leading to Takaedza’s arrest.

Takaedza appeared before regional magistrate Adonia Masawi yesterday charged with attempted murder.

He, however, denied the charge saying at the material time he was nowhere near the scene of crime, but was busy attending to a family ritual ceremony a distance away.

He was remanded in custody to next Friday for continuation of trial.

Liberty Gono appeared for the State.

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