Furore over MPs allowances


LEGISLATORS who served in the last Parliament have lashed out at government for rushing to pay out bonuses to current Members of Parliament before settling their outstanding sitting allowances for the past three years.


The former legislators, who are owed amounts ranging between $10 000 to $25 000 each, told NewsDay in separate interviews yesterday that they expected Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to pay part of their outstanding allowances before releasing bonuses for new legislators.

“They were supposed to have started with former MPs and paid the amounts owing to them before contracting new employees, but it now seems like we worked for nothing and it is frustrating and embarrassing,” Chiredzi West former MP Moses Mare said.

“We have an irresponsible government that has been lying under oath which shows that this country lacks people who are able to manage simple affairs,” he said.

“The problem is that they decided that it was more important to fund elections than to find money to pay government employees. I am personally owed over $21 000 and that excludes pensions and more than seven thousand litres of fuel.”

Former Kwekwe Central MP Blessing Chebundo said: “It is unfortunate that such a situation is prevailing at different sectors as we have employees at Ziscosteel, Lanchashire Steel and other companies who have not been paid what is owed to them. We need a leadership that can drive the ship and put their priorities right.”

He said while it was not fair to complain about the payment of bonuses to current MPs, government should at least have offset some of its debt owed to former legislators.

However, Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya who is now in his second term defended government’s decision to pay bonuses to the serving MPs.

“The public must know that MPs are public servants and receive all perks that go along with public servants across all levels.  Since Zimbabwe does not have a Parliamentary Service Commission, any benefit that accrues to public
servants also accrues to MPs including pensions after one has served their required time,” Chikwinya said.


  1. Am I missing something here? In the midst of grinding poverty in their former constituents, indeed the whole nation, where health and every public amenity is falling apart is this the best the former MPs can do? We know they went into it for the money but this childish demand to go to the head of the queue ALL THE TIME is mercenary and CHEAP!

    • No allowance untill full Audit of CDF funds in Bulawayo can u please start with Makoba,Bulawayo central,Pumula and Luveve constituency on this Chinamasa bhora kuna Auditor general

  2. There is civility in the whole matter, MPs go in for financial and societal value. If we had an honorable leadership, all this nonsense about prioritising themselves would not be there. MPs and Senators are from the same family, husband and wife, connections of all sorts, the same goes to ministers. We do have a bunch of selfish maroons in the name of government leadership who do no care about anyone else than themselves. When it come essential services there is always no money for that but what benefit MPs and minister that money will be available come what may, the economy can bleed to death for their sake. Its a pity that such a lovely country has gone to the dogs and everything is done for individual benefit than the nation.

    • @nyarai , 7000 litres is for 5 year term of that mp which is 116 litres per month, or 3 liters per day , or nothing for an MP

  3. Asi chii nhai reporter? You say MPs referring to Kwekwe idiots only? I even think uyo weChiredzi anga angoshanyawo kuKwekwe kwenyu and you call this a balanced furore? Nxaaaa! @Gonyeti, you shopuld not mislead readers into thinking that 7,000litres would be for 5years coz these guys have been getting something. Again, it is suggesting that this guy was not attending sessions beacuse if you attend you get fuel to offset travelling……..kushaya nyaya uko. Munoda kubhadharwa chii chamakaita makore acho ese ayo? Nxaaaaa zvekare!

  4. this is why i will never vote because all they think is their stomachs only and their next of kin who they employ without any qualifications nxaaaa

  5. Moses Mare finally speaks,he was always asleep, I saw his photos sleeping in Palament kkkkkkk now he demands 7000litres of fuel which was given to others while he was sleeping kkkkk if sleeping costs 21 000 dollars then dogs would be the richest animals after lions which sleeps 22 hrs a day kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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