Full house expected at Gumbura ruling


HARARE Magistrates’ Court is today expected to steal the limelight as regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya delivers judgment on suspected rapist pastor and RTG Independent End Time Message Church founder Robert Martin Gumbura.


Gumbura’s followers and the public are expected to throng the courtroom as they have been doing, following his trial with keen interest since it commenced last month. Last week, several people who had turned up to hear the sentence were turned away for security reasons after the courtroom had filled up mainly with Gumbura’s sympathisers.

As has been the norm throughout Gumbura’s trial, the only people who enjoyed the privilege of sitting in the courtroom for the proceedings were his 11 wives, close relatives, politicians and the Press after a vigorous screening exercise.

Today’s proceedings, however, will attract an increased number of people given that last Friday, at the same time, some people were at the High Court attending to Gumbura’s bail hearing thereby causing less commotion among those that wanted to enter the court and listen to Mujaya’s judgment.

Mujaya last Friday failed to deliver judgment in the matter because he had not finished preparing Gumbura’s judgment due to ill-health.

Gumbura is facing eight counts of rape and another count of possessing pornographic materials of some of his 11 wives. He has since pleaded not guilty to all the charges. His rape trial was completed three weeks ago following an inspection in loco by Mujaya at Gumbura’s mansion where the rape incidents allegedly took place.

MDC-T shadow minister for justice and MP for Harare West Jessie Majome also attended the court process saying she was an interested party because Gumbura’s mansion is in her constituency.


    • zuma would have been guilty had he been in zim.how can a woman accept being raped for 12 years.that’s a shame for the judiciary in zim.you can’t convict someone because of thepovo.?:

  1. Zvimwe ndezvimwe veduwee baba vakaipa ava kunyangara chaiko l wonder y he has so many wives aaah nooo mhani, regai zvinzi love is blind ayaaaaa. False prophets kujeri where they belong.

  2. Whether the Court finds the man of God to be guilty, we know that he NEVER raped anyone. The women were his lovers whose relationships just turned sour and they cohered to falsify rape allegations via the legal system to get even with the Pastor over their disgruntlement s. NO RAPE at all. Polygamy is God’s allowed marriage under the 2nd covenant which envelopes the humanity period on earth.

    • True apostle, Gumbura never raped any woman. It was just a case of sour grapes. Sorry to women who fell for Gumbura’s trick but you were not raped, you used your waist to thnk instead of brains.

  3. apostle paul,it is wrong to support someone who had sinned before god and man.as a founder of end time message did he allow his fellow church members to be polygamous,i doubt.infact he chose to chew the forbiden fruit all by himself.so why not let him dance to the tune.kana vana nzira vakapfuura neko

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