Don’t judge Cuthbert Dube harshly


Cuthbert Dube is probably now history at the Premier Medical Aid Societies (PSMAS).

Guest Columnist Matthew Takaona

He left the organisation where he rose to the top in 1994 with his tail between his legs. His departure from PSMAS this week has obviously been received with mixed feelings. To many, he is a villain. To others, he is a man whose immense contribution to the medical services sector is second to none.

Indeed for one or two months Dube earned an unbelievable $230 000 in salary in an economy where the majority cannot spend a dollar a day. Before that his salary seemed to have had a bit of modicum of decency at around $60 000 a month.

For this “crime” of an exorbitant salary, Dube has been described with all sorts of names and indeed there is justification for public anger, particularly when service delivery is sometimes below expected standards and the economy is ailing.

However, the anger has been expressed without balance and this is a cardinal omission. The cry has been to crucify Dube! He, it appears from the many media reports, is a man who was at PSMAS doing nothing, but looting public funds.

But Dube has another side and in the name of journalistic fairness that side must also be told even if it doesn’t justify the salary.

Dube is probably one man who has made the biggest impact on health service delivery in the country since independence. I may not be able to say how he did it, but the landscape he built is there for all of us to see.

Dube took over the then Public Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) in 1994 as the new general manager. PSMAS was a small medical aid provider then with just 4 500 members, most of them Coloureds. Whites had started to migrate from this society.

The society was accommodated in a small house near the corner of George Silundika and Fourth Street with a mere 25 or so employees. The house was the only property that PSMAS had. There were few black civil servants on medical aid then and a medical aid was a luxury enjoyed mostly by workers in well-to-do private companies, not civil servants.

In fact, it may sound absurd, but many people in the civil service had even as late as 1994 not yet come across a medical aid scheme or heard about one.

When he assumed the post of GM, Dube told the Press that he had a dream to ensure that every Zimbabwean would one day be on medical aid and that everyone would have access to quality medical service.

It sounded like any other overzealous dream from a man who had just landed a post.

In 1995, Dube went on a massive campaign to educate civil servants about medical aid and its advantages and in the same manner that most of us still shun insurances, the campaign was a difficult one, but by the end of 1996 it had gained momentum.

By 1997, PSMAS had reached half-a-million members, overtaking Cimas as the largest medical aid society in the country. Up to now PSMAS remains the most affordable medical aid.

Dube went on a massive recruitment programme, employing nurses, clerks, marketers, pharmacists etc and set on a decentralisation programme that saw the society setting up offices and operations in all provinces and major towns in the country.

The small house that was the headquarters of PSMAS was brought down and in its place rose a modern six-storey building housing up to 100 workers. PSMAS House is among the best buildings in Harare.

PSMAS has some of the most well-paid workers in the country.

For a long time PSMAS was restricted to civil servants and realising the shortfalls of such an arrangement Dube opened it up and changed the name to Premier Medical Aid Society which could recruit any member.

With the new Premier, membership glided even further to more than 600 000. Faced with an economic malaise in the last decade and foreign currency shortages, Dube opened new branches in neighbouring countries in Zambia and Mozambique.

Even more important Dube formed Premier Medical Investment, a subsidiary of PSMAS. With this vehicle PSMAS went into overdrive to ensure that affordable services were there for everyone including the poor throughout the country.

Clinics and pharmacies were opened throughout Zimbabwe and dental, eye, laboratories and several other specialist services are available in these clinics. Patients are treated without paying cash as long as they have medical aid and this is quite a relief to civil servants who form the bulk of workers in this country.

There is no doubt that Dube turned PSMAS into an organisation that is the second biggest provider of medical services in the country after government. It has some of the most famous hospitals like West End, Clay Bank and Parkview.

Who has not directly or indirectly benefited from this grand project by Dube? Who else in the health services sector can stand up and match the contribution that Dube has made to the country? There might be none.

There are many corrupt executives who have nothing to show for their many years in office. In fact if at all, we have executives who have become far richer than the organisations that they lead.

Let’s not, as a nation, run the risk of throwing away the baby with the bath water.

Dube may have made his mistake, but that should not overshadow the toil he gave through the years and the benefits that many Zimbabweans now enjoy.
Dube can never be a villain.


    • How much did Cuthbert Dube pay you for that hogwash?

      Robert Mugabe, enlighten us how how great of a man he was, in the distant past. Maybe I can see him in a different light for what he is now.

      A Government parastatal employee taking home a quarter of a million of USD home every month right before the watchful eyes of the CIO! 90 years old, and says and insists he is running the country!

      Oh yes, let us all bury our heads in the sand and reminisce about good old past, when we had men of good standing like Bernard Chidzero. Kept a good eye on our finances that one. Today our path is fraught with pot holes, can’t drive straight, the Future… I wonder if will have roads at all.

      • You are very right, Taps. Cuthbert’s salary is enough to pay all the 54 or so presidents of Africa at an average salary of $4 259. You can’t justify such greed. Dube has lost all the respect he acquired over the years. He must go to Chikurubi.

    • nhai zvako iwe.. wat if no audit was carried out? how many more months was he going to get the 230000? imbavha chete.. i wonder how much he is getting at ZIFA too

    • This Board that allowed Dube to lose direction, what allowances do they get, probe that please, maybe they are getting 30 000 per month as sitting allowance. such salaries are awardwed by Board members who connive with CEos to get something in return

  1. Thank you Mathew for giving this other side about Curthbert Dube- I never knew of the statistics and history to PSMAS. Though he contributed big time as per your piece, it is still hard to believe that the man was pocketing a quarter of a million per month-may be its because we are comparing his salary against what we are earning without giving due attention to what we really contribute every day to our organizations and to the country in real terms.

    May be we are earning either what we deserve or way beyond what we deserve-in any case it is a common dictum that you earn what you negotiate and not what you deserve!! Just saying

    • Matthew you’re LYING about PSMAS.
      You say that when “Dube took over the then Public Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) in 1994 it had 4 500 members” THAT’S A LIE…there were 143 311.
      This is the electronic age, please do your research first before you write articles based on false premises.
      You’ve clearly demonstrated that you wrote this to protect Dube. Shame on you!!

      Here’s what the PSMAS website says about numbers of members:
      1930s 660 beneficiaries
      1940s between 2 474 and 3 564
      1950s 23 687 beneficiaries
      1960s 33559 beneficiaries
      1970s 41 266 beneficiaries
      1980s 143 311 beneficiaries
      1990s 400 000 beneficiaries


      • Now Matthew as a former head of ZUJ what does this say about your OWN credibility if you are willing to go public with unsubstantiated twaddle and cooked statistics like this..Should people revisit all the articles you wrote with a red pen. Of course you were on a noble crusade to give the other side but in the light of the above this is a SHAM!!! Now I hope you were not paid for this..if you were the honest thing to do is to PAY it back? No?

        • @Falcon, should it not be resign now then pay it back then further investigations then possible jail time for this former head of ZUJ?

          Corporations that many clueless so called leaders look up to for saving us poor Zimbabweans bankrupted Europe and America, the media there exposed salaries/bonuses of the top executives causing the entire US congress to pretend to be outraged. Not one journo stood on the side of greed! Even Mr. Obama dished out nasty chastisement to the guilty CEOs and promised to end wall street greed! What followed? These thieves were bailed out and are still at work, scheming of more ways to peculate while millions are still homeless and jobless. We want the guilty in Zimbabwe to pay, hoping for more information to come to light and bigger fish to be fried, even if it means the entire government, opposition, municipality and private sector senior so and so’s go to jail.

          Viva Zimbabwe and shame on you, former head of ZUJ!

    • personally am not ashamed to say you earn what you deserve and negotiate. look at muchechetere he negotiated and got a deal, who amongst us wouldn’t do so; unlike dube muchechetere’s zbc didn’t shine; however compared to our earnings then pakaoma chose; but salaries and packs are like that too good to be true

    • Apparently Matthew is lying the figures on the PSMAS website contradict what Matthew has written and the lie that civil servants didn’t know anything about medical aid is one big lie too. The government made sure that as one is employed they were told about the PSMAS even parastatals were also members. I started working for a parastatals in 1982 and I joined the PSMAS then and there was enough information. So to credit Cuthbert with all this is a bit we said Matthew seems to have been paid quiet a sum to do such a shoddy job..if I were Cuthbert I would ask for my money back. The man didn’t do a simple research on the website he would have got the correct figures but then we know why he wouldn’t have been able to praise sing for his erstwhile hero could he!!! Shame on you Matthew!!!

  2. Nonsense. Complete Nonsense.

    So u are saying that the past glory absolves his sins of corruption. For starters if he had grown the society to a point that members dont have to pay subscriptions, maybe we could give his past glories a thought. But instead here is a white collar con artist who looting the contributions of his compatriots. If he wanted so much money why did he not open his own private business.

    I think that it is very irresponsible to say that I fought in the liberation war so I deserve to own half of the country. He was doing his Job period. and if a teacher does the same as he did what would become of our country. If a teacher/headmaster says I came to the school while it had bad grades but now its doing great so I must take part of the school fees, would we have a country left?

    Carthbeth or Cashberth or crapbert is a thief. Plain and simple and he should be officially specificied as a corrupt person, prosecuted and ordered to return every single cent he stole. And I am ashamed to find journalist who defend such reckless, cruel, evil, inhumane acts of paying yourself half a million dollars of the publics money while the majority of the public live on less than a dollar. Shame on you journalist. Shame, shame, shame.

    No wonder why people like Hitler and other genocide despots succeeded they had journalist who defended their twisted charcters such as u are doing here. Shame

    • Thank you for this comment. Moreso, coporate governace state it clearly the rules. Whose interest Curthbert or Cashbert was serving. Zvirikundirwadza.

      • from all the comments including newspaper reports, its a pity there is so much ignorance amongst Zimbabweans. when you have a membership of 600000 and just imagine the income per month at say $10 per individual per month. its hooping US$6 000 000. and $72 million per year.

        but contributions were/are much more and in addition there were affiliated companies he was managing directly or indirectly. making the monthly gross incomes way above $6 million.

        there is the rule that salaries should be capped at 30% of gross income meaning that the allowed salary bill would be a minimum of $1.8 million dollars per month or more.

        salaries for executives are negotiated.

        the general rule for private organisation is about 10% of income should pay executives directly or indirectly.

        PSMAS is governed by an act of parliament which requires it to operate on commercial lines

        put yourself under the above conditions, I don’t believe Dube could have erred anywhere.

        newspapers and commentators should dwell on the above issues and inform the public correctly and not continue to misinform the public as it is.

        Maybe its meant to incite the public by giving false facts. this is why you will find none of the ceo will be prosecuted giving the false impression that government is ineffective or useless.

        • Going by your figures cited above, the executive team should have got $180’000 per month and the balance ($1.62m) going to the other staff members thus ensuring internal salary equity. The problem at PSMAS was that the exeutive was getting $1.1m (Dube’s cut was in excess of 10% of the organisational salary bill!).

    • I agree with you 100%. I now have issues with the author who has such an auspicious role as information commissioner and former head of ZUJ. With such journalists who are supposed to hold those in power in check to have such attitudes is scaring. What is he contributing as information commissioner? If this is anything to go by its not surprising we have so much corruption in this country!! I am very ashamed of that man Cuthbert! I am glad I didn’t take the offer to join his team in the late 90’s . My problem with him was his allegiance to ZANU and from what I gather there is more to those businesses under the investment arm of the organisation. I hope a root and branch audit is done of his whole rein at PSMAS since 1994!!

  3. Haiwawo this chap shld nt hav our sympathy coz all of us we r earning nothing n yet we hav also contributed immensely to education n n other sector so there is no justification for theft,sheer mismanagement of public funds n stealing for th Biblical lazarus in muzarabani n cholocho.its unacceptable.period

  4. Was this journalist paid to write this by Cuthbert?.Here is a man who is responsible for destroying other service providers and creating a monopoly in the medical aid and services industry.He would selectively pay his own PSMI clinics on time while lying that they dont have funds to pay other service providers,delaying payments was his strategy to force other providers out of business.The fact that PSMAS has more members doesnot mean its competitive its services are rubbish,I suffered at the hands of this cruel old man and I wont shed a tear.

    • I think Last Don is right here, a CEO who does not know the difference between per mensem and per annum. The man was paying himself an anual salary in a month!! If that is not grand theft please fill me in what it is. He should be held accountable for this theft and the money returned back to the PSMAS books to pay the good doctors who have to go for months without being paid until they refuse PSMAS accounts. I am a PSMAS member and have suffered because of Cuthberts excessiveness. The money has to be recovered, there is no justification for such a salary even if he built the PSMAS house with his hands. People have died because their doctors do not accept PSMAS credits.

  5. Not surprised someone found it convinient to defend such gross immorality it’s the Zimbos way to turn the other check to gross corruption, theft and act of criminality under some misguided act of dullness. Shame on you author of the article. PSMAS provides members a nonsense services and you have the nerve to come here to give stats as if they mean anything. Nxa mani u people make me sic I tell u

  6. This cannot be true because my family and many others who held the rank of patrol officer in 80s have been on medical aid . This used to cater for civil servants and pensioners only. What he only did was to widen the contributors base to include non civil servants

  7. That does not absolve him of wrongdoing.
    In fact, we’ve just learnt today of further corrupt activities by Dube at ZBC. This is a sustained pattern.
    What you’re saying Tichaona is akin to a father who rapes his daughter and in defence then says that he’s being feeding and educating the daughter up until the rape.
    Dube got more than he deserved; he was entrusted to make the right decisions.
    Getting a salary of $230000 per month was PSMAS had a $38 million debt deserves to be judged harshly!!

    • this man should be punished severely to deter future thieves and all the salaries of everybody in this organisation should be looked into for unrealistic figures.

  8. Mr Editor…are you serious letting this idiot of a journalist to publish this kind of nonsense. Better perfoming state wholyowned entities in SADC do not pay that kind of money….even the President of this country (official salary) doesnt earn that kind of money and you let this moron to be defended by this last grade journalist of yours? Shame, pathetic and sickening! You make me angry

  9. Mathew Takaona, we all know you were paid, unfortunately. When this scandal broke out and Cashbert was asked by a journalist from one of the independent papers to tell his side of the story, all he could say was can we meet so that we resolve this issue without the story being published. He then sent an commissary with $10,000.00 and the young lad refused accept it and went on to publish the story!!!! The question is just how much was Mathew paid?

    • The should read “CASHBAIT”. Uyu murauri wemari chaiye. All the efforts if any were being regarded as an investment to him. Batai munhu

    • Mathew Takaona should be thoroughly investigated.There is more to this “puff” image repairing article he has penned on behalf of his paymaster Cashbert Dube.

  10. cuthbert u deserve to go to jail u a blood criminal. you dnt hv sympathy towards the public these statstics are nothing but a mere justufiication of yr evil deeds. who .cn tell me they are accurate hw justfiable u jornos stop publishing nonsense

  11. Cashbert Dube has boasted that he is a successful businessman and I have wondered what field does his company Buymore Investments operate and up to now I still have no clue except that he is looter par excellent. I have no sympathy for him and my brief is to bury him and not praise him

  12. Tichaona you’re LYING about PSMAS.
    You say that when “Dube took over the then Public Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) in 1994 it had 4 500 members” THAT’S A LIE…there were 143 311.
    This is the electronic age, please do your research first before you write articles based on false premises.
    You’ve clearly demonstrated that you wrote this to protect Dube. Shame on you!!

    Here’s what the PSMAS website says about numbers of members:
    1930s 660 beneficiaries
    1940s between 2 474 and 3 564
    1950s 23 687 beneficiaries
    1960s 33559 beneficiaries
    1970s 41 266 beneficiaries
    1980s 143 311 beneficiaries
    1990s 400 000 beneficiaries

  13. ths reporter must b investigated or arrested .he will tell us more abt these scandals n also hw much he ws given 2 write the story

    • thank you bro Jay for the insight

      This unlearned reporter is ignorant of the fact that it is a requirement that if a civil servant wants medical aid, the government can only contribute for you if you join PSMAS. so chaanoti akaita chii kana government yakapa this condition.

  14. This is a thief and must pay for his sins. He must be order to pay back every cent he got over and above what he was entitled to. He was doing this even in the zimbabwe dollar era. Look at what he was going at zbc, and i wonder why the government keep rewarding thiefs?? And to the writer shame on you for defending an armed robber who steals in broad day light. Haana ganda kumeso.

    • You claim that he is stealing money, do you have any proof of this? You’re going to be very disappointed when you find out that he is making much less money than all these other CEO’s. Because You are dealing with load shedding etc doesn’t mean that the CEO is stealing money. Open up your mind and realize that the problem doesn’t stem from what the CEO is paid. rather look at the fact that the country went through hyper inflation and it is still trying to rebuild. One day Zimbabwe will get back on its feet and everything will be fine. Don’t expect it to happen over night, it’s just not possible.

      When the next CEO comes along you’re still going to have the same issues simply because the money is not there!!! Zimbabwe doesn’t have the money and this is why you’re struggling.

  15. Sorry to journalism in Zimbabwe, you remember one guy at Herald had to help himself with match fixing in Asia against the national team and now this one wants to bail out Dube because in this corruption scurge, journalists are accomplices.

  16. Mathew please serious, How can you say that before that $60000 has a modicum of decency? Are you kidding? Then you obviously have no problem with Happison earning 40k at ZBC?

  17. Even mandela with the immence contribution and sacrifice never earned that much. Cashbert should simply go and play for madrid, barca , man u he wil be paid that kind of money without qualms.

  18. before i say much let me ask,who approved these guys salaries in the first place not jus cuthbert bt the rest of the top management.wer was the board of directors wen all this was happenin?if the management is gettin soo much how much is the board gettin?

  19. Who really cares about statiscis? The basic matter is that whilst top management was pocketing a combined $1 million per month, those who contributed that money were dying because they were sometimes failing to acces treatment on time because medical service providers PSMAS had discredited itself by not paying those service providers. Kana ndikati shamwari imbochengeterawo mari yangu wozondipa kana ndarwara ndirapiwe, you must simply give me that money on request. Kwete kunditaurira kuti wakadya yese ini ndofa.

    • The Editor of the publication should discard the article given the inaccuracy of the figures provided by the Journalist in defence of the Dube who destroyed PSMAS. The figure regarding membership is false. Infact DUBE had monopolised the Public Health Sector given the acquisition of health services in Zimbabwe to enable him to loot in the name of providing an affordable health care to the poor Civil Servants. PSMAS had virtually collapsed during a period that Cash-bert Dube was looting $230,000 per month. PSMAS had enlisted a number of lifesaving drugs to be over the counter purchases since May 2013 meaning that PSMAS was only supplying a few drugs for its membership for free while Dube was enjoying the fruits of the Members. DUBE NGAAENDE KUJERE!!!! IMBAVHA

  20. How much were u paid to write this trash? Was he not paid for the work he was doing then.? Even huku chaiyo ikanwa mazai ayo inopiswa muromo

  21. MR EDITOR we are very disappointed you can allow this joke of an article attempting to sanitize a national outrage with lies. PSMAS did NOT have 4500 members in the 1990s. This is a shameless lie concocted to defend criminal pillaging of historic proportion. Shame shame on the author. Shame shame on the editor.

  22. When this guy the new editor was appointed, somebody mentioned that newsday was to go down the same way the Standard fell. Since i dont read the standard i did not understand what that reader was saying. Now i do. How can a sane editor allow such rubbish to be published in a natioanal newspaper. Especially when the public is still angry and the revelations are still fresh. Really mr editor???????

  23. This kind of stuff should only be found in Cuthberts memoirs not a national newspaper. Please u must appologise to us. Tisu taibirwa boss…dont insult us

  24. Nothing can justify this daylight robbery. Even in the richest economies such salaries are earned by large and very profitable companies. Where was the board of directors when all this robbery was taking place?????????????????

  25. Tokuzivai anaMathew nehu Anti Zanu hwenyu apa you are a media commissioner onyara tsvina dzakadai. Govt sd open a hotline kuti vanhu vataure huori hwese uyu.First it was Zbc .Psmas and then City of Harare.Ko kuDairibord kunyanya Zesa kwakamira sei.Munhu wese whether private or public lets expose any outrageous salaries.TADARO KA VaMugabe pliz mo actawo…

  26. akamboudzwa naTB Joshua zvikanzi Mwari anoda mufambe zvakarurama asi imi murikungotenderera,ngasungwe,ngasungwe

  27. In the same vein President Mugabe/ZANU(PF) cannot be villains. When they took over in 1980 what were the literacy or healthcare access rates for the majority blacks in Zim?? Even after more than 10 years of negative economic growth Zimbabwe maintains the highest literacy rate in Africa.

  28. A medical aid society is not quite an insurance scheme, but the principle is the same. You contribute to a pool of funds to manage the risk of falling ill and in the event that you do fall ill the society pays your bills out of the pool of contributions.
    It stands to reason that a monthly salary of 1/4 of a million dollars is not sustainable in such a set up. Cuthbert Dube was in a position of trust, and he abused that trust. Pointing this out is not throwing out the baby with the bath water, it is a statement of fact, and a call for him to be held accountable.
    His illustrious contributions to the field do not in any way mitigate the crime of paying himself such a salary out of the savings of hard working Zimbabweans!

  29. cash bert should be made to pay for wat he did to the members who contributed…. mr journo you have a problem yourself, hw can u justify such an act of criminality under the guise of development. he must face the music

  30. To justify 230k when in debt of 38m is absolute lunacy to me. Where on earth have you heard such salaries besides in ailing Zim. CEOs in states earn less than 20k for hugely profitable companies but here City of Harare TC 37K when our streets are smelling with rotten gabbage.

  31. Mr editor yo newspaper hs been at a forefront of exposing corruption bt ths article am afraid wil make yo newspaper irrelavant by lettin yo jorno t defend th people who hs killed ths country..shame on yo

  32. This article takes Zimbabwe 30 years backwards! I mean, we are all not happy with what ZANU (PF) does to justify it’s stay in power – they liberated us! Now this silly article suggests the same thing about Dube! Please – a spade is a spade! Chakaipa, chakaipa chete, no matter who does it!

  33. psmas is not affordable MR journalist for those under other organisations yes. i was shocked when i went to their offices hanzi an individual or private patient should pay $50 a month meaning my wife also pays $50 my child $50 $150 for a family of 3 per month how many can afford that, tipei mabasa acho tigobhadharawo ma$7 anobhadhara vane maorganisations. zvinorevei izvozvo kusashandira macompany imhosva here meaning they are depriving the services to the poor saka havana zvavari kuita voba futi mari yacho? mwari vanopindura misodzi yevanhu yaaiguta nayo sezvinei takawana ruponeso tinoregerera asi basa no more. check

  34. Newsday please give us real journalism and real journalists. This is crap! This looting has been going on and journalists cannot tell us that they have not been aware of this. Even getting $60 000 per month is still evil in a company that has workers earning $230 per month and are six months owing!!! What skill did this man had to have to collect subscriptions and fail to pay for drugs members were getting from pharmacies and then get $60 000 before getting $230 000 plus unstated benefits? Give the bleeding public a break!!! This must be investigated to even uproot everyone involved including the responsible minister!!!

    • Me too.Mathew should be doing PR consultancy for the rich and famous like Cashbert Dube and not masquerading as a journalist when in fact he sees no evil, hears no evil,writes ONLY Zanu (pf) presumed evil but goes on to sanitize evil in parastatals disguised as objective journalism.

  35. we should not be blinded by the dube issue. what he did cannot be forgiven at all. my question is .since this guy was in office they was always a minister responsible .can we just focus on dube what of his boss or bosses for all these years. its a complete disastrous system we are looking at.

  36. i think there is need for most of us to be able to define the word corruption in the first place,Dube was earning not stealing,the fact that he was the last signature doesn’t define corruption.if it were you mungadai maizvihoresawo pakati kurei.kune vanhu vanoba zviripachena .True PSMAS workers are some of the the best paid and cared for workers in this land so in terms of adminstration he was good,however the figure he was earning was too high.


  37. Aaaaaah asi Newsday yawe paper sister of the Herald here because surely such jetsam reporting is synonmous with herald, certainly the editor of this paper should be sacked with immediate effect, how hell on earth can he sanction this filthy addled article, surely journalism ethics a tremendously decaying in this country worse in the so called independent media, saka towerenga chiyi manje akomana, im sure these journoz had bite on the 230k that lead to the publication of ths corrupt riddled cash monger defence!

  38. What other side? This is a very shallow opinion piece. Growing PSMAS certainly doesn’t justify Cashbert’s looting!!!!

  39. Mr Journalist, so you mean when you run a company for years and the company becomes successful under you then becomes a justification of looting what the CEO builds for years. You need to be educated you journalist because you show hauna kukwana. Making company to achieve its objective and grow doesn’t mean that the CEO must start divert resources in his pocket….through and through the CEO must work for the benefit of the shareholder…”please Mr Journalist check what Corporate Governance mean on Conflict of Interest” Dzokera unowerenga kwete kusapota hunu wakadayi.

  40. Aaaaaah asi Newsday yawe sister paper of the Herald here because surely such jetsam reporting is synonmous with herald, certainly the editor of this paper should be sacked with immediate effect, how hell on earth can he sanction this filthy addled article, surely journalism ethics a tremendously decaying in this country worse in the so called independent media, saka towerenga chiyi manje akomana, im sure these journoz had bite on the 230k that lead to the publication of ths corrupt riddled cash monger defence!

  41. mbavha dzega dzega nyika yese………nezuro along seke rd ku st martin kwakanga kune ka mini rd bloc ke porisi rai batisa mari munhu ayigocha chibage ari padivi….ma condoctor ayitopa mari munhu iyeye pachena vanhu vakatarisa saka haaaa inonz pamberi neumbavha pasi nehu pastor thats zim we want

  42. Journalist,do u know that most of Cashbert Dube’s subordinates did not enjoy their Christmas coz they had not been paid even up to the 7 January 2014.Shame on you

  43. mbavha imbavha mhani…right now getting medications at pharmacies using PSMAS .one can bot do so even getting proper treatment at private hospitals ,one had to pay upfront yet some1 was pocketing big time .to hell with cashback

  44. Guys guys i wonder kuti maBoard nemachairmain acho anoitei they should be fired first before firing cuthbert they are all in on this . Has anyone ever noticed kuti ivo maparastatals ari top heavy sei . Take for instance NRZ general manager ane 5 directors under him for who also have branch heads who have managers and managers under them have u also wonder the perks of these directors and manager they stay in 5******* hotel ,huge allowances, they get cars after every 4 years top of the range ,fees for children,holiday allowances the list is endless
    they take maybe 80% of the salary bill. Yet the retrench the poor guys in the yard,clerk who is actually doing the job ivo vachingosayina chete. Please let have people working .The companies are not making money but still maintain the old rhodesian structures for what????

  45. Shame on you Newsday and what a pathetic piece by you Takaona. Should a rapist father be praised and allowed to go scort free because he educated his daughter and took care of her when she was growing up. Thats exactly what you are saying about your brother in crime Cuthbert. Dont forget he’s he one also that created the mess at ZBC. What you wrote is very absurd and insenstive to us PSMAS members who are contributing every month but are denied service by service providers and asked to pay cash upfront and claim from the society. By the way learn to do a thorough background check on your stats before rushing to leak your master’s boot.

  46. when all has been said, can vamugabe please make vadube nevamwe vavo payback mari idzi. pleople were being denied medical attention while vadube was pocketing the money. i bet you this guy and his cronies were/ are not using psmas hence their insensetive. bottom line ngavadzose mari period. please vamugabe tinoda mari yedu.

  47. you want to insult our intelligence . we are also educated
    why are you supporting thieves , maybe you are also a thief

    • In American during the 1950’s the top civil servants had a policy of ” you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”.This is exactly what si happening.A board chaired by a Board CHAIRMAN chooses the CEO,so in most cases a jolly good fella is chosen who plays to the whims of the Board Chairman.Cashbert was Board Chairman-ZBC,kune mascandals awo,then he is CEO kuPSMAS kune zvakovo.Is it coincidence kana kuti iculture which is prevailing

  48. spin doctors at work. some are now singing for their supper. some of these journos are trashing the once noble fourth estate

  49. Matthew Takaona, how much have you been paid to do PR for Dube? I think u have gone into overdrive and lied in the process. Dont get excited with your own lies.

  50. ZINARA, tave kuda kuziva kuti veku ZINARA vari kuwana marii? tanzwa nema potholes apa vashandi vavo pane mamwe ma toll gates havana zvekushanisa zvakakwana, apa paSkyline toll gate pane mapotholes

  51. Mat Takaona dont patronize us u full of nothing trying to defend the indefendable, her blaa blaaa blaa . so are u saying he owns PSMAS and so he can do what ever he pleases awarding him self salaries of which even Dabengwa of MTN South Africa become little boys even the President of the United States simply dream of. Dube should be fired not retired and made to pay all the money he looted together with band of thieves in the gumbos , chitekedzas should be arrested. These guys were buying houses every month

  52. The writer of this opinion piece must be writing about PSMAS from elsewhere and not in Zim. The Public Service Medical Aid Society has been there to serve civil servants since before independence and saying it had a membership of just over 4 thousand is utter rubbish. Is he telling the nation that Zimbabwe’s civil service had such a small number of workers then? I joined the civil service in 1983 and immediately was a member of the Public Service Medical Aid Society. Every civil servant becomes a member of the medical aid society. He should do his research before humiliating himself like this.

  53. Mathew, you are as corrupt as Cashbert. You looted at ZUJ, that is why you are defending your colleague who has no mercy like you.

  54. Open leter to the AMH BOARD

    29 JANUARY 2O13

    Dear sirs/madam


    I write this leter to point out some few things i find i miss at yo natioanl paper the newsday. It is of no doubt that newsday has been & continues be the most prefered paper for zimbabweans across all walks of life. You have brought us balanced reporting over the years & you have given us hope against one sided reporting we had been accustomed to from state media.

    Yo recent editorial reapointments i wld like to belive have been necesitated by the need to kip the ND moving foward. However, some of the news articles that are now being published in your paper are becoming of a concern to us yo loyal readers as to wher exctaly are we heading towards.
    The recent publication in today’s paper of a piece entitled ‘dont be too harsh on cuthbert dube’ as well as anothr story on Bryn Adams Tour ,has prompted me to write this letter to you seeking clarification as to what exctaly is hapening.
    By mere goin throu the forementioned stories one wonders as to how on earth does an editor of a paper allow such crap to b published in a national paper. Even a lay man can actualy point out a number of iregularities in these articles.
    This is not a paper where people use their emotions when writin rather we want factual reporting. Even if its an opinion facts must be facts.
    Thank you for your continued endeveor to make our paper the best.

    Loyal reader

  55. Mr Editor, please, we wish to request you for public apology over this article or else we make a report to Minister Moyo. I joined the then Public Services Medical Aid Society in 1989 and know much more than most of the rubbish claime by this liar journalist. Please, accepw my advice.

  56. It’s clear from the article that Mathew Takaona immensely benefftted from Dube. But I must commend him for sowing his support for this criminal. We have for a very long time known that Cashbert was paying journalists in both the print and private media to stop them from writing abt his evils and corruption such as this latest scandal. Takaona’s articles shows us he is a beneficiary of Dube’s corruption. But wats more worrying is that this Takaona is a commissioner in the Zimbabwe Media Commission and I am just wondering is this the commissioner we want. There are many jonos at this newspaper who were paid by DUBE to conceal his corruption. we know it

  57. VaTakawona manyadzisa such a story isina any depth kudai asi mapiwa mari?Editor wake up hatidi such news dzisina chokwadi asi mapiwa mari?

  58. Journalists/newspapers for sale! How much did Mr Dube pay for that puff-piece? A little of the $230000?

    I bet Mr Dube did not negotiate with any member of the society for his salary!

  59. Nhaiwe Matthew i nw understand why the mirror has gone to the dogs since u bought it.u were given money by cashbert dube to buy the mirror nw why not publish this trash in ur own newspaper

  60. well done newsday editor for your intelligently calculated decision to let this debate happen this way. noone will say they were not fairly represented.

  61. so are you saying its good to take 230k home when your lowest employee is getting peas coz you built the empire, thats bullshit guys this Kazi must go behind walls where we can not see him.To be fair he should at least save a life term, Happyson half of Kazi and othersthree quarters of Happyson.

  62. I seldom have to read such utter hogwash which really does leave a sour taste in the mouth. That there is a drastic drop in standards and how reporters/commentators perceive wrong doing is beyond doubt and it shows in this piece of crap we have right here!! Unbelievable!

  63. The salary might have been obscene but Dube did not steal it, it was approved by his bosses. When he signed his employment contract nobody put a gun on his bosses head. PSMAS will have no option but give him a golden handshake.(rule of law)
    Can anybody dispute the business developments he brought to PSMAS?ie clinics and hospitals? The man thinks outside the box.
    As for the society owing service providers,are the employers remitting members contributions and are they up to date?
    It is with all the above facts that we can comment in an informed way. I know that the salary story minus other facts make the paper sell.

  64. Top 10 chief executives in US are paid at least $100m
    Pay gaps within companies widen as top two earners, led by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, earn billion-dollar pay cheques

    For the first time ever, the 10 highest-paid chief executives in the US all received more than $100m in compensation and two took home billion-dollar paychecks, according to a leading annual survey of executive pay.

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder, was the US’s highest paid boss last year, according to GMI Ratings annual poll of executive compensation, released on Tuesday. Zuckerberg’s total compensation topped $2.27bn – more than $6m a day. His base salary was $503,205 but the vast majority of his enormous payday came from exercising 60m Facebook share options when the company went public last year. Follow the link below

    we are talking of executives of huge profit making companies most of the companies are multinational companies in the league of Cocacola and the likes. Not this PSMAS tuckshop.

    Shame on the editor, shame on the writer. Dube must be arrested forthwith, where is Chihuri and Tomana asi murikutambirawo mazakwatira here vakomana.

  65. the journalist i think he want to mislead us knowingly pamwe akapihwa cash. the schedule of psmas in all newspapers show that in june 2013 he was earning 144000 and july and august 180000 and starting september onwards 230000 saka 60k yawati he earned 2mnths back ndeipi. maybe he earned that in 1994. and also the other two top guys must be sacked as well coz they earned almost the same amount. bhora mugedhi ra cashbet and team

  66. The editor and the writer of this article agreed to publish lies and attempted to sway the public towards sympathy for a crook, one would be a real fool not to see that money changed hands here!

  67. Medical aid contributions are like an insurance premium, they are not income but an obligation for future service and hence a liability in the company’s books. Now if PSMAS owes health service providers it can only mean there are no tangible and lucrative investments able to cover current and future health service requirements of members. The board and executive should be fired and then arrested for putting the lives of PSMAS members at risk. PSMAS was run like a ponsie scheme hence their current campaign to push membership numbers to a million! Vanga vachikanga mbeu vanhu ava!

  68. Well, in the name of fairness, #1. This is an OPINION article, albeit a horrendously stupid article, but it’s the guy’s opinion nonetheless. And we are yet to prove if he’s been paid to write this. #2. He did say that this ‘another side’ of Cuthbert Dube that he’s trying to show doesn’t justify Dube’s obscene salary. Regardless, however, in my own opinion, this article is bull and seriously Newsday, you guys know better.

    • The writer is supporting his opinion with false figures. That’s disinformation.
      Question is, is this deliberate, or lack of professionalism?

  69. Honestly speaking this Cashbait or is it Cashbeast imposed more sanctions on us than the EU and Americans put together.And you writer are you a journalist or a journaLIES. In all this insult this Cashbait has caused us , YOU YOU have courage to add injury SHAME , SHAME SHAME !!! on you.

  70. I move that the writer and editor be sacked as well .This is so unproffesional and misleading to say the least. They shld be charged under AIPPA or POSA which ever ,for inciting public anger, publishing falsehood, inpersonating a journalist, Aiding a looter, misuse of public funds,( surely we pay Newsday so they cld publish such nonsense) and our money is paid to the Editor and his crooks. Even if one has freedom of speech, these guys are guilty of lawlessnes . May the law take its course, investgate this guy’s bank account, find out what he owns and how he obtained his stuff, otherwise he must be a beneficial of Cushgate beast.

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