‘Don’t follow Makandiwa’ Chinamasa


FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday said only hardwork and commitment would spearhead the turnaround of the country’s economy and people should not bank on miracles like those performed by United Families International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Tarisai Mandizha

Speaking at the Mandel/Gordon Institute of Business Science 2014 Economic Outlook Symposium in Harare, Chinamasa said although the country had virtually been reduced to a “miracle society” where people now expected “quick fix” answers, there was need for hardwork.

“I am aware we have become a miracle society.We expect things to happen effortlessly without any effort on our part so, as a result, we are unable to contextualise in the physical world that I live.

“Things cannot happen until you put brick after brick,” the Finance minister said.

“What I want to put across is that we have to learn in the physical sense not in the spiritual sense.
“Miracles happen in the spiritual sense, so in the physical sense we have to put brick after brick. In the physical sense, let’s not be Makandiwa’s followers.”

Makandiwa, who has courted controversy over his prosperity gospel, told his followers at the beginning of last year in a special New Year service that miracle wealth was part of the “divine solutions” to the economic woes that have bedeviled Zimbabwe for decades.

“The Lord is setting Zimbabwe free. Divine solutions are coming. The Lord told me ‘Tell Zimbabweans to change their focus.’ Everyone is saying diamonds, diamonds, but I see another precious mineral for Zimbabwe . . . gold will be picked up from the ground.

“Mysteriously, gold will be appearing everywhere. As I was praying, I saw a wind blowing and I saw gold coming to the surface. People are going to be picking up gold without any drilling,” Makandiwa said.


  1. Mr Minister you are missing the point. Leave the Prophet alone you have failed us on your own through greedness and looting of resources that Zimbabweans worked for.People will chose to follow or not to follow THE PROPHET just do your job. In any case the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual not the other way round.Please do your job.

    • Chinamasa haaziwi zvinourayisa.Zvaakutamba nazvo he is treading on dangerous ground.Thats why nyika ichiramba ichinetseka if we have men of his calibre running critical offices like finance yet they don’t fear God or respect his servants.The bible says believ in God and you shall be established ,believe in his Prophets and you will prosper.Zimbabwe is a blessed country loved by God by as long as we mock and belittle men of God and not give them their rightful place in the administration of this country surely we will continue to wallow in abject poverty.My “personal opinion” is that Chinamasa retracts his comments and issue a public apology for disregarding the servant of God.

    • Well said kwaakutambora kwonyudza uku….dont play with a man of GOD hauna size naye Chinamasa u have been minister since long back waiitei…instead of asking for pray u talk nonsense,urimutumwa wastani kure

  2. Chinamasa for once I agree with you. In Botswana there is a company with a catch phrase which says ‘Building Botswana brick by brick’ in Zimbabwe these days is build the country through miracles. See how these miracle men are filling their tents with miracle hunters. Hard work pays and God will bless the work of your hands, Go to Highfields and Glen Norah surburbs you see men and women all roads leading to some place in waterfalls for a prophet there to sick miracle instant riches insteda of working hard they are now spending time in these tents.

    • Maita hauna nyaya. You are very shallow. Has the government been following Makandiwa for miracles for it to be broke as it is. Why blame the Man of God and the miracles in the Kingdom of God for your own failures. Is it the Miracles that made him produce a stupid budget ever in the history of any country. Zimbabwe you have problems of externalising your problems. Accept failure and take advice. Very soon you shall start to say Miracles are an imposition upon Zimbabwe from the USA and its Western allies. Shame on you and the people who think like you.

      The word divine simply means ‘GOD interfering’. Any God fearing being welcomes the participation of GOD in our matters which we fail to solve as mortal beings. When the prophet of God, Emmanuel Makandiwa, tells the country that we have to look up to GOD he is not saying be lazy, sleep and wake up to see oil flowing in the streets. Yes, GOD can do that but he is telling us that when we reach the limits of our minds, of our intellect, of our experiences and expertise and books written by men and women, it is time to get the solutions for this country from GOD. We as believers we know that GOD gives all the ANSWERS.

      What I see is that you and Minister Chinamasa are ignorant of GOD and you are both clueless. My Advice to Chinamasa is throw away your legal knowledge, go to prophet Makandiwa and he will pray for you and he will give you the best advice that you will never get from any economic books. You will become the best Finance Minister in the world. Zimbabwe will be the best performing economy in the world. Ko kana maths dzaramba, law yaramba, economics dzararamba, finance dzaramba the only logic thing to do is turn to GOD. This is the best advice that you should take my dear minister. BUT pride will fail you.

      Zvangu zvakaramba ndaedza everything physical but when I turned to GOD, I have become prosperous in everything that I do. Take a leave from Dr Strive Masiwa. He is a very successful business man yet he fears GOD and he testifies that his business solutions all come from GOD. Ko iwe Chinamasa chii chinonyanyoshamisira zvokuti ungatuka Mwari. Just a mere minister lost in the economic jungle. You are blind you can not lead.

      • @Miracle Hunter
        Iwe ndiwe usina kana nyaya manje, I have tried to read your composition but its full of air. This country has always been a God fearing country, if it was not that way, then 2002, 2008 were likely to cause civil wars but people didnt. Chiadzwa was like a time bomb which could have caused war in the East but alas people retreated elswhere.
        “the Lord is setting Zimbabwe free. Divine solutions are coming….” and this is the year the minister “…produce a stupid budget ever in the history of a country…” according to YOU!!!
        God loves us so much, with or without ‘prophets’, He brought us thus far and with Him will will go even further, because he knows we dont just pray, we are known world wide to be HARDWORKERS!!!

    • Thanks mate.. understand zviri kutaurwa pamessage yaChinamasa.. i dont agree naye mune zvakawanda adi apa ari right ..he is simply telling people to work harder and stop wasting time
      kumaprofita..mazhinji enhema..)thanks

  3. Atleast the minister is yet to fail, but the prophet failed. I remember back then when the prophecy was made, I was still reading the Herald, after a lot of bashing from Pro-Makandiwa and Anti-Makandiwa commentators, one commentator said, “People let us just wait and see and then comment otherwise you will be put to shame”. Now I think even the Minister was also waiting and has realized that God blesses the works of your hands!!!

  4. The action which was done by Moyo to Dead Bc must apply to ZINWA,4 months without salaries nhasi chaiye maManager naChief are having a meeting endaipo muone mari ichidyiwa ipapao apa wese awa sleeping in expensive Hotels washandi wachikwangwaya.Minister Kasukuwere muripiko zvamunenge makatorumiswawo nhamo yatiri kuchema nayo hamuinzwivo here.ZINWA YOURAYA WASHANDI NENZARA

  5. Ko nhai vaChinamasa, vakaika brick by brick yenyu. If yu think that the physical is more real, wait and see…see what the economy will do to you! why do yu have to comment on spiritual issues… you are not qualified to do that!

    believe it or not, the solutions to Zim are devine. if they are not why hasnt anything positive came out of the diamonds, out of the many economic blue prints that have come up!

    misguided lot!

  6. i definately agree with the minister here. no miracle will help us here in zim, only hard work. all those busy going to makandiwa to pray to him are wasting their time and money hapana hapana. regai ana makandiwa vadye mari dzevakapusa vanenungo vasingade kuzvishandira. prosperity kuitasei?? how can a normal person think giving makandiwa money will result in one prospering, stupid idiots for sure

    • Go to the Chitungwiza Basillica and see the definition of “brick by brick”.. and then the people who now “OWN” homes, cars we wont even say…
      Go to almost every company you will find a UFI member there, we go to work and we’re getting promoted.. Miracles put us in those positions buddy.. And we wont apologise for them, we don’t follow miracles, MIRACLES FOLLOW US (Mark 16:16-17)

    • those who despise the Lord are fools.i was a gardenboy in beit bridge but after meeting this Great Prophet of God,im driving an S350 benz,i live in Strathaven in my own house.Hindava muchicommenta tsvina pasina chamunoziva about spiritual things?Kupa Makandiwa mari kunobhadhara…iwe ndosaka usina kana bhara..kana ex Jap zvayo.benzi remunhu.

  7. For once I believe in Chinamasa. Miracles are dragging us back. Let’s sit together and salvage this economy by working hard that’s all.

  8. chinamasa, dont get too excited. there are some things you dont even with the power you have been given. so watch where you walk even when you are excited.

  9. I agree with minister chinamasa on this one. people need to realise that even the prophets are working hard to keep you in their churches! if they really had miracle money, why do they need you to tithe and seed? for what? for the advancement of the ministry? seriously? why not just pray and walk around and pick gold in the areas revealed to you in your vision and stop giving lofty, laziness-causing promises to the public. and when you are done harvesting gold, go round and give it to everyone! that, to me, sound like a plan. better yet, fund the national budget!! miraculously inject a billion or so dollars into the treasury!!! im just sayin’

    • Iwe uri murwere chaiye… Tithe is not an option. Its mandatory for every believer, neanopinda church yepasi pemuti achitenda Jesu is mandated to tithe, not by his local pastor asi naMWAARI mbune… Vanhu vasina ukama naJesu batai miromo yenyu.. Shanje nekusaziva kunokuremadzai..

  10. I have never commented here. For the first time I felt compelled to do so. I totally agree with someone I never thought would talk sense. What’s wrong with Zimbabwe. What has gone wrong. Why are people following naysayers such as Makandiwa. People should work hard. That’s the only miracle I know. Makandiwa is EVIL.

  11. minister you want us to work hard,,,,, basa racho riripi? kuenda kwamakandiwa kushaya zvekuita honorable, munyika hamuna magraft.

  12. I agree with Patrick on this one. Even God stated that one has to sweat in order to live well. People need to go back to basics for Zimbabwe to move forward. Let there be no theft, let there be no waiting for elusive miracles!

  13. Chinamasa, This must be the most coherent and sensible thing I have ever heard from your mouth! I cannot believe that you have this kind of intelligence! Well done and keep it up!

  14. maybe my comprehension skills are getting compromised coz the article does not in any slightest way exhibit where Chinamasa said what this misleading reporter has said in his/her headline. shame shame on your poor reporting!

  15. Chinamasa usatijairira iwe namugabe wako makakonewa kugadzirisa nyika physically mukauraya vanhu mahara regerai mwari agadzirise nyika kupfurikidza nevanhu vake. Madoti emagwavha

  16. I also agree with the minister, lets work hard inorder to achieve our goals, mosvika kupi muchida mapipi (miracles)

  17. MR Minister, i think you missed the point. The bible encourage hard working and promised to prosper the work done . The prophet is encouraging people to have faith, that is positive mind and speech whilst people work.

    I advise not to comment thinks that you don’t know or understand.

  18. Mr Minister siyanai zvemazita emaporofita, rimwe power richakutsvairai. The battle is not yours but God”s battle. Humble yourself ,hide your pride and listen to prophets of God for guidance, In the Old Testament kwiva nemurume anonzi Kish aitobvunzawo Samere kuti toita sei.

  19. I am very sorry Mr Minister Sir. you have proved why this nation is suffering, its because of foolish leaders like you… It a shame. Thats why the people of Makoni didnt vote for you in 2008…

  20. minister politics nechurch zvakasiyana,Makandiwa haana kumboti kuvanhu vake ‘siyanai ne ZANU,imi itai zvekuti nyikaibudirire ,Makandiwa achiitawo zvake munomurambidzirei?mapedza here nenyaya yamaiti ndiyo yauraya nyika MASANGISHENI

  21. For the first time since I have known you Patirecki, this is the first time you have told the truth as it stands. Even in JESUS’ times people had to go and work for a living and not wait for miracles from JESUS, so why has it changed now?
    Vana MIRACLEMAN do prayers to ask GOD to bless maoko evanhu so when they go and work the fruits of their works are blessed, not to say you will pick gold or your car will fill up with fuel, from where? Why would GOD want to put fuel into someone’s car kuti aende kunopomba with someone’s wife? And kana yapera fuel iyoyo then what? How about the petrol station owner who is running an honest business to try and make a living and employ people, how is he going to make money?
    But all said and done iwe Minister tell your boss not to expect miracles from somewhere to solve the problems of this country. BOOOOOOOM!!!!!

    • saka unofunga kuti Mwari vanoisa fuel mumota yemhombwe.. wakakwana here iwe.. asi u think God is foolish like you..
      Guys tipeiwo nani..

  22. Hahahahaha. Foolish people. I can’t just stop laughing after discovering that a government official has decided to shift his attention from his failures to a spiritual leader.

    Thats noise. U failed to allocate money to various ministries and departments, now the media is dragging him. You wake up with a deviation plan. hahahaha.

    Zimbabweans please don’t be discriminated of the literacy we boast ourselves of. We are not foolish. Mr Chinamasa, you are The Minister of Finance and Economic Development. You are not a judge. Oh, almost forgot:: YOU ARE NOT GOD.

  23. People of Zimbabwe, the solution is local. Zimbabwe has an Elijah. Its the right time to switch to divine solutions. We have tried IMF, Chimbadzo, Mbuya Nehanda, East, Education, etc. Even now Professors are confused no matter the size of books they swallowed. Recognize and submit to the man of God in our midst. Honourable Minister I hope you were misqouted. This Government really needs to see, understand, know and believe that the highest office on the land is prophetic office. It should now seek prophetic advice.

  24. Nhai iwe Chinamasa, sei usina hunhu?? Dzidzawo from president Goodluck Jonathan, he knows how to respect Man Of God. I tell you zvawaita izvi ndozvekutuka Moses when you need divine intervention. Uri chii nhai Chinamasa, unoendawo kuchech here iwe?? Anokuparidzira ndiani?? If i wer you, i would stay away from spiritual things ndoita law chete.

  25. Have u ever heard of the parable of the talents. Jesus was teaching us to work hard just like what Chinamasa is saying. Musawerenge Bible muchisiirira.

    • Economist mozobvunza weku UFIC wamunoziva (I know there is one close to you chete) kuti Prophet Makandiwa vakaparidza from which scripture on Tuesday 14 January 2014..
      Matt 25:14-30… Nxa

  26. Mutauriro vangu hauna tsvete naani zvake, inonzi feyafeya, pajekerere!!! kkkk

    VaMakandiwa murume akaita mbiri nokuda kwekuita mapipi erudzi rwechitendero chechiKristu. Kunobva simba rake hapana anga prover asi semunhu anoshandisa mashoko aMwari zvinotikonzera kufunga kuti kabanga masimba aainavo ndeaMwari musikavanhu.
    Zvaanotaura murume uyu matendero ake munaMwari. Haisi mhosva kana kuna VaChinamasa kuti vashandise mashoko ake nekuti akazvitaura uye VaMakandiwa vakaita mbiri huru muZimbabwe. He is a public figure, religious celebrity.
    Mwari vanoda kuti vanhu vadye cheziya uye vatende maari kuti vagoitirwa zvishamiso kunyanya kana vanhu vapererwa!! Pano perera vanhu, Mwari ndipo pavanotangira!!!
    Panoperera VaChinamasa, VaMakandiwa votangira ipapo, panoperera VaMakandiwa, Mwari vanotangira ipapo…..ndiyo order chaiyo yekuitika kwezvinhu!!
    VaMakandiwa kana vari vakatumwa naMwari solution yeZimbabwe vanogona kunamatirai Mwari vakaizarura as the prophets in the bible used to do to their nation, Israel.

    Be blessed in 2014.

  27. Patrick. Just walk around town and see how hard pple are working to make a living. Even late at night pple are working. You are just out of touch.

  28. U people are all lost the only exit to Zim’s economic problems is political only whilst of course we can’t rule out devine intervention

  29. I don’t think so..first we need wisdom and knowledge then brick aftr brick..Norh was taught by God how to build an ark seek first the kindom of God then he shall help u hw to put brick aftr brick…..as for miracles already iwe munhu Urisei miracle Saka analysis Makandiwa madiki

  30. The minister nailed this one,I also encourage the media and police officers to expose more of these conmen masquerading as sons of God and causing havoc in poor peoples lives.A wise man once said ‘There is a thin between being too religious and foolishness’ need I say more.

    • Since u are not in the know, they went there and they were told the evil things they had done decades ago zvavaifunga kuti no one will ever find out.. That’s why you see they don’t talk rubbish coz they know kuti ZANU matero when it comes to this stage.. kumuporofita makata…

  31. Cde Minister I think you are in the wrong on this one. Zimbabwe has freedom of worship. Prosperity gospel is the good news. for it says , whatever you ask in my name…..its no different to the law of attraction. We need to think outside the box honorable minister, this straight line thinking has got us into this economic quagmire. There is the concept of leverage, which we are not using in Zimbabwe. When another country does it , it seems like miracles. Either way cde Minister we do need a miracle in the nation. And never forget god will surely do nothing until he reveals it to the prophets

  32. God created Zimbabwe and He solve its problems. God raised Prophets to give people hope. Imagine if Zimbabwe had no hope in God, we could have had a civil war long back. God says if my people change other ways and turn to me, l will bless them. Prophets come and go. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Nehemiah, Samuel, Noah even Jesus warned people to change by they did not.Lets stop analysing Men of God. People pray to Jesus not to Prophets.If they are fake God will deal with them. Your job is to change and please God.Lets turn to God for our solution. You can work hard and work for nothing without God. Jesus wants us as Zimbabwe to change our corrupt and evil ways so that He can bless us. Lets work hard but in God’s way.

  33. You may bash Patrick Chinamasa but he is spot on. Filling Makandiwa’s churches and praise singing him won’t bring food to your tables.
    That stance you have taken, Patrick is in stack contrast to what the former reserve bank governor said of miracle money.

    I rarely follow up on what you say, because like your masters, your always misfire but thanks for this only bullet that hit the bull between the horns.

    Zimbabweans, work up and go and work for your dollars!

    • I don’t know how people can be so dillusional, The amount of cars that are on the streets of Harare alone with UFI stickers are too many, where do you think those cars are coming from if not being BOUGHT, by MONEY, which is being made from profits.. Every second shop in town has a UFI calendar and the people owning those shops are UFI members, so as far as UFI members going to work I think there is irrefutable evidence.
      And since the government is responsible for job creation, well they hit a GRANITE WALL over a decade ago..
      Besides the amount ZANU big shots that invite the prophets to pray for them at their houses in private are numerous.. and when they get their MIRACLES they don’t say anything..
      Chete kana usingaendewo kumachurch kwemaporofita haungadzizive nyaya dzacho nekuti ndoo kwadzinotaurwa.. iwo maphoto ari jahwi..

    • I’v been going to UFIC, I have always followed and will always follow Prophet Alescandro Emmanuel Makandiwa, and I believe in Jesus Christ because of his miracles.

      I am a manager at a local bank, but I was once a street vendor. I work so hard to manage this bank and by end of May, I will be promoted to Branch Manager.

      So who are u saying doesnt work here…when we UFIC members are working, and God is still blessing us.

      • Guys the only thing that is working for you is hard work. keep up the good work,
        forget this
        evil man called makandiwa. I am a fan of hard work, 5 years ago i was working for prison services at the lowest rank but through hard i am working for a british mining giant. Just hard work . I have never been to any pastor or sangoma. To those who are visionary the
        minister said something i never expected of a zanu pf minister. That’s great advice

  34. I think the Minister is right to the extent of waiting for things to happen miraculously.

    It is the context in which we need to comprehend the speech.

    The point here is let us not wait for miracles to happen. Let us work.

    However, there is one area which I think the Minister should have also highlighted.

    The issue of illegal sanctions.

    The leaders are busy barking on the removal of the so called illegal sanctions and nothing more. look at the Jose Chinotimbas. They get into a budget consultative meeting whose objective is to help them understand the technical implications of the budget, but want to force the presenters to acknowledge sanctions.

    In other words, we must have workable solutions to our problems rather than wait for the USA and her Western allies to say OK Zimbabwe we now want to do business with you.

    Remember a couple of year ago Mugabe said America you can keep your pieces of silver to yourselves. Yet those pieces of silver are what you find in his pocket.

    Shame shame shame.

  35. Funny enough, throughout the years, several ‘men of God’ – mainly maPostori and the Nolbert Kunongas,Obadiah Musindos etc – have claimed that Robert Mugabe was ‘placed in his position by God’. Mugabe regularly visits religious shrines. Umm, so when it suits them, ZANU-PF cronies evoke God’s name. But the moral of this article is clear: it’s only US Zimbabwean humans that must change the regime – not God. God will strengthen our resolve, but not actually VOTE or DEMONSTRATE on our behalf. So Chinamasa is prophesying his own demise – which is good. At one time when Mugabe was launching an ‘anti sanctions’ campaign, ‘man of God’ Emmanuel Makandawa was there to ‘bless’ the occasion.

  36. Honorable Minister. The fact that you mentioned the name, Makandiwa, on government business, thats great acknowledgement that you need this Man of God to cause solutions to country’s problems. Thats proof that Zimbabwe is on the shoulders of Prophet Makandiwa and that he has the voice of God over this nation.

  37. kusvika maziva Mwari muchiita zviri mushoko rake ndokuti mabasa enyu amaoko aropafadzwe. Deutronomio 28 is clear on what forms the bases of prosperity

  38. Ko ivo prophet ngavaite miracle money tibhadhare zvikwereti. Idyai cheziya imi madinga kwete kunyeperwa. Makandiwa haasi mwari. Munhuwo seni. People follow makandiwa out of desperation. Saka tati ngatishandei hama. Asiwo Minister Paritricky pliz tell team Zanu pf kuti maakudiwa kudivision 2. Muudzewo coach wenyu Bob kuti ngaachizorore. Magona henyu panaMakandiwa apoo, asi nyay hombe its leadershp renewal…..

  39. Mr Chinamasa is an honest man. Ask Japan,Switzerland and our good-bad friend Chiana; about the formular for economic success. They will tell you that it is hard work and technological development that is the key, not miracles.

  40. Mr Chinamasa u are right. Falls prophets are sprouting everywere. Wat happened to Mathius and Mildred? This Makandiwa guy likened himself to Jesus claiming that he was going to walk on top of water. Let him dare. Jesus never abused his miracilous powers on giving wealth. With Makandiwa, angel,naMagaya with all there miracles nyika ingadei irikure.

  41. hahahahaha makandiwa z brainwashing many eeeeeeeish ……look 2 God not makandiwa, ,,,,,,why so much praise on him why?

  42. Though i don’t subscribe to Makandiwa’s gospel i hate it when politicians belittle pastors or religious leaders because these guys have a better morale standing than them. Politicians should turn to religious leaders to get wisdom which is key for managing the state. Hon. Minister please swallow your pride and seek spiritual guidance on which course to follow regarding the country’s empty coffers.

  43. CDE misnister and the other people here, sure ppl need to work but also read Psalm 127:1 “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain”

    Nyika inoda Mwari for solutions. Dai aive ma degree chete ah we would be far ahead coz we have lots of those.

  44. Many are not willing to agree with the principle that Minister Chinamasa is espousing, which is a pretty sound principle. This is either because of an intense dislike of ZPF or because of zealous adoration of Makandiwa; none of which make this biblical truth inapplicable. Sad. Regrettably, most are not seeing the minister’s intention is to cause this kind of sharply contrasting opinions to deflect from real issues.

    • See how those with Pastor Gumbura mind. They always threaten. Bibito. Noah had to physically buid the ark. Even god himself said uchadya cheziya. meaning people have to work. There are so many numerous examples in bible where people had to physically work to prosper. makandiwa haasi Mwari period.

  45. people are mistaking two things, belief in Maka and belief in God. for the nation’s problems to be solved, we do not need Makandiwa but God. everyone can pray but kutenda kusina mabasa kwakafa. Deut 20:10-11 six days thou shalt Labour( the last time I read twas stil the same). after sin God said to man, out of the sweat of the ground shalt thou eat. kana tisisadye zveziya, nemimba ngadzichirega kurwadza. prayer must be oupled with action otheryse maka anorasisa vanhu sezvaaita vazhinji

    • When the bilble talks of “Kutenda kusina mabasa”, it refers to the acts of faith (exercise the faith that you claim to have) not to just say i have faith when you do not exercise it. It is not refering to actual working. Read and understand James 2 vs 14

  46. Ah, so there is actually a Prophet who prophesied Divine Solutions for our nation? So whats the problem Mr Minister? Why wouldn’t you want to follow such a man? Besides, no one told you who to follow or not to follow, so why are you taking it upon yourself to make personal decisions for others? You can’t even see the solution that is right in front of you. You talk of hard work…what hard work have you done to bring this nation out of its mess? You ignore potholes and spend taxpayers money feasting and drinking (Ecclesiastes 10v19). Ipapo if gold has to appear in your back yard will you ignore it? Finally, let spiritual people comment and give advice on spiritual matters, and as for you, just keep on failing the way you have, because the miracles are not for you, they are for the children of God.

    • yegold is not faith. it is presumption. and if miracles harisi gold chete, simba rekushanda is a miracle, and munhu were is a child of God. …and guys if u believe in the prophet, no matter hw much u disgree with the Minister there is no point calling him names, sarcasm etc. i think Jesus’ example for the Christian is not to mock, taunt, jeer. u can still make your point heard without some of the language here bcoz if seriously this is what is done by the Makandiwalites then its an example that he is not God’s and as the Minister says cannot be believed.

  47. to those sayn the minister is wrong,guess u nid to re-read the article.Patrick is sayn follow makandiwa spiritually n nt physically.This is a sound principle why would anyone with sense fight this!?

  48. matadza kunzwa zvataura minister apa its only that vana vamakandiwa a too emotional fo nothing spiritual idiots

  49. Makandiwa’s UFIC is busy creating employment for the less privileged…

    U are busy commenting against him.

    Ndepapi pawakamboona Chinamasa achi donator chikafu kuma Street Kids, Nherera, ne Chirikadzi. Since 1980, Chinamasa wakambobudawo paZBC TV uchapa kuvarombo here.

    GOD read this article, and He knows what he is going to do for you Cde Chinamasa.

    Remember, most people who will vote for u during the next election are UFIC members, think before you say anything to the media. Be sure to lose some 60 000 votes because of this article.

  50. With all due respect Minister you have gone way out of TOPIC! I have never heard Prophet Makandiwa talking down on Zimbabwes government ministers but rather he urges us to pray to GOD for you our seniors leaders! no wonder why at times things press us yet its all because the Ministry of Finance talks against Gods sent people, thereby close our Zimbabwean financial doors. Money is spiritual and therefore you speak against it Sir it would run away paisinga diwe. I believe this was a Mandel/Gordon Institute of Business Science 2014 Economic Outlook Symposium and not Makandiwa/Government Economic Outlook. We are all Zimbaweans, one way or the other you want someones help be it NOW or later! Why always Makandiwa, when it comes to finances kkkkk One way or the OTHER thats where our economic solution is gonna be just a prayer would do. Miracle Money yes, it is there being the restoration of our lost wealth and money from the darkenss kingdom.. Only time will tell but ONE thing i know GOD fights for his own people.

  51. Cde chinamasa
    With due respect sir I m not makandwa fanatic but on this matter I would you to correct me if I’m wrong . Makandiwa came just now even before makandiwa miracle where being preached you can be my witness if it happen tht you attended church service during your tender age but anyway my point to you Mr minister is Makandiwa came just now less than ten yrs if I’m not mistaken But zimbabwe was in danger while b4 makandiwa eg ESAP,War veterians saga (hunzvi time) etc
    I think we need to have solutions tht are workable than thse

  52. Patrick,titaurire kuti wavhura industry uone kuti hatishande here.Tiri kutoshanda hard kune dzimwe nyika nekuti zvekukorokoza hatigone,,pakuti ndozvatekeshera muZimbabwe.Siyana nemunhu wamwari.

  53. kuvaka brick by brick chii chacho ivo vachiba zvidhinha zvacho. Tipeka zvidhinha zvacho. Patinoda kuvaka imi mopunza mozvivakira nemhuri dzenyu muchisandisa zvidhinha zvashandwa nevamwe.God is providing and has provided asi varikungodya vega havachasvitsa kuvanhu. Daimond iro Mwari vakatipa asi tiudzeyi kuti ririkuenda kupi? Dimond hausi munana wakaitwa naMwari here? Provision ya Mwari

  54. any one who thinks this country can prosper on makandiwa’s fake miracles i say dream on dreamers..the minister is very ryt and is being realistic..and am surprised sme pple think its taboo and dangerous not to share the same view with makandiwa,is he God?the jews despised and mocked the Son of God so who is makandiwa that you can threaten pple when they say out their opinions?who cares abt those stupid miracles(manhood miracles etc)?Jesus warned that many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive even the very elect.wake up idiots,read your bibles and work hard in life

    • @ Desmond, with an aspiring president of Zimbabwe looking to TB Josh for answers, one wonders why so many average Zimbabweans are following the gospel of stupid and offended by common sense.

  55. zvakaoma kana mukuru oshaya gonhi mu 1 room, i thot miracle comes when all have failed or yu ar simply favoured by God….manje kana makuzvishoropodza iwe usingagoni kana kuti “AMEN” hatichaziwa kuti ?????LLJ(**6059dFDWRWES

  56. How come vanhu vano supporta muprofita vanotukirira zvekugumbuka chaizvo ?Ndiwo hutsvene whacho here?. Vaonei nemota dzine masticka paroad hasha dzavanoita nekutukirira. Asi ndizvo zvamunodzidziswa here ?

  57. Zimbabwean people are known as GRAFTERS in the whole world, but are tired of working for you people.They put ‘Brick by Brick’ and you are the ones who remove ‘Brick by Brick’. So stop criticizing other people, cos even renyu chairo makatoritanga muchiuraya vanhu nenzara, giving people empty promises. CHIMBOITAYI RENYU FIRST COMRADE TIONE KUTI MUNOGUMIRA PAPI CHAIPO

  58. I agree with the minister that prosperity gospel is dubious but he forgot to say that Zim Aseet is a highly flawed wish thinking drafted by some one whose brains haved been corroded by toto or weed

  59. While there is nothing wrong with miracles,there is everything wrong when God’s people refuse to accept the fact that God only does miracles where the natural has failed I order to prove He is God.There is everything wrong when Christians fail to understand God’s promise to bless the works of our hands (Deuteronomy 28:12). finally maZimbabwe let us learn tolerance and clean debates without name calling and abuse of other writers.

    • sir, remember also that the natural is supported by GOD. one example, a person can be healed through laying of hands or by prescribed medication. The power to heal, in the medication is put there by GOD.

  60. minister apa mataura wena, for the first time in my life kunzwa muchitaura chokwadi, mangozosiya kuti pasi nembavha dzinobira vatendi vakapusa mari, munhu ngaasungwe mumuise kuna gumbura chaiko. vanhu varikutorerwa mari nemafundisi vana kutodzingwa kuchikoro mari yaenda kwa muporofita.

  61. “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.” Deuteronomy 18:22

    In light of the above,may someone please help me (and perhaps others) by explaining in simple and clear (non-miraculous terms) what became of the gold predicted for 2013? Was it spiritual of physical gold?

  62. Vanhu haikona kubatwa nemweya wetsvina ok.minister havana chavatadza vati we must not follow mamiracles which is correct.miracles have to follow ok and we must work hard work hard to have a change in zim ok.prophets in the bible were once summoned to solve the kings problems they all failed and only Daniel akava wechokwadi one day makandiwa and all your prophets vachadanwa kuti vape nyika miracle money vozotadza vosungwa mukanyara :musatamba nemadzimambo hama dzangu all yo prophets are liars.ndapedza

  63. The Word of God says in more clear words than mine that miracles and wonders shall follow us, true believers; nowhere does the Word say we must follow miracle men. If Zimbabweans placed their hopes and faith in God and diligently seek Him, praising and worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth then all will be well, Without these plain truths, nothing or no man can bring any good prosperity to himself or anyone. Wake up, Zimbabweans, seek truth and quit being used by politicians and miracle so called pastors. Asi waChinamasa wataura idi, apa waMakandiwa wakashopera kuti goridhe richanaya semvura last year, so far hakuna chiro. Wake up, good people, seek only the Lord.

  64. Vanhu haikona kubatwa nemweya wetsvina ok.minister havana chavatadza vati we must not follow mamiracles which is correct.miracles have to follow ok and we must work hard work hard to have a change in zim ok.prophets in the bible were once summoned to solve the kings problems they all failed and only Daniel akava wechokwadi one day makandiwa and all your prophets vachadanwa kuti vape nyika miracle money vozotadza vosungwa mukanyara :musatamba nemadzimambo hama dzangu all yo prophets are liars.ndapedza

  65. Iwe Chinamasa, makatevera n’anga yediesel paChinhoyi, makambotikumbira for permission as citizens of Zimbabwe?
    Matthew 10 V 41, kana usina kugamuchira Muporofita hauwanezve marewards echiporofita, saka ndisiye nditevere Makandiwa nekuti my life is not determined by your “physical collapsed economy” zvangu zviri kuendeka, for my BIBLE tells me to work and not labour, zvedikita is not my portion for l am not leaving under the law (curse)

  66. kkk & makandiwa is a hard worker, his wealth z testimony to this. its us the povo who are a problem, too gullible. what happened to ‘God blesses the work of your hands’. does going to makandiwa constitute work? Anywer who said u have to beleive in ths guy to be blessed.

  67. The war has just started.vakuru vachaunganidza naprophet ese emuzimbabwe vari 1885 votaurirwa pafeya sezvakaita nebuchadinezar paakarota hope paye dzikamutambudza.our country is now in a crises so these prophets must come up with solutions.toda miracle money or else muchawora muri kuchikurubi kana muri va Mwari masuwo ejeri muchazozarurirwa.dont play with fire all you followers of makandiwa musa tuka vakuru venyu mazvinzwaka;paitambudzwa vana Paul nana Peter becoz of the Word of God their followers vaimge vasinga tukiriri sezvamunoita imi vana venyoka vainamata kuna Mwari masuwo achivhurika zvinyavada zvichitadza kuvavuraya koimi vana vemunana unozviwanepi.hamunamati Mwari we bible asi Mwari wa makandiwa .

  68. set a thief to catch a thief. leave the two alone and readyour bibles to see weather or not he is a man of God. becoz prior to Jesus’ ascention He warned us against fall profets of profit

  69. Tithes – so pple should form church and receive tithes ? There is no end to who can form etc ? Even me ? As owner were would i take teeth to ?

    Do we worship God to be rewarded ? How come many rich dont even know God ? How come many poor are worshiper ?

    Can God hear me without Makandiwa element ? So why shld l follow him ?

    Is greedy not a sin ? How come Makandiwa motivate all to acquire and acquire ?

    Bad and good always happen to anyone and everyone. A miracle will be when we dont grow old and die; when sun never rises etc not getting a job; buying car etc and then live for 60yrs and die. Why do you call normal things miracle ? Reality is every dog had its day ! Even with Makandiwa you will get sick; die; broke and more problems etc. God gave us brain and raw material its up to us. God wants clever pple. Not miracle expectors. Material universe was created to be physical. Revelation 21.3&4 ‘God will remove death and pain in new world’. As for now false guys will give u promises only.

  70. 1.Can someone list the purported miracles which were done by Makandiwa?
    2.Tell us what happened of the gold rakataurwa?
    3.Ndipeiwo verse yekuti hatichadyi cheziya as is alleged by someone who said we are not under the law?
    4.Uyo ati Kish akabvunza Samuel apotsa magwaro.
    5.Mwari Havana here kuti vacharopafadza mabasa edu atinobata,mumunda,muguta etc?

  71. thank you comrade minister, i will never follow makandiwa because i think he is an idiot therefore his followers are idiots too

  72. makandiwa and chinamasa are different sides of the same book the content is the same. People need GOD not makandiwa and his godfather bouteng to be freed from this bondage. If he can make miracle richies so why does he sale bangles, dvds, towels, teletunes etc. Others are being fooled to wait for mirracle money whilest filling his pockets from his congeregants who are not aware of what is the biblical deffination of prosperity. Chinamasa is buying time also by attacking makandiwa just to divert attention of civil servants and post election expectations. Jesus is the owner of all the earthly richies but he didnt move around putting gold in the pockets of the people or buying attention buy promising golg and dimonds. Lets us be free from these clever mongers who use the word of GOD to trap innocent victims

  73. I hemeni iyoyo Follow GOD and his son Jesus Christ, not Makandiwa. Anokutorerai mari dzenyu Makandiwa na Ubert vake, kana vakadzi vanokwetsurwa nana Gumbura. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  74. Isu tinoenda kwaMakandiwa tichibva kumabasa. How else would we afford to make offerings and pay tithes? Huya uone Chinamasa mota dzatinoparka pa City Sports. Even makombi atopinda mustayira kana kuine service kwaMakandiwa. Where was prophet Makandiwa when you were bringing Zimbabwe to her knees ? Zibenzi remunhu iri. Dai Mwari vakambokusiya uri mu physical mako imomo kusvika wati sorry.

  75. Well said sir. Wadadisa. I just wish your last three sentences weren’t there. Zvimwe zvese, sense chaiyo.

  76. Why are you being abusive and saying words that you would otherwise not use mu church. The headline is misleading. Chinamasa said yes after geting spiritual guidance you got to work in the physical so that the word becomes flesh.
    I have been one who didnt believe in prophecy, healing and deliverence until my young family was face by very strange things. My wife constanly sick, my young boy being attacked every morning by gobblins. I tried mapositori ekumasowe and a few nangas until i was introduced to PHD. I for one had never bothered to go to such churches and i can tell u up to now i have never been to Prophet Mkandiwas services. But i met with my solutions at that church, my wife got well the Ulcer she had miraculously disappeared and the prophet taught us one important thing. To have an alter in the house. I can tell you we now like prophets ourselves we now solve most of our problems alone thru prayer. We now casting evil spirits and those gobblins where never cast out by the prophet but by ourselves in our prayer room. So fellow zimbabweans everyone need a Prophet in their lives. There are evil spirits that need an annointed man of God attention. Spirits of delay, poverty, anger anti marriage, procatination, misuse of finances etc. These can haunt you without knowing. So lets not disrespect Prophets and those supporting their Prophet need no be abusive for you are commiting a sin cos you are inviting ridicule to a man of god because already some are asking if thats what ur Prophet stands for. Always live and lead by example. God bless Zimbabwe and please bless Prophet W Magaya and all the other true prophets of the world. Please lord give us spiritual eyes and ears so that we follow only those you have annointed to lead us. Please deal with those who misuse you name for profit. We ask for all this in the mighty name of jesus christ of Nazareth…AMEN

  77. Why are you being abusive and saying words that you would otherwise not use mu church. The headline is misleading. Chinamasa said yes after geting spiritual guidance you got to work in the physical so that the word becomes flesh. I have been one who didnt believe in prophecy, healing and deliverence until my young family was faced by very strange things. My wife constanly sick, my young boy (10) being attacked every morning by gobblins. I tried mapositori ekumasowe mumakomo and a few nangas until i was introduced to PHD ministries whose services where being held at Raylton sports club grounds at the time. I for one had never bothered to go to such churches and i can tell u up to now i have never been to Prophet Makandiwas services. I simply never bothered not that i have anything against his church. But i met with my solutions at that PHD ministries, my wife got well the Ulcer she had miraculously disappeared and the prophet taught us one important thing. To have an alter in the house. I can tell you we now like prophets ourselves we now solve most of our spiritual problems alone thru prayer and following our Prophets teachings. Testimonies are happening, real testimonies not some make believe stuff. We now casting evil spirits and those gobblins where never cast out by the Prophet but by ourselves in our prayer room. So fellow zimbabweans everyone need a Prophet in their lives. There are evil spirits that need an annointed man of God’s attention. Spirits of delay, poverty, anger anti marriage, procastination, misuse of finances etc. These can haunt you without knowing. So lets not disrespect Prophets and those supporting their Prophet need not be abusive for you are commiting a sin cos you are inviting ridicule to a man of god because already some are asking if thats what ur Prophet stands for. Always live and lead by example. God bless Zimbabwe and please bless Prophet W Magaya and all the other true prophets of the world. Please lord give us spiritual eyes and ears so that we follow only those you have annointed to lead us. Please deal with those who misuse you name for profit. We ask for all this in the mighty name of jesus christ of Nazareth…AMEN

  78. Jesus peformed miracles – he raised the dead from GRAVE. This is a miracle. Not magic of Makandiwa- He couldnt raise any dead person from GRAVE (buried for days like Luzurus kuMbudzi). Everyone knows that Mr Makandiwa wont do that Peter; Elisha all did that. What Makandiwa do is normal e.g getting a promotion and healing it always happen to anyone and mostly to non believers. Honestly some diseases heal on their own miraculasly. If you think healing is a miracle doctor are better. If you think getting money or job is a miracle then go to Switerland were unemployment is rare. Using brain you acconplish more than obscure so called miracle- when the so called spiritual father of Makandiwa – Chiweshe was critically ill he was rushed to hospital kkkkkkkkk not to their cults. Church is business-were many go expecting to be blessed and get rich.

  79. No true prophet of God in this country people.hamuna musatombonyeperwa kana one hamuna.muporofita anofanirwa kuva munhu anomira ne shoko raMwari kwete kubata vanhu uchiita tuma xmas party tusina basa ne kudonator zvekuda kuonekwa.hama ukapihwa hupfu wamboshambadzirwa patv kana pa radio unonzwa sei ? kozvadiyi kuitwa chinyararire.yakwana nguva yekuti muchisungwa manje

  80. everything requires God ,you will never do anything pasina mwari musanyebere vanhu minister even hard work requires the backing of God.For he is life and without him nothing will work pasina mwari .Minister the things of God hanty pekutambira

  81. of coz i agree with the Minister here. Ma miracle ekuti kudini. Makandiwa wei. God does not need people like him. Prosperity yeyi. Makapata ndosaka muchingoti papa papa zvisina nebasa rese. Wake up, Ma rende evanhu. Kana matsamwa go and tell papa wenyu iyeye makandiwa. Oh no, he is busy searching for a new bently to buy. with yo money that you gave thinking that it will double up in some miracle. bwahahahahaha. Kupata ndozvakunoita.

    • hakuna zvakadaro hausi Mwari even makandiwa wacho . dai zvaidaro half ye zimbabwe kusisina . zivai bible mutsvage Mwari wezvokwadi . bible rinoti usati munhu aripanyika baba .

  82. Chinamasa whats your problem with Makandiwa?Do your stuff physically and leave Makandiwa operate spiritually as he knows best,you can never be popular as he is,as you continue to speak bad about him,God will continue raising him up,he is not the one who messed this economy.grow up and stop the blame game DO YOUR WORK siyana nemazita evaZodziwa.

  83. ok so Minister u say dont follow Miracles ryt? u r ryt there coz miracles follow people. Why also banking on what you hear from people and newspapers? let me tell you this, we are hard working and that is what Prophet always says to us. i can even volunteer to get u some of his sermmons for FINACIAL SUMMIT so that you can HEAR FOR YOUR SELF WHAT HE WAS TEACHING US. II thought as a minister u were going to use your office well by even aquiring to hear on how you can improve in ur ministry. And zvazvinowanzoita ndezvekuti kana munhu aona kuti atadza anoda kutsvaga munhu wekuzora madhaga kuti zvinzi Makandiwa made the economy bad. Why even mentioning about Prophet in your finance issues, is he affecting it kkkk? ini ndikatonzwa zvadai ndotofara coz its just a sign yekuti there is an impact in chinamasa’s office . Ko kasi Prophet vakauya kwauri vakati siya zve physical here? kushanda , ehe u r ryt , but Prophet havasi vakati mabasa ashaikwe. imbotipawo fomula yako ye brick by brick tiione chete kana yaita wozotaura kuti yangu formula yashanda yaMakandiwa haina chete!

  84. I wanted to attend this conference but thank God I did not. To think that the Man of God is always pushing us to pray for our leaders and the country at large am really disappointed with Minister Chinamasa. If you believe the physical is above the spiritual then minister you are saying God is not above. What has your physical efforts produced for the country Mr Minister except hunger and strife. Prophet Makandiwa is 100% correct what we need now is the divine intervention of God, or maybe the honourable minister does not understand the word divine and miracle. You never heard Prophet Makandiwa comment on your budget why comment on spiritual matters that you are not familiar with. Some of us we have seen the hand of God manifest through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, we had nothing tichidzungaira but now I have a business that is doing well, I own cars and will be building my own house this year. Mr minister the man you are referring to prayed for me and I was delivered by God. Prophet Makandiwa performs miracles and he always encourages us to back this up by hard work, prayer, fasting and the word of God. At least for some of us Prophet Makandiwa’s formula is working as compared to yours Mr Minister which has failed to deliver. My advice Honourable Chinamasa is lets admit that as physical beings we have failed, only the spiritual that is Divine intervention by the God Almighty will bring the economy back on its feet. Brick by brick yenyu vakuru pasina Ishe Jesu haishande….

    • Chinamasa is a sinking ship that is tryn to blame it on Prophet zvako iwe Charity. Many churches have their theme of the year , why qouting our divine solutions tips??? its becoz ma divine solutions ariko and he is just fyting against em kkk.rem Biti days , where is he now ?

  85. There is no need to blame the prophet for your failure. This is not the first time for zimbabwe to fail. Even in Egypt money failed and pharaoh had to humble himself and turn to joseph the prophet of God for a solution. same applies to zimbabwe. only God can solve the problems we are in. he does it through his servants like prophet Makandiwa. why should we seek after foreign gods when we have a God who raised pr makandiwa here in Zimbabwe? Why look east or west instead of looking up to God. God does not work in isolation. He works through his servants. Mr minister, this time diversion tactics do not work. Is there no balm in Zimbabwe? very soon you will know who anointed this man whom u think u can attack anyhow. He is different from those politicians whom u play dirty games on and drag their names in mud. Pr Makandiwa is a servant of God. His God will fight for him and let your god fight also. May the true God win.

  86. Ini ndinopinda ku ufi kwawa Makandiwa. Gore rapera ndakatenga mastands 5 nemota 6 izvezvi i have deposited a house in borwdale muchingo taura vamwe tichiita mari mwari varikuti ropafadza. Chingouyai zvipere. Kikikiki.

  87. Chinamasa, the choice is ours. We choose to follow prophet Makandiwa. He is a true man of God. For ur own information, the spiritual is greater than the physical. The spiritual controls the physical. Pamberi naProphet. We love u man of God.

  88. of course our country is in bad state and we should stop playing the blame game, we should come up with ideas and positive thinking . the pple defending makandiwa by threatening pple, God’s things does work that way every1 has got right to express his opinion , GOD fights for his own by himself it’s not ur duty to fight for makandiwa . the whole point of professor here is for people to do their part of working then God will do his part that’s beyond human ability . chete! people should be level headed sober minded ,thinking straight . stop fighting in religious realms .

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