DJ Munya bail relaxed


STAR FM presenter DJ Munyaradzi Milimo yesterday had his bail conditions — and those of one of his accomplices in their alleged murder charge — relaxed after State prosecutor Sharon Mashavira consented to the application made through Harare lawyer Gerald Madzima.


Milimo, popularly known as DJ Munya, has been on remand for the last eight months together with his two co–accused Taurai Jani and Mohammed Matare.

The trio is alleged to have murdered one Tinashe Magorimbo who was said to be having an extra–marital affair with DJ Munya’s estranged wife.

DJ Munya, who used to report once every Friday at CID Homicide, will now report once every month, while his colleague, Janhi, will now have his passport temporarily released to allow him to continue his cross-border trading activities.

Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei further remanded the matter to March 3.

Allegations against the three are that they murdered Magorimbo by poisoning him after his failure to pay DJ Munya
$5 000 as compensation for allegedly having an affair with his wife.
Magorimbo allegedly paid DJ Munya $1 000 in February through Janhi and Matare as part payment of the $5 000.

It is also alleged that DJ Munya commissioned Janhi and Matare to deal with Magorimbo after he had become evasive over the outstanding payment.

In May, the group human resources director at Magorimbo’s workplace Premier Services Medical Investments, David Mandishona, allegedly received a text message demanding a $5 000 ransom for the release of Magorimbo who had disappeared.

The court heard that on the same day, DJ Munya allegedly went to Magorimbo’s residence where he assured the deceased’s wife Millicent that her husband would return the following day and ordering her not to report to the police.

The following day, Magorimbo showed up at his residence naked and staggering.

His hands were tied with a shoelace and he collapsed as he approached the ground floor of his flat, the court heard.
Magorimbo was rushed to West End Hospital where he was diagnosed of poisoning.

He died the same day.


    • And is this what we call justice,were murderers who are suppose to be convicted are released freely simply because of money and some connections in the inner circle. Shame to our intoxicated law, where justice is perverted and suppression still haunts down all those with no influence and connections. How long shall we suffer injustice in a state where justice is preached daily yet just in vain. But one day all this will come to an end and the truth will be unveiled. My heart bleeds so much to the Magorimbo family. Freedom,justice and equality rests only to the minority in authority for sure..To the majority its just a theoretical aspect where in practical essence only those in power are the one who enjoy.

  1. The case is most likely to be thrown away. I suspect foul play here. Someone was given some money…shame on the our justice system.

  2. What is wrong with our justice system murderers are going unpunished, DJ Munya should be convicted so as Dudu Manhenga

  3. Guys lets not forget that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Munya and his accomplices are innocent. There is nothing corrupt apa. If anything this is a reflection that our laws are to a larger extent free from interference and influence. Problem is people are too emotional, they are quick to judge. This is the sharpest manifestation of the rule of law.

    Lets take time to study our laws tisangopinda mu band wagon revanhu vanenge vachingosasa vari ignorant.

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