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Diamond mine workers down tools


AT LEAST 200 workers at a Chiadzwa-based Chinese diamond mining firm, Jinan Mining, allegedly downed their tools yesterday demanding their outstanding salaries for the past two months.


Workers committee chairman Francis Matinyarare confirmed the industrial action yesterday.

“While we don’t condone this sit-in being engaged by the workers, we deeply understand the anxiety within the workforce, because we are also part of that workforce being affected,” Matinyarare said.

“What we are saying is that we should sit down with the company management so that we can chart the way forward pertaining to payment of our salaries and we are expecting to know exactly when we are going to receive our salaries.”

This comes hardly a month after the diamond miner retrenched 30 contract workers citing viability problems.

Already, the firm has shut down its mining sites in Chishingwe because of huge costs involved in underground diamond mining.

The mine management could not be reached for comment as they were reportedly in a meeting.

Last month, diamond mining companies operating in Chiadzwa told visiting Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa that they had hit a hard rock and that alluvial deposits of the precious stone were fast running out, while extracting deep conglomerate gems was not commercially viable.

However, Chidhakwa told the miners to balance alluvial and conglomerate operations.

There are several companies licensed to mine diamonds in Chiadzwa including Mbada Diamonds, Marange Resources, Anjin Investments, Diamond Mining Company, Jinan, Rera, Kusena and Gye Nyame.

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  1. Can Robert Mugabe tell us what we are gaining from the chinese, and what we gain by the military and police being there? Dont you Zimbabweans think that current miners, together with Mugabe and his defence chiefs have something to answer, either before a court of law or parliament?

  2. Zimbabwe should have one diamond company which would enjoy economies of scale and mining in marginal areas would be countered by areas that are richly endowed. Botswana has one company and riping the rewards

    • You have said it well, one diamond mining company would enrich the nation, same to be done with coal mining in Hwange it should be returned to one company and the nation wil definitely benefit.

  3. wait and see. The Small People are just looking for a perfect chance to go back home. They stole everything while we were busy kutuka USA and Britain. Pamberi nemi Small People, rambai muchidestroyer coz we dont know what we want in Zimbabwe.

  4. @Gandanga I agree with you totally one mining company is enough kuwanza ma company kutsvanga mabiro mazimbavha

  5. Are they saying we have run out of minable diamonds. They are not being fair. I think we should invite the Germans to cum an mine our diamonds. Ma1

  6. mistake ndeyekuti hamusi kugonakuba mamwe ma’diamonds isai muma’heels emanjombo mamwe itai ekumedza paguvhu panokwana mamwe muchipfekera munzeve strike kana sit-inn hainachainokupai kana kumhangara kutamba nenguva kuba chete ndokuzvipedza kana munhu asingade kubhadhara. zvima cctv handiti zvinotekenywa nevanhu. varume birai vanhu.

  7. This is the government problem why did they award the mining licenses to companies without the mining expertise. How can one start mining without detailed geological information pertaining to reserves which directly correlate to mine life. Makorokoza ndiwo chete anogona kudaro nokuti vakashaiwa zvicherwa zvacho vanongoenda pamwe several kilometers away. Minister Chidhakwa shld just make these people ship out-I dont know if he has the power to do so. After all a mining lay person knows that the trend with alluvial diaminds at one stage they run out hence the need to carefully study your deposit and plan accordingly.

  8. What are we gaining from the mining of the diamonds except the dying of our cattle from the dirty water and destruction of the rivers and dams. Pasi ne mining yema diamonds.

  9. Where is the voice of literacy when one ignores the international standard that the salary bill should not exceed at most 30% of revenue in our Councils / Municipalities, Parastatals & Public Enterprises, etc? How do you explain companies in the public and private sectors that pay directorial, executive and senior management staff obscene salaries, perks, benefits and perquisites on time, but can’t pay the actual workers meager salaries on time, where is the voice of education/management conscience? How do you explain the existence of ghost workers more in the public than in the private sector who strangely enough also get paid on time than actual workers? How do you explain Government entities who are not audited year in year out and auditors who can’t detect ghost workers?

  10. guys anyone white acoss the globe despite being seperated by oceans only being white skinned. mubhunu.Chinese,brits,germs,etc.They are exploiters.Brits are better b coz they leave structures behind.Anglo american,Lonrho,they used to mine minerals where as Zhingaz do mechanisedd panning.Compare ang contrast maface.Hapana ari boo.Usa disapeared with the arrival of chinese and the Okonyaz…nigerians.

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