Dancehall artistes rue missed opportunity


SOME local artistes who participated at the King of Dancehall gig headlined by Jamaican musician Turbulence (Sheldon Campbell) on December 6 at City Sports Centre in Harare have been left to rue the golden opportunity they missed to collaborate with the singer.


On his arrival at the Harare International Airport, the Real Warrior singer promised he would listen to some dancehall artistes’ music before he considered collaborating with them.

He eventually collaborated with Seh Calaz on his track Mumota Murikubvira.

The majority of dancehall followers would have expected artistes like Shinsoman, man of the moment Killah T, Guspy Warrior and Dadza D to have jumped at the opportunity that could see their music being played in Jamaica had they collaborated with Turbulance.

Dadza D pulled out allegedly due to contractual disputes with the organisers of the show. The musician alleged at the weekend that Mai Red Rose (Barbra Chikosi), the promoter, failed to pay him on time.

“We failed to agree on the payments,” Dadza D said.

“We always get such chances when other artistes come to Zimbabwe, but, however, if an artiste does not agree with the promoter, there is nothing we can do.”

Guspy Warrior said he had been willing to collaborate with the Jamaican, but failed because they failed to agree terms with the promoter.

“I was willing to do a collaboration with Turbulence, but the deal could not materialise after we failed to agree with the promoter on certain issues so I just let the deal go,” he said.

“I only met him on the day he arrived and at the show when we shared the stage.”

Contacted for comment, Chikosi denied the allegations saying the artistes were given the opportunity, but they did not come forward for the project except for Seh Calaz.

“When we held a Press conference, our objective was to introduce the local artistes to meet Turbulence and as artistes they could then interact on personal levels. I was just waiting for the outcome from their interactions,” she said.

“If artistes wanted to do collaborations with Turbulence they could have approached us, but in this case, they did not approach us.

“My mission as a promoter was to give them the platform to showcase their talent and share the stage with him (Turbulence).”

Chikosi said she only remembered one artiste whom she did not mention, who came forward for a deal, but it was too late.

“There was only one artiste who came to us concerning collaborating with Turbulence, but when he came, we were about to leave for Mutare and we explained the situation to him,” she added.


  1. Opportunity looks bigger going than coming. Look at the bigger picture vafaname. The deal could be exploitative, blah, blah (you could use all sorts of words to describe how bad it was)…but the exposure you could have gained is immeasurable. At times we lose it because takanyanyisa “kudzidza”. Chimbokandai kure all those phases and adjectives……..nxaa, mandirwadza vafana!

  2. Zvisingaiti hazviite,it is God who gives opportunity.if God wills,opportunity with the right terms will come

  3. pakadai ndopanodiwa vanawinky apa kwete tumafake utwu dai vakapa winky mukana dai zim yaapane rimwe level padancehall

  4. Seh Calaz akarova collabo wani na turbulance wacho or turbulance ndiya akatokumbira kurova collabo coz ” mumota menyu murikubvira” is a star song check , check, check mabhanditi Seh Calaz sorry hako ndakakwira girlfriend yako Ashley iwe uchiridza peace rasta

  5. Ana sekuru kalazi vakapihwa nzungu nebulgar vakaenda vachimhanya, i saw their freestyle kalaz akapfeka kavhesi kakabooka booka. dhabhurai marasta musangonyengedzwe nepie iri pamuromo..

  6. promoters should listen to what artists want, that time is long gone were promoter do what they want to artists. Dadza you did well dont be anybody ‘s servant

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